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     This is a 2-credit, pass-fail "course-within-a-course" associated with a separate course, "Appellate Advocacy," and meets at the same time as that course.  To enroll in this course, students will need the advanced permission of the instructor, for Fall 2018, Professor Hornstein.  See below for information on how to apply to Professor Hornstein.  
     Students accepted as Teaching Assistants will partly help the professor work with students in the underlying course (Appellate Advocacy) but separately do advanced research and writing on bench memos of their own, typically on actual cases to be heard at the NC Supreme Court, NC Court of Appeals, or the US Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit.  In many/most of these cases, the actual attorneys have asked faculty at the Law School to help them prepare for their actual arguments with a mooting session at the Law School.  Students in Advanced Appellate Advocacy who have written a bench memo on that case will share their work with the faculty judges and also serve with them (with permission of the attorneys) as co-judges in the actual mooting session.  As the work-product will be bench memos for judges, this course-within-a-course is excellent training for judicial clerkships.  

This is a "Course-Within-A-Course" in relation to Appellate Advocacy, and students in this course will work with the professor as teaching assistants to students in Appellate Advocacy.

Consent of the Instructor prior to registration; significant appellate brief-writing/oral argument/appellate experience.  If you are interested in enrolling in this course ("Teaching Assistant -- Advanced Appellate Advocacy"), please email Professor Hornstein with (a) a resume, (b) information on your appellate experience which, if you have brief-writing experience through Holderness Moot Court should include a copy of any final briefs you submitted to your 2L competition.  If you are to a Holderness member, you should explain in detail your experience with appellate brief-writing or the appellate process through an externship, summer work, or otherwise (you do not/should not submit drafts of any materials you prepared for clients/an appellate judge, however, as those drafts we view as attorney work-product -- your description of your work will suffice).  
Professor Hornstein will interview selected candidates and offer up to 10 students TA positions.  Professor Hornstein's email is:  To apply, put in the subject line:  TA position -- Advanced Appellate Advocacy.  

D. Hornstein

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