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Disability Accommodation for Exams

Students whose disability requires them to take examinations with accommodations must make arrangements with the Assistant Dean for Student Development. Which examination accommodations will be provided, if any, will be determined by Disability Services and communicated via letter to the Law School Student Development Office. The accommodations may include extra time, separate testing rooms or special software or equipment. (See also the general disability policy.)

Exam Rescheduling

The UNC School of Law policy for examination rescheduling is administered by the Office of Academic Affairs and the Office of Student Development. Only second- and third-year law students who have examinations at conflicting times may self-schedule their make-up exams under the policy, and no exams may be rescheduled outside of the faculty approved policy that follows.

Examination rescheduling request forms will be available from the rack of materials in the Office of Student Affairs suite and online (PDF). Law students who qualify to reschedule final examinations must complete the required form and return it to the Registrar.

  1. A student may reschedule an exam in the following situations:
    1. When the student has two exams on the same day.
    2. When the student has one exam on the afternoon of one day and one on the morning of the next. A Friday exam followed by a Monday exam does not qualify for rescheduling.
    3. When the student has one exam each day for three consecutive days.
    4. When the student has four exams in the space of five consecutive days.
  2. The Assistant Dean for Student Development or the Director of Student Development may, after consultation with the faculty member involved, adjust examination schedules for sound academic reasons, which may include illness, emergency situations or other compelling academic reasons.
  3. The exam that may be rescheduled under No. 1 will be:
    1. The later of the two, if they are scheduled at different times.
    2. The longer of the two (meaning the class that has the higher number of credit hours), if they are scheduled at the same time and are of different lengths.
    3. That of the professor whose last name comes later in alphabetical order, if they are scheduled at the same time and are of the same length.
    4. The second of three exams if rescheduled under 1C.
    5. The third of four exams if rescheduled under 1D.
  4. Any exam rescheduled under #1 will be taken on the next available regularly designated make-up period that does not create another conflict under this policy.
  5. Any exam rescheduled under #2 may be rescheduled on the next available regularly designated make-up peroid or as designated by the Assistant Dean for Student Development or the Director of Student Development.

Students are reminded that the Honor Code is in effect for the entire exam period. The Code prohibits asking for, or giving, any information between students about administered exams, including seemingly innocuous statements like the exam was "easy" or "hard."

If you have specific questions about your exam schedule or rescheduling policy, please see Dean John Kasprzak.

(Adopted: December 2010)

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