Current Issues in Law and Medicine

Law 465



Rigorous Writing Experience (RWE)



This seminar, cross-listed in the School of Law and the School of Medicine, explores contemporary issues in law and medicine from an interdisciplinary perspective. A unique feature of the course will be the planned class composition: roughly equal enrollment of JD students and MD students. The course will address legal topics impacting the practice of medicine and the delivery of health care, with the aim of having students appreciate both the relevant law and the broader legal and medical context. The course will consider, for example, where legal and medical analysis and differing professional orientations complement each other and where they may be in tension, and why this is the case. The course will provide students from both professional schools the context they will need to communicate across disciplines. To facilitate interdisciplinary connections, teams of JD and MD students will work together on in-class presentations or other group projects that explore the legal and medical considerations surrounding a subject. Topics for the course will run the gamut from health care organization and financing to patient care issues. Specific topics may include, for example:

  1. informed consent;
  2. organ transplant regulation;
  3. end-of-life care and medical futility disputes;
  4. health care fraud and abuse laws;
  5. infectious disease surveillance, reporting, and control laws;
  6. regulation of medical research;
  7. business transactions with physicians; and
  8. regulation of reproductive health care.

Please check Sakai for the readings and other assignments for your first day/week of class and any other information your professor may have posted.

Recommended: Health Law Bioethics and Quality of Care; or Health Law Organization, Regulation and Finance; or experience in the health field may be helpful but not required.

J. Krause, R. Saver

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