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GiveUNC Thank You

Carolina Law is pleased to recognize the following GiveUNC donors to UNC School of Law on April 10, 2018. These gifts benefit the Campaign for Carolina and will help continue to make possible the incredible opportunities for Carolina Law students and faculty in the years to come.

Please note that GiveUNC gifts do not currently display spouse names but will be added once all gifts are processed by UNC Gift Services. If changes are necessary or for assistance with your philanthropy at Carolina Law, please contact Dana Dubis, director of annual giving, at

Last updated: 4.11.18

Wayne Abernathy

John Albers

Claude Allen

Mimi Arnold

Laura Arredondo-Santisteban

Denise Porterfield Ashworth

Evan Kent Auberry

Bradley Robert Aycock

Ellen Starr Bailey

David W Bailey Jr.

Yoel Balter

Amy Barefoot

Jackson Bebber

William Paul Biggers II

Kaci Bishop

Kevin John Bishop

Jessie Blekfeld-Sztraky

John C. Boger

Ross M. Bradford

Lauren Hobson Bradley

Joan Goren Brannon

Edward Yates Brewer

Martin H. Brinkley

Marta Patrilous Brown

Leann Nease Brown

Anita Rose Brown-Graham

Patricia Lee Bryan

Robert W Bryant Jr.

David James Burge

Kerry Burleigh

George W. Carter

Natalie Christian Carter

M. Terence Cawley

Alexis Chappell

Emma Chase

David Thomas Cherry

Jen Clark

Jennifer Joyner Cleland

Joanna Carey Cleveland

Catherine G. Clodfelter

Marion A. Cowell Jr.

John Coyle

Joe Craig

Sally Rogers Culley

Anthony Cummings

Debolina Das

Alicia Davenport

Leslie Hollowell Davis

R. Gene Davis Jr.

Kenneth Day

Erika L. Dean

Kristin White Del Rosso

John Derrick

Luanne M. Desantis

Alan Diamond

Lisa Marie Doolittle

Dana M. Dubis

Claire Hunter Duff

Timothy Joseph Duva

Daniel P. Ebersole

Tom Efird

Lisa Engel

Jason Doughton Evans

Kandace Davis Farrar

Julia Caudle Fields

Walter D. Fisher Jr.

Debra L. Foster

David Edward Fox

Jamie Fleming Frampton

Michelle Frazier

Lorrin Freeman

Lynne Fuller-Andrews

S. Elizabeth Gibson

Nick Paul Goettsch

Deirdre Williams Gordon

Rachel Gurvich

Caroline Carter Hall

Jennifer Hall

Oliver Halle

Holmes Plexico Harden

Emory Hodge Hare

Louise W. Harris

David Alan Harris

Robert L. Hash

Emily Ayscue Hassel

Richard David Haygood

Charlie Henn

Alison Hershewe

Andy Hessick

Carissa Byrne Hessick

Jeffrey Hirsch

Charles Henry Hiser IV

Joseph Erik Hjelt

Ryan Blake Hobbs

Michael A. Hoffman

Jessica Holmes

Alice Isley

Melissa B. Jacoby

Brooks Foster Jaffa

Rachel Jennings

Christine M. John

Loran Armstrong Johnson

Thomas Hatcher Johnson Jr.

Thomas S. Kenan III

Phillip B. Kennedy

Katherine Kershaw

Spencer Gray Key Jr.

Rebecca King

Richard James King Jr.

David Kinman

Patrick Newlin-Preben Kirby

Mark Kleinschmidt

William Howard Kroll

Joyce Eugenia Kung

Elizabeth Lafollette

Holning Lau

Matthew Lee

Helga Lura Leftwich

Sean Lew

Anthony Craig Locklear II

Charles Edward Loeser

Tim W. Longest Jr.

Jamey Mavis Lowdermilk

Taylor Higgins Ludlam

Craig Taylor Lynch

Drew Magaziner

Michael Maloney

Joanna Mangum

Kelly Mann

Shelby H. Mann

J. Matthew Martin

C. Amanda Martin

Jeff L. Martin

Matthew John Marvin

Leah Mason

J. Timothy Mast

Carolyn Mayer

Pamela Wachter McAfee

William McCanless

Amily K. McCool

Eli Patrick McCrain

Bryan A. McGann

Sherri McGirt

Joshua McIntyre

Tiffany McMillan-McWaters

Brian D. Meacham

Charles Meier

Cory Menees

Katherine Barnes Merrill

Therese Ann Michaels

Anna Mills

Shawn Mims

Alice Neece Mine

Eddie Crawford Mitchell

Jonas J. Monast

Karen Jacobs Monti

James O. Moore V

Joseph Moore

Robert P. Mosteller

Eileen Murphy

Peter Bruce Nemerovski

Ramona Cunningham O’Bryant

Dave Obringer

James William O'Rourke

Leslie C. Packer

Jacob Reid Parrott III

Banks Peacock

M. Scott Peeler

Emily Michelle Pena

Gary V. Perko

Kathy Laughlin Pilkington

Rose Cordero Prey

Sarah Watts Proctor

John Ward Purrington

Charles Edwin Reece

Antia Foye Richardson

Alice Carmichael Richey

Ronald Tyler Ridout

Henry H. Robbins

Lee Kimball Royster

O.J. Salinas

Tanya Sample

Davis Schweizer

Robert B. Schwentker

William G. Scoggin

Kate Reder Sheikh

Mark Shelburne

Lauren Elizabeth Shor

Michael Shumaker

Jennifer Simmons

Linda Wright Simpson

William F. Small III

Kelly Podger Smith

David Smyth

Carolyn Cook Spalding

Laura Sutton

Michael Grady Taylor

William T. Terrell

Isabelle Paine Thacker

Madison Lea Thompson

William Logan Thore

Heather Burleson Thorpe

David Knox Tinkler

R. Scott Tobin

Elizabeth Ausband Trible

Carol Turner

Kasi Elizabeth Wahlers

Madison Waller

Rachael Warden

Brooke Raylynn Watson

Sara K. Weed

James B. Weeks

Mark Weidemaier

Deborah Weissman

Reich L. Welborn

Wayne Alan Westbrook

Christopher Lewis White

Dorothy T. Whiteside

Christine Wichers

Elizabeth Poppe Williams

Judson Williamson

Ada K. Wilson

Erika K. Wilson

Ann Yaeger Young

Thank you for your support of UNC School of Law!

Please note that GiveUNC gifts do not currently display spouse names but will be added once all gifts are processed by UNC Gift Services. Although every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this listing, omissions or errors are possible. If changes are necessary or for assistance with your philanthropy at Carolina Law, please contact Dana Dubis, director of annual giving, at or 919.445.0166.

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