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All students are required to complete an online medical health history and immunization form when they enroll at UNC-Chapel Hill. This form includes your past and current medical history as well as any immunizations that you have had in the past. This form can be found at the ConnectCarolina Student Center. You will need your PID (Personal Identification Number) and date of birth to access the online form. Once you submit the immunization portion of the form, the immunizations are screened by CHS staff to verify that you have had all the required immunizations. All immunization information that is attached to the medical health history form must be translated in English.

As it is the policy of the Campus Health Services (CHS) to do targeted tuberculosis screening, please be advised that you may be required to have additional test administered after you arrive at UNC-Chapel Hill. The CHS will review your Immunization Record and Medical History Form, and if you have lived in a country with a high prevalence of tuberculosis (TB), you will be notified by CHS as to whether a TB test will be necessary. Students from high-risk countries are required to have a TB skin test within the 12 months preceding the first day of classes. The TB test may only be performed by a United States facility trained in public health or occupational medicine or an equivalent U.S. institution, otherwise you must have a TB skin test at CHS soon after arrival in Chapel Hill, before classes begin. If the TB Skin test is equal to or greater than 5mm, you will be required to schedule a TB evaluation with a CHS medical provider before your immunizations status can be cleared. A chest x-ray may be required. Only chest x-rays performed within the United States will be accepted. To fulfill these immunization requirements, TB skin testing and chest X-rays are available at CHS.

Is students have not met all immunization requirements within the first thirty days of classes, class registration will be cancelled. Students will receive notification from the Campus Health Service informing them if their immunization status is deficient. Students can verify their immunization status by going to the ConnectCarolina Student Center and clicking on the immunization link, by calling 919.966.2283, or emailing the CHS immunization department at

If students need additional vaccinations, they can call the CHS at 919.966.2281 and press option 2 to make an appointment.

Health Insurance

One of the greatest surprises to many international visitors is the price of medical treatment and health care in the United States. Please be aware that acceptance of economic need-based public health care for yourself, your spouse or children may jeopardize your student immigration status.

Incoming Exchange and LL.M. students are required to either enroll in the UNC-Chapel Hill health insurance plan administered by Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina, or to provide proof of enrollment in another health insurance plan that covers the minimum health insurance plan requirement.

Much more information, including eligibility for the student insurance plan, an explanation of the waiver process, and answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ's) can be found on the Campus Health Services website.

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