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The Pro Bono Program encourages a lifelong commitment to pro bono service, and we are proud that our alumni continue to incorporate pro bono into th eir legal careers. T o find and post pro bono opportunities for attorneys, we suggest that you use the project portal supported by the North Carolina Pro Bono Resource Center.  


One of the best ways for students to learn what it is really like to practice law in a particular area is for them to speak directly to practitioners. Career Night brings together first-year law students with attorneys from a wide variety of practice areas. This forum provides students the opportunity to learn about different areas of law while they build their professional network in an informal setting. In addition to sharing your experiences with the students, you will also have a chance to catch up with other UNC Law alumni. If you are interested in participating in this event, please contact Maria  Mangano , director of career development, at 919.843.5658 or mangano@unc.edu  


The School of Law typically celebrates reunions at the 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45 and 50 year mark after graduation. It takes a high level of involvement from your classmates to make the reunion a success.  Class reunion representatives serve as members of their class reunion committee. As a working group of dedicated volunteers, these alumni will be reaching out to their classmates in order to achieve two important goals – inviting their classmates to return to the law school for Law Reunion Weekend and encouraging their classmates to support the class gift effort.   

Contact Kelly Mann, alumni and donor relations coordinator, at  mann@unc.edu  or 919-445-0170 for more information or to volunteer to serve as a class reunion representative.  


More than 55  student organizations  at Carolina Law perform valuable public service to area communities or implement programs that provide an important learning component to law students' education. In many instances, the help of alumni is needed to achieve their objectives. Contact John  Kasprzak , assistant dean for student services, at 919.843.9076 or  kasprzak@email.unc.edu  to learn more about how you can be involved.  


  Regional representatives are alumni volunteers who support Carolina Law in their communities in a variety of ways, including organizing local alumni club events, welcoming and assisting alumni moving to their area, helping locate missing contact information for area alumni, and providing guidance to help develop programming that is best targeted to their communities.   

For up-to-date information, visit the Regional Alumni Programs section of our website or contact Kelly Mann, alumni and donor relations coordinator, at 919.445.0170 or  mann@unc.edu  


You  probably remember from your own law school days how stressful those first few interviews can be, particularly for 1Ls for whom the whole legal employment process is still a mystery. The program, held each year in late January, is intended to help students overcome their initial anxiety, to become more comfortable with the interviewing process, and to gain valuab le feedback from practitioners.  

The format for the program simulates the actual on-campus interview experience. Students submit resumes and sign up in advance for interview slots. We will send you copies of the resumes in advance and set up a schedule of up to six interviews. The interviews are intended to last 15 to 20 minutes each,  followed by 10 minutes during which you will give the student feedback. If you would like to volunteer for the Mock Interview Program, please contact Shawn McKenna, director of employer outreach, at 919.843.8384 or  smckenna@unc.edu  


UNC partners with other nationally-known law schools in setting up fall interview programs in different cities around the country, giving employers who are not able to come to campus an opportunity to interview our students. Typically, we are involved in programs in New York, Atlanta, Dallas, Chicago, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Miami, and Washington, DC. We also sponsor two spring programs in-state with the other North Carolina law schools and the North Carolina Bar Association – at the Charlotte School of Law in Charlotte and at the NC Bar Center in Cary. If you would like your employer to be involved in any of these programs for summer or permanent hiring, please contact Brian Lewis, assistant dean for career development, at 919.962.1023 or  Brian-Lewis@unc.edu ,  or  Laina   Balafas , recruitment manager for CDO, at 919.962.0280 or  laina@unc.edu .  


If you work for an employer who does not currently recruit on-campus at Carolina Law but would like to do so, please urge them to consider on-campus interviewing. If you are the only Carolina Law graduate at your organization, consider volunteering to come to campus yourself to interview (we will happily coordinate your campus visit with other meetings you may have in the area, or basketball and football games!). Another way to recruit at Carolina Law is through a Job Bank posting, which can be seen online by UNC students and/or graduates. Career Development will post your job opportunity and have interested candidates submit their application materials for review. Depending upon the degree of interest, you may then come to campus to interview, invite them to your office, or schedule a Skype or video-conference with candidates you wish to consider. For assistance in making any of these arrangements, please contact  Laina   Balafas , recruitment manager for CDO, at 919.962.0280 or laina@unc.edu.  



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