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We want to make sure that alumni of UNC Law know what they need to become and maintain status as active attorneys in their state. A number of health and wellness resources are also available to UNC Law graduates, provided by both the law school and outside organizations

Professional Organizations & Continuing Legal Education

Active attorneys are required to be members of the mandatory Bar in their state. General requirements include paying annual membership dues and earning continuing legal education credits. Attorneys practicing in North Carolina are required to be members of the North Carolina State Bar, as well as the local Bar association associated with the judicial district in which the attorney is practicing.

Voluntary Bar associations also provide helpful resources to attorneys. A few of these resources include networking activities, listservs for practice groups, and discounts on CLEs. Many of these associations offer discounts on membership dues for young attorneys.

Attorneys practicing in North Carolina must satisfy Annual CLE requirements. There are similar requirements in other states. Most mandatory and voluntary Bars provide information on CLE course offerings.

Mental Health Services


BarCARES is a confidential, short-term intervention program provided cost-free to UNC School of Law alumni for up to a year after graduation. The program is there to help you by providing confidential assistance and brief, solution-oriented counseling. BarCARES is designed to offer no-cost assistance in dealing with problems that might be causing distress and can be used to help with:

  • Personal Issues: crisis intervention, depression/anxiety, substance abuse (drug or alcohol) and financial concerns
  • Family Issues: marriage/relationships, children/adolescents, parenting/family conflict
  • Work Issues: professional stressors, case-related stress and conflict resolution
  • Student coaching on stress/time management, etc.

Only you, your counselor and anyone you choose to tell will know if you use the BarCARES program. The counselors are licensed professionals, bound by the confidentiality requirements of their profession.

Although the North Carolina Bar Association, local bar groups and law schools provide funding for the BarCARES program and monitor its overall operation, they have no access to the names or other identifying information of any program user.

NC Lawyer Assistance Program

The Lawyer Assistance Program (LAP) is available to alumni who are licensed in North Carolina. NC LAP is a service of the North Carolina State Bar which provides free, confidential assistance to lawyers and judges in addressing a variety of issues that may impair one’s ability to effectively practice law. The most common issues lawyers and judges face, include, but are not limited to, depression, anxiety, anger management, grief, drug and alcohol problems, stress, burnout, compassion fatigue, trauma, process addictions, and over functioning. NC LAP is a program designed by lawyers for lawyers. NC LAP has assisted thousands of lawyers over the years to overcome these issues and return to a satisfying and balanced life and law practice. Services are free, covered by annual State Bar dues. All communications are strictly confidential; by rule communications are subject to the attorney client privilege. If you are concerned about something happening in your life or the life of a colleague, call NC LAP to confidentially explore how NC LAP might assist. For Charlotte and areas west call 704.910.2310; for the Piedmont region call 919.719.9290; for Raleigh and areas east call 919.719.9267.

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View Carolina Law Career Development CareerCasts

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