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Academic Success Programs

The Writing and Learning Resources Center ("WLRC") houses the academic success programs of the UNC School of Law. The programs are varied and reach students at all stages of their legal education. The programs range from a structured pre-orientation program through a bar examination program for third-year students and alumni. The programs also include the following types of services:

  1. one-on-one counseling and tutoring
  2. directed study groups led by professors and upper-division students
  3. workshops open to all students.

Because the needs of law students generally vary according to their stage of legal development, different types of programs serve first-year and upper-division students. Each type of program is discussed below.

LEAP (Legal Education Advancement Program)

LEAP offers a menu of services designed to help first-year students identify their personal goals and take logical steps to achieve them. The LEAP program encourages students from nontraditional backgrounds - including students who are older or younger than average; who may have pursued undergraduate studies in atypical majors; who come from educational backgrounds significantly different from our large state law school; for whom English may be a second language; who may be members of under-represented ethnic, racial, or cultural groups; who may be first-generation college graduates; or who may, for any other reason, feel that a jump start to law school would be beneficial to them.

The LEAP program includes:

  • A pre-orientation program open by application to all entering students;
  • Several structured study groups, which are led by upper-class students; and
  • Weekly lunchtime workshops addressing topics of interest to first-year students, including legal writing and study skills.

All newly-admitted students receive information about LEAP during the summer before they begin classes and are invited to apply for the program.

SOAR (Supplementary Opportunities to Achieve Results) Bar Success Program

Carolina Law is committed to making sure all of its graduates equip themselves with the tools necessary to pass the bar exam of their choosing. Toward that end, our SOAR Bar Success Program offers upper-division students and alumni:

  • An online interactive forum where students can learn more about the bar exam, use bar preparation resources, and monitor their progress;
  • Workshops on critical preparation topics, such as bar study strategies, essay exam writing, time management and stress management;
  • Individualized practice essay feedback and tutoring; and
  • One-on-one and small-group bar coaching.

Students receive information about the SOAR Bar Success program beginning in the spring semester of their 2L year.

General Academic Success Programs

In addition to LEAP and SOAR, the WLRC offers a variety of academic success services to all students in law school. These services include:

  • An online legal writing assistance program;
  • One-on-one assistance in developing legal writing skills and creating effective writing samples;
  • Individual and group educational counseling to help students identify their goals and take logical steps to reach them;
  • Educational strategy coaching (for example, enhancing new reading skills or exploring optimal note-taking techniques);
  • Learning style assessments to help students maximize the use of their study time;
  • One-on-one and small group tutoring services;
  • A lending library of study aid materials donated by upper-class students and publishers; and
  • Referrals to campus and private counseling and learning resources.
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