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Royal Court of London

UNC School of Law participates in an exchange program that brings British barristers-in-training to the U.S. and takes our students to friendly moot court competitions at the Royal Court of London.

London Phone Booths

Class of 2009 students Stephen McIntyre, Carolina Meek, Matthew Modell and Lauren Newton traveled to London for an exchange program at the Royal Courts of Justice and the Honourable Society of the Middle Temple, London.


Students can choose from numerous full-semester international programs including a program at the University of Glasgow in Scotland.

In an increasingly global world, practical experience and knowledge of international law and other nations' legal systems and cultures is increasingly indispensable for lawyers, legal scholars and law students alike. The U.S. Department of Education encourages U.S. students and citizens to share the value of international education using #BeGlobalReady.

Recognizing this dynamic trend, UNC School of Law offers various opportunities for its students and law students from other countries, to gain exposure to international law and the legal systems and cultures of other nations through its eleven different international semester and summer exchange partner sites. UNC law students can also participate in a wide variety of ABA-approved summer study abroad programs.

Committed to the exchange and dissemination of legal knowledge on an international level, UNC School of Law also welcomes visiting scholars to partake of the resources available at the School of Law to conduct independent research into the United States legal system.

International Courses offered at UNC School of Law

Study Abroad Fair

International Programs hosts a Summer Study Abroad Fair in the Law School Rotunda in early February of each year. Look for the Fair dates on the events calendar and check out the summer program posters on the International Programs bulletin boards.

Certificate in International Development

Offered through the Center for Global Initiatives.

Travel Insurance

Students traveling abroad should consider investing in travel insurance. This optional coverage is different from the mandatory overseas health insurance coverage required by the UNC system. For a comprehensive guide, refer to this insurance review website.

Educational objectives for Study Abroad Opportunities

In accordance with Paragraph 1.A.3 of the American Bar Association’s Criteria for Student Study at a Foreign Institution, as amended March 2014, UNC School of Law supports the following educational objective to allow its law students to study abroad to earn credits applicable towards the JD degree.

In an increasingly globalized world, the UNC School of Law administration believes that it is beneficial for its students to learn about the laws of jurisdictions other than that of the United States. Opportunities to become familiar with other cultures, languages, and societal norms, and to understand how culture and language affect the practice of law in these societies, are powerful educational aspects of learning for our law students. This is most often accomplished by direct study abroad experience.

UNC is committed to offering its students meaningful study abroad opportunities with a diverse range of overseas exchange partner schools and educational programs around the world.

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