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Semester in Practice Program

Sana+#8217;a Bayyari at SEC

Semester in Practice student Sana'a Bayyari '19 at the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Securities and Exchange Commission

Through the Semester in Practice Externship Program, 3L students Kyle Cunnion and Joe Silva are spending the Fall 2015 semester investigating and prosecuting securities fraud cases with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Region 4, Atlanta.

New York City

Professor Maria Savasta-Kennedy in New York City with NYC SEC Externs Tyler Lohse and Tim Palmer, and alum and former SEC extern Jacob Gerber.

Fall 2015 Washington DC Semester in Practice Externs

Our Fall 2015 Washington DC Semester in Practice Externs - Sarah Wahl (SEC Extern), Kathryn Kushner (FCC Extern), and Erin Carter (DOJ ENRD Extern) - at the Supreme Court of the United States.

Christian Adkins - Fall 2015 Extern

Christian Adkins - Fall 2015 Extern with the CDC in Atlanta, GA

Three- and Six-Credit Programs

Melissa Jarel

"Participating in the Externship Program at UNC has been one of the best decisions I have made during my law school career. The Externship Program has not only supplemented my legal education here at UNC by extending me the opportunity to implement diverse legal skills in practice, but it has also provided me an arena to continually refine my legal skills, and encourage me to tackle challenging projects in a variety of legal fields, all while helping me to grow my professional network. Moreover, the mentorship and commitment to teaching the practice of law provided by my various Site Supervisors has been one of the many highlights of the Program for me. I would highly recommend participating in the Program to anyone looking to diversify the traditional law school experience."

- Melissa Jarel, Class of 2016

Courtney Valentine

"Finally, I would like to say that it is so good of judges at the Court of Appeals and other courts to open their chambers to provide law students with the opportunity to participate in externship programs. Certainly, the judges receive extra help in their workload, and it takes some pressure off the clerks to have more people working on cases, but I would guess that the majority of the benefit really goes to the externs. It is such an amazing experience to still be a student but to be discussing and in some cases drafting, with guidance, legal decisions that are affecting real people in real situations. Although there are many classes in law school that I have genuinely enjoyed, my externship experience will be one of the most memorable in my law school career."

- Courtney Valentine, Class of 2013

Jack Lyman

"A full-time, semester-long externship is without a doubt the best way to get more hands-on legal experience during law school. My time as an extern got my foot in the door, and I was able to put out good work product and develop relationships with attorneys in my group who later went to bat for me before, during, and after the interview process."

- Jack Lyman, Class of 2014, Trial Attorney at the U.S. Department of Justice, Attorney General’s Honors Program

"I personally feel that the externship program was one of the most useful and relevant classes I took while in law school."

- Joshua J. Higgin, Office of Corporate Counsel, RTI International

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