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For Durham City Attorney

Durham City Attorney

City/County Attorney

Fall; Spring

Employment; Environmental; Local Government

Factual Investigation; Interviewing; Legal Research & Analysis; Transactional Drafting; Writing for Litigation

Work Description

Please describe briefly the nature of the work performed by your organization:

We serve as corporate counsel for the City of Durham. We provide advice for the City Manager and the departments that report to the City Manager, which means that we become involved in a diverse range of municipal policy issues from a legal perspective. In addition, we representing the City in all the usual matters which in-house counsel handle, such as employment law and torts.

Please describe the types of projects you anticipate assigning to student externs:

We involve externs in legal research. Those issues where our attorneys find themselves needing research tend to be the less usual topics that we address. In other words, externs tend to get the odd-ball issues or the big picture issues to research-the fun stuff. Then we make an effort to bring the extern to meetings or court hearings at which the research he or she did gets put to use.

Please indicate any preferences or requirements as to course work you would like a student to have completed (e.g. Administrative Law, Environmental Law, etc.) and whether a particular skill or experience would be helpful to a student working with your organization. In addition, please indicate whether a student extern working with you will need to be certified under the State Bar Student Practice Rule.

No particular requirements. The farther along in law school, the better. Returning students who have been in the work world a bit before returning to law school are particularly welcome.

Has your organization worked in the past with student externs and/ or law clerks during the academic year? During the semester?


Does your organization have a system in place for supervising student externs/law clerks and providing feedback? If so, please briefly describe that system.

I coordinate the extern's experience in most cases, providing opportunities for various attorneys in the office to work with the student, and for the student to work in a mix of municipal law areas. I elicit feedback from the attorneys who have worked with the student, and write up the evaluations, as well as coordinating the start and wrap up of the student's externship.

How many student externs would you like to work with during the semester?

In most cases, we can accommodate 1 student. If we have a hot matter and an experienced extern, we could handle 2.

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