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What is the Firm Campaign?

One of Carolina Law's most important annual initiatives, Firm Campaign Representatives reach out to their Carolina Law colleagues and encourage them to make a contribution. The Firm Campaign provides vital support for the Law Annual Fund and reaches approximately 1,000 alumni (10% of our alumni family).

What do gifts to the Law Annual Fund support?

Gifts to the Law Annual Fund have a direct impact on the School of Law, allowing us to:

  • increase student scholarship assistance,
  • improve academic programs and student services,
  • assist with placement and career development services,
  • provide research support to faculty, and
  • meet ever-expanding expectations from alumni and the practicing bar.

What are the dates of the Firm Campaign?

The campaign kicks off on Thursday, February 17, and concludes Friday, April 26. Please note that any gift contributed to Carolina Law since July 1, 2012 will count in the campaign.

How does the campaign work?

Our aim is to make the firm representatives' jobs as easy as possible. Dana Dubis will send you personalized letters from Dean Jack Boger for you to distribute to each alumnus in the firm. This is often most effective when delivered personally, along with an encouraging word about how you hope each person will contribute to the Firm Campaign. You may also like to follow the dean's letter with an email or memo about why you give to Carolina Law, and why you hope they will also consider contributing. Sample templates are provided in the Firm Representative Toolkit.

How do my colleagues make a gift?

Some representatives have their colleagues mail in their contributions on their own and some prefer to collect them and mail them in altogether. Either way is acceptable.

We accept gifts via mail, phone 919.445.0166 or online:

For more information on how to make a gift:

How will I know where our firm stands throughout the campaign?

You will receive updates every other week throughout the campaign, which will include gifts made online or sent directly to Carolina Law. You may also access the Participating Firms link to see how your firm compares to other participating firms. In addition, Dana Dubis, director of annual giving is happy to provide an update at any point if you would like one before the next batch of updates go out.

How do I encourage my final few colleagues to contribute?

You may want to send a follow-up email to the last remaining individuals. You know your colleagues best, so you know what may be a motivating factor for them. For some, competition works wonders. You may elect to provide a list of other area firms who have reached 100% if that would be helpful.

Others are encouraged when they find out that a contribution to any part of the law school will count in the campaign. Of course, we encourage gifts to the Law Annual Fund, but if an individual is more likely to give to their favorite student organization, journal, center, etc., we will absolutely count that contribution in the campaign.

How will my firm be recognized in the campaign?

In addition to helping Carolina Law continue to carry out its public mission, we go to lengths to recognize Carolina Law's loyal supporters, sharing our gratitude toward participating firms with students and all Carolina Law alumni. Participating firms will receive the following benefits:

  • Firm name displayed prominently on the new Honor Roll of Donors display in the Career Development Office.
  • Firm name listed in the fall edition of Carolina Law Magazine.
  • Firm name listed on the Carolina Law website.
  • Upon attaining 100% participation (platinum level), firm name will be listed on the website and plasma screen televisions throughout the law school during on-campus interviews

There is also recognition of average gift and firm-wide total giving amounts, with additional recognition made in the following cases:

  • new firms that attain platinum level
  • firms that have attained platinum level for multiple years
  • highest increase in participation
  • highest increase in average gift
  • highest total dollars raised
  • highest average gift

If you have any additional questions or would like additional ideas or suggestions, please contact Dana Dubis at 919.445.0166 or .

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