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The power of collective giving is essential for the ongoing and future success of UNC School of Law. We — faculty, students and staff — are grateful for the support of alumni and friends. This Honor Roll of Donors draft includes gifts received from July 1, 2015, through April 15, 2016, and does not include pledges or deferred gifts. The final Honor Roll of Donors, which will be published in the fall of 2016, will include all gifts received as of June 30, 2016.

To add your name to the list of supporters, make your annual gift by June 30. Your gift will help continue to make possible the incredible opportunities for students and faculty in the year to come.

Although every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this listing, omissions or errors are possible and for this we express our sincere regret. If changes are necessary or for assistance with your philanthropy at Carolina Law, please contact Dana Dubis, director of annual giving by email at dubis@email.unc.edu or by phone at (919) 445-0166.

1845 Society ($25,000 and higher)

Jeffrey A. Allred '80 and Jennifer L. Allred
Edwin Osborne Ayscue Jr. '60 and Emily U. Ayscue
Elizabeth J. Bower '01 and Jerome C. Washington
William P. Farthing Jr. '74 and Linda Farthing
Gustavus A. Puryear IV '93 and Jennifer H. Puryear '95
Dr. Louise K. Sindos

Van Hecke Wettach Society ($10,000 - $24,999)

E. William Bates II '79 and Andrea H. Bates
Betty Berghaus
John C. Boger '74 and Jennifer B. Boger
Tracy S. Calder '84 and Joseph M. Calder
Frank E. Emory Jr. '82 and Lisa L. Emory
N. J. Gould '64
Emmett B. Haywood '82 and Dr. Hubert Benbury Haywood III
Martin L. Holton III '82
Sandra L. Johnson '75
William D. Johnson '82 and Dr. Sally Cunningham Johnson
Charles Thelen Plambeck '86 and Suzanne Scott Plambeck
James D. Renger '65
Teresa W. Roseborough '86 and Joseph A. Roseborough '87
William D. Spry Jr. '72 and Penelope O. Spry
Robert E. Thackston '87
Scott P. Vaughn '86 and LouAnn C. Vaughn
Wilson L. White '06 and Malika S. White

Aycock Society ($5,000 - $9,999)

Candice W. Brown '01 and Ivey L. Brown Jr. '06
Burton Craige '80 and Heather B. Craige
James E. Delany '73 and Catherine F. Delany
Robert L. Edwards '65 and Kathryn O. Edwards
Richard L. Farley '87 and Cynthia R. Farley
Walter D. Fisher Jr. '86 and Michele S. Fisher
Robert W. Glatz '91
Alison B. Hershewe '94
Edward G. Johnson
Eric A. Koontz '99
Christopher A. Kreiner '94 and Virginia M. Garris
Gailon McGowan
Robert G. McIntosh '87 and Ann B. McIntosh
Margaret L. Milroy '84
The Honorable Margaret Hackett Murphy '73
John P. O'Hale '75 and Claudia W. O'Hale
H. H. Spooner Phillips IV
Karen A. Popp '85 and M. C. Ragsdale
Richard A. Simpson '77
John A. Stoker '97
Andrew J. Ward and Dorothy Ward
Richard J. Wilmot-Smith

Dean's Club ($2,000 - $4,999)

Michael R. Abel '70 and Clare R. Abel
John M. Ballard and Carol Elizabeth K. Ballard
Doris R. Bray '66
Martin H. Brinkley '92 and Carol S. Brinkley
Professor Lissa Lamkin Broome and Adam H. Broome
LeAnn N. Brown '84 and Charles G. Brown
May M. Bryan '01 and Cotton P. Bryan
A. Britt Canady '96
David M. Chilman '92 and Holly M. Chilman
Katherine M. Cohen '85
Orville D. Coward Jr. '79 and Carolyn L. Coward '99
Fred A. Cunningham '88
Mary B. Denison '81 and John R. Clark
Atinuke O. Diver '06 and Joshua M. Diver '07
Bertis Downs
William T. Dymond Jr. '85 and Jennifer D. Dymond
William K. Edwards '88
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Elmore Jr. (Mr. Elmore '48)
Charles E. Elrod Jr. '67
Todd H. Eveson '00 and Erin D. Eveson '00
James G. Farris Jr. '89
Jami J. Farris '99
Edward S. Finley Jr. '74 and Virginia D. Finley
James W. Galbraith '76
H. H. Geratz '93 and Susan H. Geratz
Gus T. Godwin II
The Honorable K. Edward Greene '69 and Joan P. Greene
Alison A. Grounds '01
George V. Hanna III '68 and Deborah H. Hanna
The Honorable Mary Price Taylor Harrison '85
Stephen G. Hartzell '00
Dan M. Hartzog '73 and Patricia T. Hartzog
Mason T. Hogan '82 and Barbara Von Euler
J. Gill Holland Jr. '91 and Augusta B. Holland
Michael Hollenbach '82 and Jil L. Hollenbach
C. M. Holt '87 and Joanna W. Holt
Bruce W. Huggins Sr. '70 and Jayne B. Huggins
Amy K. Johnson '94
James Y. Kerr II '92 and Frances K. Kerr
David F. Kirby '77 and Evelyn D. Kirby
Stephen F. Lapham '95
Stephen E. Lewis '91 and Mary E. Huckabee '91
Henry C. Lomax '58 and Anne-Tristram H. Lomax
Gary M. London '79
Craig T. Lynch '86 and Mitzi C. Lynch
Maria M. Lynch '79 and Jerome R. Eatman '82
Neill G. McBryde '69 and Margaret M. McBryde
E. Graham McGoogan Jr. '74 and Grace J. McGoogan
Dan J. McLamb '74 and Barbara B. Weyher '77
Robert S. McLean '90 and Sinclair McLean
Gary M. Miller '95
Alice N. Mine '85 and Mark Mine
David T. Modi '79
David M. Moore II '69
Barbara R. Morgenstern '86
Professor Gene R. Nichol Jr. and Professor Glenn George
Miriam M. Nisbet '77
Raymond E. Owens Jr. '78 and Sara W. Higgins '95
Thomas L. Owsley '69 and Leslie V. Owsley
John G. Parker '76 and Dr. Helen Nethercutt Parker
The Honorable Sarah Elizabeth Parker '69
Gary V. Perko '90 and Ann P. Perko '90
Charles R. Phillips '83 and Diane C. Phillips
Sallie B. Phillips
Charles E. Reece '95 and Dr. Laura Helms Reece
Warren Reed and Lynne Reed
Edgar M. Roach '74 and Deborah D. Roach
Larry E. Robbins '79 and Debbie Robbins
President Thomas Warren Ross Sr. '75 and Susan D. Ross
Steven H. Sholk '81
W. Britton Smith Jr. '67 and Gwendolyn C. Smith
Robin J. Stinson '84
Richard H. Strader '85
Thomas S. Stukes '74 and Martha T. Stukes
Barbara Tatge
George R. Uzzell Jr.
Edwin J. Walker '69
Robert A. Wicker '69
Richard M. Wiggins '58
John T. Wilson '99
Elizabeth G. Wren '80
Debbie K. Wright '83
Angela M. Xenakis '03
Michael M. York '78
Robert E. Zaytoun '75

Battle Society ($1,000 - $1,999)

Michelle G. Adams '99
Holly H. Alderman '89 and Neil G. Alderman
David N. Allen '80 and Kimberly P. Allen
Constance A. Anastopoulo '92
Mark E. Anderson '88 and Mary Eileen F. Anderson
John H. Anderson '02 and Dr. Jennifer B. Anderson
Thomas W. Anderson '79 and M. A. Anderson '81
Evan Appel '84 and Kellie R. Appel
William J. Austin Jr. '78 and Gail R. Austin
O. Kenneth Bagwell Jr. '79
Evelyn R. Ballard '07 and John R. Means
Yoel H. Balter '07 and Jane M. Balter
Dr. Beth Barron and Michael D. Barron
The Honorable F. Gordon Battle '58
Frank M. Bell Jr. '63 and Ranlet S. Bell
Michael L. Berry '00 and Dr. Randi Strosberg Berry
Dr. S. Gregory Boyd '04
Richard T. Boyette '77 and Beth R. Fleishman '77
George T. Brady III '98 and Tonya Y. Brady
William C. Brewer Jr. '56 and Anne E. Brewer
F. Bryan Brice Jr. '90 and Carson H. Brice
John D. Bristow '00 and Margaret D. Bristow
Professor Kenneth S. Broun and Marjorie Broun
Christopher G. Browning Jr. '86 and Margaret M. Browning
The Honorable Frank William Bullock Jr. '63 and Frances H. Bullock
Kathleen W. Cannon '81 and James R. Cannon Jr.
Lisa R. Carstarphen '90
Jean Celestin Jr. and Jenine M. Celestin
Louise M. Clifford
Robert C. Cone '78 and Sally B. Cone '78
Michael S. Connor '88 and Dorothy W. Connor
Phillip G. Conrad '83
Barbara B. Coughlin '78 and Dr. Paul William F Coughlin
M. A. Cox '85
John S. Curry '70 and Grace Ann K. Curry
Dr. Robert Scott Dailey '07
Garber A. Davidson Jr. '72 and Sally B. Davidson
Edward B. Davis '99
Kearns Davis '95
Samuel F. Davis Jr. '72
Svend H. Deal '07
Tyler B. Dempsey '99
Christopher W. Derrick '89
Daniel L. Deuterman '91 and Dawne T. Deuterman
Robert L. Dewey '82 and Jean H. Dewey
Ann T. Dorsett '89
Ann Reed Dunn '71 and H. G. Dunn '76
Joe W. Earnhardt '04
Kandace D. Farrar '12 and Dante L. Farrar
Ray S. Farris Jr. '67 and Cydne W. Farris
Adrienne D. Finkley '06
Joel L. Fleishman '59
Benjamin H. Flowe Jr. '81
Katherine M. Floyd '79
Sheldon L. Fogel '65
Jacob M. Gerber '14
Patricia L. Gillen '86
Michael H. Godwin '74 and Nancy S. Godwin
Jay M. Goffman '83 and Susan M. Goffman
William E. Graham Jr. '56
James N. Greene III '99 and Sarah Greene
Jonathan A. Greene '06 and Dr. Laura M. Greene
Frances H. Hall '59
Robert D. Hancock '01 and Christian W. Hancock '01
Wade H. Hargrove Jr. '65 and Sandra D. Hargrove
Louise W. Harris
Richard B. Hart '59 and Jean S. Hart
Paul G. Haskell and Sarah E. Haskell
Wilson Hayman '79 and Jennie J. Hayman
R. H. Heckman '91 and Kimberly K. Heckman
Richard C. Henn Jr. '98
Deborah L. Hildebran-Bachofen '84
Howard Holsenbeck
Harriett J. Holt '99
Clifton W. Homesley and Fariba G. Homesley
Troy C. Homesley Jr. '58 and Jacquie B. Homesley
David W. Hood '91 and Sandra H. Hood
Justin D. Howard '03 and Dr. Margaret Elizabeth Howard
Mary C. Hunting '83 and Stephen R. Hunting '84
John R. Ingle '59 and Annette M. Ingle
Elizabeth A. Ising '00 and Mary K. Cullen
H. Bryan Ives III '80 and Gibbs C. Ives
Arlie Jacobs '77
Gordon W. Jenkins '74
Patricia C. Jenkins '89
John L. Jernigan '67 and Virginia M. Jernigan
Daniel L. Johnson Jr. '85 and Suzanne H. Johnson
D. M. Jones '78 and Tammy Jones
Vaibhav P. Kadaba '97 and Ami Kadaba
Robert W. Kadlec Jr. and Teresa B. Kadlec
James E. Kaiser '92
M. K. Kapp '79 and Chancy M. Kapp
René A. Kathawala '96
Professor P. Anne Klinefelter and Michael A. Dorman
Clifton B. Knight Jr. '74 and Raya Keis Knight
S. L. Largess '90 and Elizabeth L. Leland
Stephen F. Later '94
Haynes P. Lea '82 and Elizabeth C. Lea
Kathryn S. Lehman '04
T. B. Leonard '73
William H. Lewis Jr. '69 and Peyton C. Lewis
Robert N. Maitland '97
Barry D. Mann '82 and Ashlie D. Mann
Jan A. Marks '82
Randall D. McClanahan '92
The Honorable Charles K. McCotter Jr. '71 and Patricia B. McCotter
William H. McCullough '59 and Jeanette G. McCullough
Matthew McKenna and Laura D. McKenna
The Honorable Rickye McKoy-Mitchell '84 and Rick Mitchell
John B. McMillan '67 and Angelyn S. McMillan
Robert H. McNeill Jr.
Roy H. Michaux Jr. '65 and Beverly B. Michaux
Frederick D. Mitchell '85 and Lynndolyn T. Mitchell
James W. Mizgala '94 and Dawn M. Mizgala
John K. Molen '78
Professor Richard Ernest Myers '98
Michael Nedzbala '87
Scott F. Norberg '86
A. Summey Orr III '86
E. Fitzgerald Parnell III '73 and Brenda F. Parnell
Carl N. Patterson Jr. '76 and Janet C. Patterson
Mack B. Pearsall '63
Kenneth M. Perry '93 and Dr. Tonya Blanks Perry
Kirby T. Phillips '86 and Harriett B. Phillips
Evan H. Pontz '96
J. W. Porter '77 and Susan G. Porter
Lee J. Potter Jr. '92 and T. P. Betz
Elizabeth L. Quick '74
Henry H. Ralston '83
Donna R. Rascoe '93
Thomas E. Reilly '96 and Deirdre B. Reilly
Stephen W. Riddell '85 and Karen S. Riddell '86
Brian D. Roark '99
Richard J. Rose '72
Julius A. Rousseau III '83 and Sharon C. Rousseau
James S. Schenck IV '82 and Dr. Anna Pittman Schenck
Paul H. Schwartz '92
Elizabeth D. Scott '86
Charles M. Shaffer Jr. '67 and Harriet H. Shaffer
J. D. Shealy '82 and Robin E. Shealy
Peter W. Sheil '81 and Bruce A. Batchelor
Raleigh A. Shoemaker '70 and Kathryn L. Shoemaker
John M. Silverstein '71 and Leslie L. Silverstein
Jeffrey T. Skinner '96 and Elizabeth Skinner
John R. Sloan '90 and Louise F. Sloan
Stephen T. Smith '73
Marianne K. Smythe '74 and Dr. Robert Barry Smythe
James B. Snow III '82
David R. Spanjer '94
Robert W. Spearman and Patricia H. Spearman
C. Thomas Steele Jr. '87 and Kimberly H. Steele
Richard Y. Stevens '74 and Jere G. Stevens
M. Gray Styers Jr. '89 and Barbara M. Styers
John M. Taladay '89
Emin Toro '00 and Katie Toro
Paul D. Trinkoff '81 and Alison M. Trinkoff
Brian P. Troutman '09 and Elizabeth Troutman
Ed Turlington '82 and Marla P. Turlington
Richard L. Vanore Sr. '73 and Sylvia W. Vanore
Hamlin L. Wade '57 and Julia K. Wade
Thomas M. Ward '78
Lindsay C. Warren Jr. '51 and Mary Todd S. Warren
Steven R. Warren '83
David T. Watters '92 and Charlotte F. Watters
Katherine S. Weaver and H. M. Weaver '61
James P. West '91 and Janet B. West
The Honorable Willis Padgett Whichard '65 and Leona P. Whichard
Dr. Jesse L. White Jr. Martin L. White '96
William O. White Jr. '74 and Katherine N. White
Christine J. Wichers '92
Kenneth R. Wooten '79
Anna Cotten Wright '01
James M. Yates Jr. '79 and Marlena S. Yates

Partners Level ($500 - $999)

The Honorable G. Wayne Abernathy '75
Courtney M. Achee
J. A. Adams '54
A. C. Arey '03
Laurie G. Armstrong '03
Henry C. Babb '69
Jackson C. Bebber '13
C. V. Beck '86 and Emily R. Beck
Marc D. Bishop '84
Charlotte G. Blake '85
Rebecca J. Bosley '77
Tammy A. Bouchelle '01 and Holly R. Martin
J. M. Calloway '05 and Bailey D. Calloway
Pamela B. Cashwell '92 and David L. Cashwell
Benjamin L. Chapman '67 and Patricia D. Chapman
Barbara R. Christy '83
The Honorable Giles Robertson Clark '58
John C. Cloninger '81 and LaNita C. Cloninger
Clinton L. Conner '03 and Christine J. Conner
Kimberly A. Costello '02 and Lee D. Hamilton
David L. Cox '02
Eugene F. Dauchert '78 and Katherine P. Dauchert
Leslee K. Daugherty '88 and Roger Gilmartin
Robert A. Dawkins '80
Lindsey L. Deere '06
The Honorable Judson Davie DeRamus Jr. '68
Stephen J. Dew
Chad R. Donnahoo '07
Joseph W. Eason '77
John R. Edwards '77
Richard G. Elliott '66 and Valarie M. Elliott
Richard W. Ellis '69 and Evelyn M. Ellis
Elisha W. Erb '64
Ian A. Erickson '01 and Anne Marie M. Erickson
W. H. Everett '62 and Lila S. Everett
Lucy V. Fountain '93 and David B. Fountain '94
P. D. Freedle '65
Joseph N. Froehlich '96
Ronald L. Gibson '78
Lisa J. Gilliland '83
David A. Gitlin '82 and Robin Gitlin
Jonathan P. Goldberg '05 and Deborah L. Goldberg
Nancy L. Grace '96
Debbie W. Harden '82 and Mark M. Harden
S. F. Harrell '85
The Honorable A. Robinson Hassell '86 and Eloise Hassell
Anna R. Hayes '88
J. R. Hazlett '80 and Barbara R. Hazlett
W. D. Hicks '84 and Debra P. Hicks
J. D. Hobart '89 and Kay M. Hobart '89
James W. Hovis '80 and Rebecca S. Hovis
Staples S. Hughes '80 and Thomasin E. Hughes '82
The Honorable James Baxter Hunt Jr. '64 and Carolyn L. Hunt
A. S. Jackson '88
Odessa P. Jackson '88
Dr. Joseph McKendrie Jenkins '90 and Shipley D. Jenkins
Rebecca L. Johnson '08
Harrison J. Kaplan '85 and Dona L. Kaplan
Michael E. Kelly '74
Leon M. Killian '69 and Dr. Donna Elaine Mack
David R. Kinman '05
Richard C. Komson '74
Susan L. Korytkowski '81 and Richard Knapp
Mark D. Kotwick '89
Robert R. Laidlaw '50
William H. Latham '92
Helga L. Leftwich '93
Dr. Shawna Cannon Lemon '01 and Brian A. Lemon
George L. Little '67 and Susan P. Little
David W. Long '67 and Nina M. Long
Ronald S. Lovelace '02 and Jennifer Lovelace
Robert D. Lyerly '80
E. L. Mallard '65
Merrill M. Mason '86 and Cynthia C. Mason
Peter N. Maydanis '61
Kent J. McCready '84 and Christine McCready
Karin R. McGinnis '92 and Michael McGinnis
Matthew P. McGuire '93 and Christine McGuire
Congressman D.C. “Mike” McIntyre II '81 and Dee McIntyre
John A. McLendon '87
Brian D. Meacham '03 and Sarah B. Meacham
Luke A. Meisner '03 and Toolsi G. Meisner '05
Laurie L. Mesibov '84 and Gary B. Mesibov
Cynthia K. Messer-Carey '80
Craig C. Messinger and Debra L. Messinger
Therese A. Michaels '83 and William Boyle
George W. Miller '57 and Eula H. Miller
Anna S. Mills '97 and William A. Mills
Steven M. Mitchell '84
C. E. Murphy '73 and Letty H. Murphy
Peyton R. Neal '65
F. T. Nicholls '67
Lara S. Nichols '93
Thomas C. Nord '69
Christopher M. Northrop '89
C. H. Nye
Henry N. Patterson '66 and Jane S. Patterson
Frank C. Patton '87
Seldon E. Patty '68
Hunter A. Payne '95 and Mary T. Payne '95
C. J. Perry '84
Dr. Stephen W. Petersen '96 and Michelle L. Frazier '96
Sean M. Phelan '92
K. Corinne Pickford '95
Kavita R. Pillai '12
Charles T. Plambeck '86 and Suzanne S. Plambeck
Laurance D. Pless '80 and Dana H. Halberg
William W. Plyler '82 and Sally B. Plyler
William F. Potts '78 and Woods G. Potts
Nancy Prahofer '84 and Robert M. Kessler '85
Robert F. Price '74 and Suzanne H. Price
James P. Redmon
Stephen A. Riddick '88
P. W. Robbins '66
Cathy M. Rudisill '84
John S. Russell and Kelley D. Russell
Richard J. Sandulli '66 and Betsey P. Sandulli
Jeffrey S. Scharff '82
Richard K. Schell '85
The Honorable Scott L. Silliman '68
Dana E. Simpson '00 and Stephanie M. Simpson
Kevin L. Sink '94 and Susan Sink
Joseph E. Smith '95
David D. Smyth '00 and Julie J. Song '01
Kenneth A. Soo '91 and Katherine C. Moses
Michael A. Stick '81 and Debra J. Braselton
E. T. Stukes '07 and Mary Katherine H. Stukes '07
Thomas R. Suher '74 and Eileen A. Armenante
Martha J. Svoboda '12 and Eugene Svoboda
Kelly S. Thomas '83
Sanford W. Thompson '80 and Cynthia C. Thompson
The Honorable Douglas Oscar Tice Jr. '57
John Paul Tsahakis '09 and Stephanie Kokenes Tsahakis
Michael L. Urschel '07
Henry P. Van Hoy '74 and Eva A. Van Hoy
Eric A. Vernon '79
Richard von Biberstein '60 and Carolyn von Biberstein
Robert F. Waldon '86 and Laura C. Waldon
Sidney R. Warner '91 and Joy L. Warner
Reich L. Welborn '71 and Martha H. Welborn
Hill B. Wellford '67 and Alice S. Wellford
Richard G. Wheelahan '05
Bradford A. Williams '99 and Dr. Christina Nelson Williams
John F. Windham '75 and Denise M. Windham
Karen L. Wingo '06
David W. Wood '73 and Marianne S. Wood
Rosalind J. Woolbright '91
William H. Zimmern '03 and Angela H. Zimmern '03
Kimberly E. Zirkle '06

Associates Level ($1 - $499)

Jack W. Abel '74
Shelley K. Abel '05 and Michael J. Abel
Rudolph Acree '92
Charles H. Adams and Sue C. Adams
Franklin L. Adams '63 and Carolyn I. Adams
Karen J. Adams '05
Virginia Anna G. Adams '92
A. M. Adcock '83
Robert S. Adden '82
Meredith J. Alcoke '97 and Thomas R. Wilson
G. I. Aldridge '59 and Mary H. Aldridge
Henry H. Alexander '79 and Elizabeth B. Alexander
Daniel M. Alfino
Martha Allen Godin '96 and Thomas A. Godin
Beverly R. Allen '91
Derek J. Allen '97
Ernest M. Allen '76
Katherine M. Allen '85 and Dr. B. Richard Page Jr. '86
Wade H. Alley '68
Adrienne E. Allison '05
F. E. Allison '88
Lynn A. Allison
Sheelagh M. Allston '00 and Adam A. Allston
Adam P. Altman '98 and Dr. Laura Hines Lowder
Melvyn Altman and Toby Altman
The Honorable James Floyd Ammons Jr. '80
Carol Z. Anderson
Charles N. Anderson '86
Philip S. Anderson '94
Deborah B. Andrews '97
Elizabeth H. Andrews '04
James B. Angell '85
Bahar Ansari
Jorgelina E. Araneda '89
Charles V. Archie '12
Thomas E. Archie '68 and Elizabeth L. Archie
Laurin C. Ariail '12
Jeremy D. Arkin '98 and Marian G. Fragola
J. M. Armbruster '99
Heyward D. Armstrong '03
Mamie D. Arnold '90
Laura Arredondo-Santisteba '14
Robert J. Arundell '80
Katherine B. Asaro '12 and Andrew V. Asaro
Owen B. Asplundh '05 and Amy K. Asplundh
Andrew P. Atkins '11
Cheryl D. Atkins
Keith F. Atkinson '99 and Tracey V. Atkinson
Thomas E. Austin '88
Stephanie H. Autry '87 and George B. Autry '91
C. R. Aycock '66
Frank B. Aycock '65 and Helen P. Aycock
Tiana G. Ayotte '90 and Matthew P. Ayotte
Tyson T. Baber '06
David B. Baddour '02 and Carey A. Baddour
Miriam J. Baer '84
Christopher R. Bagley
Alton D. Bain '85
David A. Bain '97
Nicholas J. Bakatsias '05
Heather C. Baker '93
Ronald G. Baker '75
James R. Baldasare
Paul Baldasare '81 and Jane R. Wettach '81
Michael A. Balducci '76
Ruth E. Baldwin '10
Laurie G. Ballenger '94
Jeffrey A. Bandini '97
Ann Howard Banzet '95
Julius E. Banzet '62
Samantha H. Barber '11
Dan T. Barker '87
David R. Barnard '96
James H. Barnes '07
Michael N. Barnette and Marsha E. Barnette
William T. Barnett '85 and Elizabeth B. Barnett
W. D. Barnhardt '84 and Patty Rives Barnhardt
Fitz E. Barringer '11
Vance Barron '73 and June T. Barron
Nigle B. Barrow '77 and The Honorable Alice Carson Stubbs '92
Patricia T. Bartis '94
Nancy Ruth L. Bartlett '81
Anthony J. Barwick '01 and Amber L. Barwick '01
June L. Basden '86
John E. Bassett '10 and Kathryn G. Killman
Merlin Bass '93
Robert M. Bastress
Joyita R. Basu '04
James R. Batchelor '80
Douglas W. Baxley '75 and Dianne O. Baxley
Jack B. Bayliss '79 and Catherine B. Bayliss
Robert G. Baynes '64
Neil D. Beach '67 and Jo T. Beach
Giles D. Beal
Vincent Beasley
Charles L. Beck and Lynne A. Beck
Michael R. Becker '71
Jeffrey S. Beelaert '11
Judith G. Behar '75
Victor E. Bell
Robert O. Belo '79 and Carolin D. Bakewell '83
Robert H. Bennink '75
Dawn G. Benson '82
Jonathan A. Berkelhammer '82 and Kathryn B. Berkelhammer
Danielle E. Bernard
Jay Bernardoni and Tina L. Bernardoni '08
Richmond G. Bernhardt '57
Robin A. Bernstein '81
Demetrius W. Berry '97
Marvin A. Bethune '73
Thomas A. Betts and Mary Davis M. Betts
Camden C. Betz '07 and Sara B. Betz
John H. Beyer '97 and Laura T. Beyer '98
Katherine Y. Biegler '09
Lauren E. Biek '06 and Aaron B. Biek '12
Eric H. Biesecker '96 and Stephanie S. Biesecker
Gary W. Bigelow '84 and Donna R. Bigelow
Graham R. Billings '13
Kevin J. Bishop '05
Professor Kimberly Christin Bishop '04
W. L. Bissette '68 and Sara O. Bissette
Ashleigh E. Black '05 and Peyton R. Black
Avis E. Black '76
Frances L. Blackburn '83
Derek W. Black '02
Megan P. Black '10
Susan R. Black
William W. Bland '92 and Ellen J. Bland
Louis A. Bledsoe '55 and Martha H. Bledsoe
Lisa G. Blevins '06
Allan A. Bloom
Dixie R. Bloom
Linda G. Blount
Thomas D. Blue '97 and Teresa R. Blue
Donna K. Blumberg '85 and Jonathan A. Blumberg '86
Colonel Robert Joel Blum '59
David R. Boaz '12 and Carrie V. McMillan '13
Judith Bodnar
Robert B. Boehner '99
William T. Bonds '63
The Honorable Richard Dale Boner '75 and Margaret R. Boner
Aleta M. Bonini '79
Donald L. Boone '61 and Lavon Boone
Jenna C. Borders '11
Dennis E. Boring '72 and Holly A. Boring
Conrad K. Bortz
Stella A. Boswell '95 and Craig S. Heinly
Anne R. Bowden '89
Alexander M. Bowling '13 and Nicole M. Anderson
Dr. Frederick Oscar Bowman Jr. and Elizabeth W. Bowman
R. D. Boyce '84
Meghan E. Boyd
William G. Boyd '66
William M. Boyum '86
Martin L. Brackett '72
Ross M. Bradford '03
Isaac J. Bradley '08 and Lucy K. Bradley '11
Lauren H. Bradley '12 and Nicholas C. Bradley
Scott Bradley
Kathleen D. Bradshaw '13 and Carl J. Burchette '14
Penni P. Bradshaw '80
Stacey A. Brady '98 and Michael Brady
William A. Brafford '77 and Alice H. Brafford
The Honorable E. Maurice Braswell '50
Daniel L. Brawley '67
Bradley J. Breece '10
Edward B. Breitschwerdt '07
Edward Y. Brewer '72
J. C. Brewer '67 and Sara H. Brewer
Kelly A. Brewer '11
Lillie B. Brewer
Elizabeth S. Brewington '92
Eugene C. Bricklemyer '70
Keith T. Bridges '83
Ashley M. Briefel '11
Erin L. Brinkman '12
Louise M. Bristol '91
C. R. Britt '01 and Sharron B. Britt
Jill S. Britt '93
David Broad and Ann Broad
Richard Broad
Carol L. Brooke '00
Athena F. Brooks '91 and Thomas V. Brooks
David V. Brooks '77
Eugene C. Brooks '82
Professor Alfred Brophy
H. C. Broughton '88
Corey E. Brown
Darrell K. Brown '00 and Julie H. Brown
The Honorable Frank R. Brown '61
James G. Brown '70
Nathan I. Brown '03
Patricia L. Brown '86
Scott N. Brown '65
Troy A. Brown '59
William L. Brown '79 and Catherine D. Brown
Catherine E. Bruce '14
Melissa D. Brumback '98 and Stephen Brumback
Norman D. Brunson '73
Tiffany H. Brunson '97
Rachel Brunswig
Ann A. Bryan '13
Professor Patricia L. Bryan and Thomas Wolf
Kristan D. Bryant '09
Lawana L. Bryant '98
Thomas Bryant and Karen S. Blackwell
E. C. Bryson '64 and Katharine P. Bryson
Bruce A. Buckley '81 and Sarah A. Crowder '81
Elizabeth C. Buckley '14
Claire A. Buie '90 and Craig P. Buie
Madison E. Bullard '81 and Anne J. Bullard
Bruce R. Bullock '92
Hailey M. Bunce '15
William W. Bunch '80
H. L. Bundy '76 and Linda E. Bundy
E. H. Bunting '74 and Elizabeth C. Bunting '74
Dorothy B. Burch '91
David J. Burge '85
Robert A. Burgoyne '82
Daniel J. Burke
Benjamin S. Burnside '06 and Christine M. Burnside '12
The Honorable Ronald Wayne Burris '76 and Lisa Burris
Vincent W. Burskey '04
Jerome F. Buting '81
Stephen T. Byrd '84 and Sandra S. Byrd '84
William B. Bystrynski '94
Michael S. Caines
Mark T. Cain '87 and Leigh H. Cain '87
Robert R. Caliri '73
Ashley H. Campbell '03 and Russell N. Campbell
Dr. B. J. Campbell and Dr. Frances Alexander Campbell
Christopher Z. Campbell '96 and Mary K. Walgate
John W. Campbell '49
Karen L. Campbell
Laura L. Campbell
Susan E. Campbell '98
William B. Cannon '05
Kenneth D. Cantrell
Christopher B. Capel '85
Donald N. Capparella '84
Brendan A. Cappiello '14
Jennifer G. Carbee '00
John H. Carmichael '93 and Kelley R. Carmichael
Julie M. Carpenter '87
Justin T. Carpenter '09 and Samantha R. Carpenter
Eugene M. Carr '85 and Sallie M. Carr
Mary V. Carrigan '84
Charles S. Carter '74 and Susan M. Carter
George W. Carter '12
Natalie C. Carter '05
The Honorable Gary Stephen Cash '76
Rodney R. Cate '92
The Honorable Samuel Allen Cathey '73
The Honorable J. Gentry Caudill '72 and Carol Caudill
Albert N. Cavagnaro '89 and Laura L. Cavagnaro
Alison R. Cayton '91
Galo V. Centenera '14
Edward T. Chaney '07 and Amanda S. Hitchcock '07
Anderson A. Chang '14
Ronald A. Charlot '09
Laetitia L. Cheltenham '13
Alyssa M. Chen '03
Kevin L. Chignell '95 and Jeannine A. Chignell
Dr. Jeffrey William Childers '03
Ann B. Ching '00
Charles W. Clanton '91
Daniel W. Clark '88 and Dr. Sandra Crovi Clark
Dumont Clarke '78 and Shirley J. Linn
James H. Clarke '79 and Eleanore E. Clarke
William Clarke '82
Vaughn S. Clauson '96
Katherine J. Clayton '04
Patrick J. Cleary '09
Joanna C. Cleveland '94 and John S. Cleveland
Richard P. Cleys and Kathleen A. Cleys
Locke T. Clifford '67 and Lynda B. Clifford
Benjamin F. Clifton '70 and Katherine E. Clifton
Crandall F. Close '09
Barry S. Cobb '92 and Emily T. Cobb
Laurence A. Cobb '58 and Edna Faye P. Cobb
George W. Coggin '59 and Carol J. Coggin
Jeffrey L. Cohen '78
Renee S. Cohn '88 and Michaell Cohn
Anne S. Cole
Howard D. Cole '66
Charles T. Colgan '69
Amanda M. Colley '15
The Honorable Robert Alvis Collier Jr. '59
Dr. Bobby McManus Collins II
Vincent P. Collura '62 and Bunnie Collura
Dwight E. Compton '78 and Catherine C. Compton
The Honorable Richard Rodney Cooch '73
Jimmy D. Cooley '73 and Allene F. Cooley
Douglas K. Cooper '74
Roy A. Cooper '82 and Kristin B. Cooper
The Honorable James William Copeland Jr. '77
Rhodes T. Corbett and Ellen M. Corbett
Matthew A. Cordell '07
Sarah A. Core '14
Brad W. Cornett '95 and Wendy L. Cornett '95
Felice M. Corpening '94
Timothy W. Corrigan '94 and Natalie N. Corrigan
Philip L. Cotey '13 and Teresa M. Cotey
Lorraine J. Cotton
Eric H. Cottrell '95
Carly M. Couch
Ronald G. Coulter '79 and Elizabeth J. Coulter
Stephanie C. Courter '08
Alexander R. Covington
Daniel T. Cowan '11 and Dr. Caroline Isabel Cowan
William R. Cowper and Ann Cowper
Eleanor S. Cox
Kathleen B. Coyle '05 and Wade A. Wall
Elizabeth F. Crabill '92
Hillary B. Crabtree '99 and Gwen R. Crabtree
Robert W. Cramer '84
Paul L. Cranfill '69 and Sarah S. Cranfill
Paul L. Craven '02 and Amanda A. Hayes '02
C. P. Craver '66 and Jane K. Craver
Thomas R. Crawford '72 and Jae M. Crawford
Nathan R. Creger
David G. Crockett '70
John M. Cross '95
Marc Cullen '99 and Emily D. Cullen
Walter L. Currie '68 and Carole H. Currie
Katherine D. Currin '07
Thomas L. Currin '76 and Grey T. Currin
Professor Michael Kent Curtis '69
Kathleen M. Cusack
Alexander T. Dadok '13
Joseph G. Dail '55
Brooke L. Dalrymple '07
Jane G. Dalton
Asmika Dangol
Marjorie E. Daniel
Dr. Karen Daniels-Mitchell and Floyd Mitchell
Wallace A. Daniels
William D. Dannelly '77 and Pamela K. Dannelly
Bradley J. Daves '98
Amanda Davey
Dr. Hilary Pendleton Davey
Eric M. David '08
Karen P. Davidson '81
Ashleigh L. Davis
Beatrice J. Davis '90 and Nancy C. Astrike
Charlotte E. Davis
The Honorable Chester Chidlow Davis '72
James L. Davis '71 and Jean L. Davis
Madeline C. Davis
The Honorable Mark Allen Davis '91 and Dr. Marcia Schwartz Davis
Silas W. Davis and Lisa G. Davis
Tonya D. Davis '01
Isabel S. Day '79 and G. D. Day
Daniel B. Dean '75 and Ellen G. Dean
Erika L. Dean '10
Laura E. Dean '09
W. E. Deaton '70 and Ruth C. Deaton
Douglas J. Debaugh '14
Glydon Defelice
Stephanie B. DeGraffenreid
Kathleen E. Delaney '90
Kevin W. Delaney '15
Hannah R. DeLuca '07
Tyler J. Demasky
Kevin L. Denny '14
Dailey J. Derr '72 and Bonnie B. Derr
John C. Derrick '09
Carolyn R. Detmer
Theresa S. Dew '00 and Alford B. Dew
Douglas S. Dibbert and Deborah C. Dibbert
J. S. Dillon '83 and Camelyn T. Dillon
John D. Dillon '94
Thomas G. Dill '47 and Ann F. Dill
Joan S. Dinsmore '06
Janet Dixon
Julia E. Dixon '01
Alan L. Dobbins and Lisa Dobbins
Allison W. Dobson '09
Emily C. Doll '15
Jennifer A. Dominguez '02
Patrick G. Dooher '76
Laurie E. Dorsainvil '99
Stuart B. Dorsett '85 and Josephine S. Dorsett
John W. Dostert '97
Joseph S. Dowdy '03
Tosha D. Downey '04 and Michal Dowell
Jeffrey A. Doyle '93 and Melissa L. Ellis
Dana M. Dubis
Matthew S. Duchesne '99 and Audrey L. Duchesne
Robert E. Duggins '90 and Heidi W. Duggins
Adam T. Duke '09
Arnita M. Dula '01
Alan W. Duncan and Pamela D. Duncan
James D. DuPuy '99
Monty DuPuy
Richard Dutra
Christopher S. Dwight '15 and Emily C. Dwight
Catherine E. Dyar '98
Kendra L. Eades '01
Farleigh H. Earhart '91
Justin I. Eason '07
Annette K. Ebright '07
Jeffrey D. Eckard '94 and Karakahl R. Allen-Eckard
Ashley M. Edmonds '11
James J. Edmundson '67
The Honorable Robert Holt Edmunds Jr. '75 and Linda Edmunds
Deborah L. Edney '97
H. J. Edwards '67 and Betsy B. Edwards
David B. Efird '04 and Elizabeth T. Efird
Joseph S. Eggleston '90 and Dr. Laura Marie Jarmoc
Michael C. Ehrlich '75 and Judy S. Ehrlich
Nancy J. Ehrlich '91
L. H. Eleazer '76
Jim Elkin and Cheryl Elkin
Patricia P. Ellis and The Honorable B. Craig Ellis '70
Edward L. Embree '72 and Stuart R. Embree
Meghan D. Engle '12
Elizabeth T. Erhardt '97
Emily E. Erixson '10
John R. Erwin '83 and Judith C. Erwin '84
Kenneth F. Essex '70 and Dr. Faye Ellen Sultan
Landon S. Eustache '08
H. L. Evans '84 and Rebecca L. Evans
Michelle R. Evans '02
Professor Lewis Moore Everett '08 and Sherry H. Everett '08
Melanie C. Falco '04
Jeremy M. Falcone '06 and Ashley L. Bizzell
Katherine J. Farley '04
Joel D. Farren '82
Annalise H. Farris '15
Charles P. Farris
Charles P. Farris '73
Kristie H. Farwell '03
Razan J. Fayez '00
Sheila H. Fellerath '79
M. C. Fenhagen '94 and John Carlson
C. D. Ferguson '96
Praveen D. Fernandes '98
John P. Fernandez '93 and Michelle H. Fernandez
Michael R. Ferrell '76
Christopher C. Fialko '92 and Ann L. Hester '92
J. M. Fields '91
Julia C. Fields '83
Kyle J. Fiet '07 and Rebeca J. Fiet
Jocelyn A. Fina '07
Daniel F. Finch and Jean B. Finch
Robert P. Finch '78 and Kathleen M. Finch
Brian J. Fineman '14
Michael N. Finger '55
Mark A. Finkelstein '85 and Lisa B. Finkelstein
Matthew I. Finneran
John C. Fischer '03 and Karen T. Fischer '03
Edgar B. Fisher '98 and Louisa C. Fisher '98
Lewis R. Fisher '74 and Janice U. Fisher
Macy B. Fisher '12
Edward C. Fiss and Cynthia G. Fiss
Sabrina G. Fitze '09 and Chris Fitze
Leslie A. Fleisher '68 and Jill Fleisher
Randolph M. Fletcher '84
Robert A. Fleury '03
Jack W. Floyd '61 and Ruth P. Floyd
Louis H. Fogleman '64 and Anne D. Fogleman
Paul J. Foley '04 and Elizabeth P. Foley '05
Wilson F. Fong
Brian C. Fork '05 and Brooke E. Fork
William R. Forstner '04
Dionne L. Fortner '95 and Glenn R. Fortner
Andrew H. Foster '00
Esphur E. Foster
Pamela W. Foster '94
Richard T. Fountain '56
Christopher T. Fowler '12
Richard L. Fox '61 and Victoria C. Fox
Mary L. Foy '86
Richard B. Frampton and Jamie F. Frampton
The Honorable Franklin Edward Freeman Jr. '70 and Lynn L. Freeman
James D. Freeman '90
Samuel R. Freeman '77 and Annette Lareau-Freeman
William E. Freeman '80 and Suzanne B. Freeman
Blake S. Fricks '07 and J. W. Fricks
Alfred A. Friedrich '94
Elizabeth A. Froehling '92
Michael R. Frongello '14 and Eva G. Frongello '14
Tristan A. Fuierer '03
David A. Fuller
W. E. Fuller and Nancy S. Fuller
W. S. Fuller '92 and Monica W. Fuller
The Honorable James Roy Fullwood '68 and Mary Gray T. Fullwood
James E. Furr '01 and Kelly D. Furr '01
Archie W. Futrell '78 and Betty H. Futrell
Varsha D. Gadani '12
Gaston H. Gage '58 and Jane B. Gage
Edmund L. Gaines '71
Lieutenant Colonel Edward Garner Jr. '76
Ronald T. Garner '09
Peter B. Gelblum
Robert R. Gelblum '85 and Dr. Mary Lou Gelblum
Glenn S. Gentry '84
H. C. Gentry '70
Fredric J. George '74
Jody E. George '86
Matthew E. Gerber
Caitlyn Gever
Professor Elizabeth Gibson '76 and Professor Robert Paul Mosteller
John T. Gibson
Dr. Bryan Albin Giemza '99 and Kristi B. Giemza
William H. Gifford '80 and Jodi L. Turner
John E. Giles '51
Cody I. Gillians '12
Selena M. Giovannelli '96 and Rick Giovannelli
Leo Glosemeyer
Ronald Glosemeyer and Lauri Glosemeyer
Mercedes E. Glowacki
Jennifer S. Goebel '92
Lindsey T. Goehring '11
Glenn J. Goggins '85
David Goldberg '15 and Shaina Goldberg
C. F. Goldsmith '70
James W. Goldsmith '75
Steven I. Goldstein '67
Jack N. Goodman '75
Timothy J. Goodson '06 and Ellinor C. Goodson '08
James R. Gordon '64
Marc R. Gordon '80 and Gayle Gordon
Michael R. Gordon '11
Edward J. Gorman
Robert R. Gorman '10
Steven Gould and Eleanor Gould
Arey W. Grady '98 and Christin A. Grady
Robert G. Graham and Kimberly S. Graham
Jacqueline D. Grant '95
William E. Grantmyre '70
Daniel R. Green '79
John C. Greenhaugh '73
Jennifer C. Green '92
Gilbert Greggs
Jessica L. Gregory '15
Robert G. Griffin '78
Robert W. Griffin '77
W. K. Griffith '74 and Elizabeth F. Griffith
W. M. Griffith '96 and Katherine B. Griffith
Samuel G. Grimes '68
Samuel L. Grimes '99 and Beth Y. Grimes '99
Constance Gulley
Durward F. Gunnells '74 and Gail Gunnells
Brian S. Gwyn and Laura B. Gwyn
F. E. Hafer '66 and Holly C. Hafer
Alex J. Hagan '92 and Kim H. Hagan '92
Theodore E. Haigler '49
John F. Haire '90
The Honorable R. Phillip Haire '61 and Constance M. Haire
Brian D. Hall '85
W. C. Haller '09
Jennifer M. Hall '09 and Kevin D. Hall
Linda M. Hamel '86
Bruce A. Hamilton and The Honorable Jennifer Weiss
David B. Hamilton '77
The Honorable Joyce Amelia Hamilton '75
Mark Hamilton and Betty Ann Hamilton
Irvin W. Hankins '75 and Barbara B. Hankins
Clinton D. Hannah
Chad D. Hansen '04
Ellen W. Hanson '75
Randall A. Hanson '85 and Dr. Cynthia Brann Hanson
Holmes P. Harden '81 and Sarah B. Harden
The Honorable James Walter Hardison '64
Susan H. Hargrove '81
Lauren A. Harkey '14
P. G. Harmon '69
The Honorable Joseph J. Harper Jr. '73 and Anne W. Harper
L. C. Harrell '01 and Andrea D. Harrell
Liz Willoughby Harrell '06
E. J. Harrington '69 and Elizabeth R. Harrington
Dean M. Harris '81 and Deborah M. Harris
J. G. Harris '74 and Patricia F. Harris
Molly H. Harris
J. W. Harrison '79 and Ellen S. Harrison
R. W. Harrison '67 and Nancy R. Harrison
Phillip A. Harris '09 and Gerri M. Harris
The Honorable Fletcher Lee Hartsell Jr. '72 and Tana H. Hartsell
William R. Hartzell
Mark R. Hastings '83
Breanne N. Hataway
Daniel A. Hatley '08 and Caroline C. Hatley
Hada d. Haulsee '81 and Ronald Haulsee
Michael D. Hauser '87 and Elizabeth H. Hauser
Lisa R. Hayes '88
Haley W. Haynes '92
E. B. Haywood '79 and Terri S. Haywood
J. P. Haywood '01 and Cathy Haywood
Christopher J. Heaney '13
Elizabeth S. Hedrick '08
Patricia P. Hedrick '86
Troy M. Heisman
Amy E. Hella '97
H. P. Helms '61 and Eleanor A. Helms
The Honorable William Harold Helms '72
Geoffrey C. Hemenway '88 and Deborah A. Hemenway
Gary S. Hemric '74
Emilie A. Hendee '07
Andrew R. Henderson '90
The Honorable Karen LeCraft Henderson '69 and Dr. Hoke Frederick Henderson Jr. John F. Henning '03 and Amber C. Henning
John C. Hensley '89
Perry C. Henson '77 and Linda C. Henson
Robert J. Herndon '05 and Molly C. Herndon
Mary L. Herring
Bruce M. Herschlag '81 and Dr. Mary Teresa Korytkowski
Jean S. Hetherington '77 and Dr. Seth Vollmer Hetherington
Marcus C. Hewitt '96
Jonathan P. Heyl '98 and Carrie L. Heyl
Fred A. Hicks '68 and Linda D. Hicks
William H. Higgins '77
Dr. Daniel B. Hill '92
Nicholas G. Hill '12 and Kenan C. Hill
Eric R. Hinderliter
Catherine D. Hinkle '83
Jamison H. Hinkle '96 and Susan F. Hinkle
Joseph E. Hjelt
Ryan B. Hobbs '07
John Hobby and Wendy Hobby
Sheila P. Hochhauser '84
Steven A. Hockfield '70
Clay Hodges '00 and Kelly A. Hartness
Robert S. Hodgman '72
Emma J. Hodson '10
Michael A. Hoffman '06 and Dr. Suma Bhat Hoffman
David Holder
Olivia B. Holding
James R. Holland '02 and Brandi W. Holland
Russell J. Hollers '92 and Susannah P. Holloway '94
Russell J. Hollers '63
Hayden C. Holliman
Dana Holloway and Debbie Holloway
Edward S. Holmes '58
Clyde Holt '72 and Elizabeth G. Holt
John W. Holton '12 and Sarah B. Holton
Jean M. Homesley
Selina N. Honeycutt '91 and John T. Honeycutt '92
Roger A. Hood '59
Dennis L. Horn '75 and Shirley E. Payne '77
Professor Donald T. Hornstein
Louis P. Hornthal '63 and Harriett L. Hornthal
Patricia F. Hosmer '94 and John R. Hosmer
Caline K. Hou
Andrew R. House '97 and Christine J. House
Cynthia R. Howard '92
E. C. Howard '72 and Noel B. Howard
Isham B. Hudson '56 and Cornelis K. Hudson
John R. Hudson '58
Marcus Hudson '65
David E. Huffine '77 and Susan Stern
Dr. Jason D. Huff '15 and Dr. Nidhi G. Huff
M. B. Huffman '09
Sharon J. Huffman '81
Sue C. Huffman
Noah H. Huffstetler '76
Janice C. Hu
William F. Hulse '68
G. D. Humphrey '61 and Ann L. Humphrey
The Honorable Stephani Wilson Humrickhouse '80 and Scott R. Humrickhouse
Ginger B. Hunsucker '03 and Ryan D. Hunsucker
Kimberly T. Hunsucker '07 and Matthew A. Hunsucker
Grady L. Hunt '89 and Karon Kaye L. Hunt
LeRoy P. Hutchinson '88 and Dr. Julia Leigh Eichelberger
H. G. Hutchison '73 and Gail H. Hutchison
John N. Hutson '81 and Joan S. Hutson
Elizabeth B. Hutto '96 and Glenn D. Hutto
Elizabeth J. Ireland '13
David A. Irvin '66 and Roberta Irvin
Henry H. Isaacson '58 and Alice F. Isaacson
James M. Iseman '77
Anson B. Ives '89 and Debra D. Ives
The Honorable Barbara Ann Jackson '90
George S. Jackson '83
Jeffrey A. Jackson '89
Jennifer O. Jackson '93 and Dr. Phillip Theodore Jackson '94
Thomas C. Jackson '70 and Martha A. Jackson
Marc Jacobs '10 and Dr. Helen Boussios
Robert A. Jaffe '78
Dinita L. James '90 and Roy F. Reed
Paul M. James '85
Douglas M. Jarrell '94 and Charlotte C. Jarrell
F. F. Jarrell '71
Peter Jason '67
James H. Jeffries '88
James A. Jernigan '83
Emily S. Jessup
Robert H. Jessup '11
Robert M. Jessup '85 and Valerie L. Bateman '86
Heather L. Jewell '06
Jack E. Jirak '07
Ariana L. Johnson
Cyrus M. Johnson '82 and Liz I. Johnson
James T. Johnson '92
Joan C. Johnson
John H. Johnson '76
Kathryn E. Johnson '10 and Thomas N. Fletcher
Robert W. Johnson '66 and Christianna L. Johnson
Thomas H. Johnson '85 and Sharon F. Johnson
Douglas M. Johnston
H. M. Johnston '62 and Virginia A. Johnston
J. R. Johnston '68 and Sharon O. Johnston '70
Robert G. Johnston '76
James R. Jolley '14 and Emily B. Jolley
Edwina L. Jones '77
Kenneth L. Jones '85 and Elizabeth C. Jones
Michael D. Jones '01
Philemina M. Jones '77
W. H. Jones '80
Thomas W. Jordan '74
David B. Joyner
Joseph D. Joyner '81
Charles R. Kabugo-Musoke '12
Matthew R. Kain '08
Joseph J. Kalo '94
Chiege O. Kalu Okwara '94
Lewis J. Karesh '87
Bruce Kay and Diane Kay
Caroline E. Keen
The Honorable Elizabeth Keever '75
Margaret Keithley
Kenneth R. Keller '74
Daniel R. Kelley '10 and Kristin E. Kelley '11
Philip L. Kellogg '67 and Margaret M. Kellogg
Elizabeth Kelly '88
Amy S. Kelso '95 and John G. Kelso '96
Betty Kenan
Vaiden P. Kendrick '69
William D. Kenerly '73 and Toni C. Kenerly
David Kennedy
Kathleen T. Kennedy '01 and Robert M. Kennedy '07
Mary S. Kennedy '14
William M. Keyser '01
Spencer G. Key '92
Drew K. Kifner '09
Christopher R. Kiger '02 and Liza Kiger
April D. Kight '06
Nancy G. Kilby '76 and Eric C. Kilby
Tracy W. Kimbrell '05
Amy H. Kincaid '98
Hatcher B. Kincheloe '75 and Linda Kincheloe
Christopher M. Kindel '01
C. B. King '05
George S. King '72
Malvern F. King '68 and Camilla W. Crampton
Dr. Stephen Curtis King
Steven A. King '14
Vance C. Kinlaw '77
Allen S. Kinzer '88
Byron B. Kirkland '87 and Virginia L. Kirkland
Frank S. Kirschbaum '96
Nancy H. Kiser
Joseph W. Kitchen and Dorothy J. Kitchen
Amy S. Klass '87 and Todd A. Klass
Robert O. Klepfer '66
Frank Kloch
Katharine A. Klos '76
Dr. Christopher John Knors '05
Karl E. Knudsen '78
Steven R. Koch '10
Jennifer J. Koenig '97
Gayle E. Koonce '75 and Neil W. Koonce
Annie E. Kouba
Christopher H. Kouri '00
Jeffrey S. Koweek '06 and Lynne Koweek
Stephanie L. Krasnov
William H. Kroll '09
Jessica P. Lahey '99
Philip D. Lambeth '72
William G. Lamb
Christopher C. Lam '02 and Anne D. Lam '02
Hoang V. Lam '03
Catherine B. Lane '12
William F. Lane '97
Frank C. Laney '82
R. B. Laney '73 and Nancy W. Laney
Max V. Langenkamp '02
Joseph H. Lanier '96
The Honorable Russell Jarvis Lanier Jr. '68
Joshua D. Lanning '00
Elizabeth C. Lanzen '98 and Aaron Lanzen
David E. LaPlant '95
Stephen R. Lareau '11
Nancy I. Lasher '85
William R. Lathan '75 and Mary W. Lathan
R. K. Lawrence and Lisa L. Lawrence
Robert F. Laws and Catherine D. Cook
Thomas E. Leach and Letisha Leach
Richard N. League '63
The Honorable David Andrew Leech '78
Jason M. Leff '06
The Honorable Lori Ruth Lefstein '83 and Michael K. Diamond
Lori N. Leggatt
Timothy P. Lehan '82 and Dr. Leigh Steele Lehan
Hugh Leighty
Bryan J. Leitenberger '07
Amy R. Leitner
Kirsten E. Leloudis
Judith E. Leonard '80
Scott E. Leo '97 and Stephanie W. Leo
John W. Leslie '80 and Joanne H. Leslie
Miles S. Levine '78
The Honorable Eric Lee Levinson '92
Jeffrey P. Lewis '09
The Honorable John Baker Lewis Jr. '61
Richard M. Lewis '63 and Linda H. Lewis
Sean W. Lew '98 and Alison C. Lew
David K. Liggett '95
Frank R. Liggett '66 and Mildred L. Liggett
Thomas S. Lilly '68
Deanna L. Lindquist '93
Ling Ling '97
Professor Ronald C. Link and Susan C. Link
Cliff G. Linn '83 and Christine M. Zimmer '84
Stuart S. Lipton '79 and Melanie Gnazzo
John C. Livingston '06 and Monica Livingston
Luis M. Lluberas '08 and Meghan M. Lluberas '09
George G. Lockhart '72 and Judy Lockhart
Anthony C. Locklear
Susanne O. Logan '80
Donald A. Long '77
Frank A. Longest '71 and Elizabeth W. Longest
The Honorable James Monroe Long '63 and Catherine C. Long
Robert B. Long '65
Robert J. Looney and Kim Looney
The Honorable Patricia Stanford Love '78
William R. Loy '64
Lacy L. Lucas '55
Taylor H. Ludlam '04
JoAnn Luehring '82
John I. Mabe '80 and Walker A. Mabe
Derek L. Mace '97
John A. MacKethan '68 and Dr. Lucinda H. MacKethan
Christopher S. Macneil
Laurence B. Maddison '68
Leslie E. Madison '92
Munashe Magarira '14
Jack R. Magee '12
Carlos E. Mahoney '99 and Jennifer E. Mahoney
Wayne K. Maiorano '98
Deborah A. Malizia '86 and Dr. Emil E. Malizia
Barrett C. Mallos '04
Vernon R. Malone '89
Melody J. Manning '08
John W. Mann '98 and Amanda S. Mann '06
Nihad M. Mansour
Peter J. Marino '90 and Patty Marino
Benjamin S. Marks '58
Matthew T. Marriott '11
James C. Marrow '72
Charles F. Marshall '96 and Fraley C. Marshall
Duke Marston '69
Alan B. Martin '94
Amanda Martin '92
Cameron H. Martin '15
Clay O. Martin '11
Ellis W. Martin '15
The Honorable J. Matthew Martin '85 and Catherine S. Martin
Joshua A. Martinkovic
Prescott L. Martin
W. D. Martin '73
Robert A. Mascari '81 and Sandra M. Mascari
Kathy A. Mason
Keith B. Mason '82 and Elizabeth H. Mason
Jonathan W. Massell '13
Christine L. Mast '92 and J. T. Mast '93
Carmela E. Mastrianni
Clarence V. Mattocks '74 and Martha C. Mattocks
Fred T. Mattox '56
F. K. Mauney '75
J. D. Mayberry '85 and Julie T. Mayberry
William R. Maynard '77
DeWitt F. McCarley '77
Professor Jon Paul McClanahan '08
Robert D. McClanahan '78 and Susan B. McClanahan
M. D. McClure '97
Mark L. McCord '06
Sarah B. McCormack '01 and Kevin A. McCormack
The Honorable Edward Harrington McCormick '64 and Ann B. McCormick
Dennis F. McCoy '61 and Susan H. McCoy
Andrew H. McDaniel '57
Sally F. McDonald
Christopher D. McEachran '12 and Jamey R. McEachran
Pender R. McElroy '68
Matthew F. McGahren '92
Bryan A. McGann '01 and Joanna D. McGann
Peter J. McGrath '86 and Merrie D. McGrath '86
Alan D. McInnes '94
John V. McIntosh '79 and Ann H. McIntosh
Joshua C. McIntyre '10
R. M. McKeithen '66
S. A. McKinney Clarke '11
Professor Ruth Ann McKinney '89 and Ray E. West
Tracy C. McKinney
Roy B. McKnight '53 and Mary Jane W. McKnight
Anna P. McLamb '02 and Jeffrey T. McLamb
Daniel F. McLawhorn '74
Caroline B. McLean '10 and Dr. William C. McLean
J. D. McLean '89 and Nina D. McLean
Cynthia G. McMahan
Lorne E. Mcmanigle
Kim McMann
Tiffany A. McMillan-McWaters '11
Bobby B. McNeill '58
Robert B. McNeill '85
Richard A. McNeil '06
Edward J. McPhillips '91
V. C. McQuiddy '68
Alexandra Meaza
Mamo Meaza
Mario M. Meeks '08 and Kristen M. Meeks '08
Alison M. Melvin
Jordan C. Mendez '14 and Jose L. Mendez Reyes
Maria R. Mendoza
Cory S. Menees '07 and Mary Katherine W. Menees
Mary M. Meredith
Daniel A. Merlin '06 and Mary E. Holman
Julia W. Merricks '84
Craig T. Merritt '80
Maiysa Mesbah
Dana L. Messinger '15
W. Carleton Metcalf '97 and Lisa S. Metcalf
Dr. Ancel Clyde Mewborn and Sylvia M. Mewborn
Dr. Lori Abel Meyerhoffer '07
Melissa J. Michaud '09
Sarah Danielle B. Millan '13
Graham S. Miller '15
E. E. Mills '01
Eric W. Mills '12
The Honorable F. Fetzer Mills '61 and Pennington M. Mills
Carolyn W. Minshall '86
Kevin S. Minton '00
Scott A. Miskimon '92
Memory F. Mitchell '46
Sandra W. Mitterling Schilder '91
Charles E. Monteith '80
Fred H. Moody '72
J. E. Moore '62 and Peggie T. Moore
Luther T. Moore '72 and Sandra M. Moore
Martha D. Moore '83
Jefferson A. Moors '11
Robynn E. Moraites '03
Dr. Christopher Morgan and Sonya Morgan
The Honorable Melzer Morgan Jr. '67 and The Reverend Molly Dotson Morgan
Marcella Morrisette
James H. Morton '64 and Marcia M. Morton
William H. Moss '84 and Mary M. Moss
Marguerite I. Most '75
John M. Moye '06
R. D. Munford '79
Eileen C. Murphy '87
Gerald P. Murphy
John Murphy and Shannon Murphy
Joseph M. Murphy '97
Paul G. Murphy '89
Donald Myers and Marilyn Myers
Jeffrey Myers and Beverly J. Myers
Lawrence J. Myers '83
Thomas D. Myrick '84
Ruth H. Nagareda '87
Kyle S. Navarro '12
David J. Neill '04 and Jamie W. Neill
Kara Nelson
Lauren D. Nelson '12 and Christopher M. Nelson
Lauren E. Nelson '12 and Thomas M. Nelson
Timothy G. Nelson '12
William W. Nelson '85
Christina Newman
Emily S. Newton '07
Anthony D. Nicholson '98
Joan Marie H. Nicholson '93 and Michael C. Nicholson
Daniel J. Nobles
The Honorable Jeffrey Evan Noecker '92 and Lisa C. Noecker '92
John D. Noor '11 and Caroline K. Noor
Richard P. Nordan '85
Peter Nordberg and Nicole M. Quallen '10
Clare R. Norins '03
Bart A. Norman '02
James W. Norment '01 and Laura U. Norment
James Norrell and Frances M. Norrell
William P. Norrell
R. B. Norris '13
Robert W. Oast '82
J. C. Oates '84
Carrie A. O'Brien '02
Ralph M. Odenwald '79
David Oettinger '77 and Catherine D. Oettinger
W. G. Ogburn '82
H. P. Oglesby '77 and Mary Norris P. Oglesby '77
Charles W. Ogletree '65
Seiko Okada '14
The Honorable Hubert Ethridge Olive Jr. '53 and Catherine Olive
S. T. Oliver '79 and Regina W. Oliver
John T. O'Neal '96
Tenley F. O'Neal '91
James F. O'Neill '74
Shayne E. O'Reilly '06
John W. Ormand '87
Jason A. Orndoff '01 and Nikki H. Orndoff
James W. O'Rourke '12 and Sarah R. O'Rourke
The Honorable Robert Flynn Orr '75
Alexander L. Ortiz
Enrique Ortiz '12
William S. Ortwein '94
The Honorable William Lindsay Osteen Jr. '87 and Elizabeth H. Osteen
Joshua J. Otto '07
Wendell H. Ott '76
Caroline O. Outten
Bruce E. Owen '85
William K. Packard '99
Winston L. Page '74 and Anne S. Page
Daniel J. Palmieri '03 and Elizabeth M. Palmieri
Paul G. Papadopoulos '90
Peter G. Pappas '82
Sherri L. Pardue '96
Allison B. Parker '11
Katherine L. Parker
M. C. Parker '68
O. T. Parks '68
W. T. Parrott '73 and Katharine H. Parrott
Nishma J. Patel
Nishma Patel
Bailey Patrick '60 and Rose T. Patrick
William S. Patterson '73 and Rhonda H. Patterson
The Honorable Richard Chapman Pattisall '62 and Mary Jane H. Pattisall
Cindy M. Patton '92
Louis W. Payne '71 and Diane H. Payne
Robert S. Payne '74 and Betty A. Payne
Banks A. Peacock '81
Christopher P. Pearson '86
Ernest C. Pearson '75
Kenneth L. Penegar '61
Linda S. Perlman '82
Casey R. Perry '12
Daniel E. Perry '58 and Margaret T. Perry
Stephen J. Perry '15
Donald B. Personette '82 and Deborah A. DiGilio
Alexander M. Peters '86 and Sarah F. Peters
Alan H. Peterson '77
Charles A. Pettigrew '04
Madeleine Pfefferle
Sonya Pfeiffer '07
Robert L. Pharr and Lisa R. Pharr
Andrea C. Phillips '97
The Honorable J. Dickson Phillips Jr. '48 and Jean N. Phillips
J. D. Phillips '79 and Lisa Frost-Phillips
John C. Phillips '03
Paul Phillips
Sarah A. Phillips '06
Stephen O. Phillips and Carolyn Stacy N. Phillips
Phyllis B. Pickett '82 and Dr. Maxlyn LaVie Ellison
Charles G. Pierce '99
Joel A. Pineles '84 and Victoria F. Pineles
Jerrold B. Pinsker '75 and Susan L. Pinsker
Matthew L. Pirnot '99 and Dr. Dani Rachele Smith
Vasiliki A. Pistolis '82 and David L. Kale
Robert S. Pleasant '94
Virginia S. Pleasants '13
Brian K. Plemmons '03
Rebecca Plett
M. M. Plyler '96
Stephen D. Poe '76 and Jane S. Poe
Thomas G. Pogue and Pamela H. Pogue
Daniel R. Pollitt '80 and Linda B. Weisel
Robert A. Ponton '79 and Janet E. Ponton
Samuel H. Poole '62 and Imogen W. Poole
C. H. Pope '72 and Elizabeth H. Pope '73
James W. Pope and Lynn I. Pope
Jared W. Poplin '02
Thomas O. Porter '10 and Dr. Sarah Gore Porter
Jacob W. Postle '12
Richard A. Potter '99
James F. Potts
Noel D. Powell '06
Kevin A. Prakke '93
Stuart L. Pratt '11 and Emily P. Pratt
Elizabeth W. Price '11
Robert E. Price '80 and Linda Carol J. Price
Wanda Kay H. Price '82
Christopher D. Priddy '98
Amos U. Priester '82 and Lisa F. Priester
Edward K. Proctor '87
Justin M. Puleo '11 and Merab F. Puleo '11
Paul J. Puryear '10
Nicole M. Quallen '10
James P. Quarles '72 and Margaret S. Quarles
David Quattlebaum and Patricia Quattlebaum
Russell I. Quick
S. W. Quick '12 and Meghan McCarthy-Quick
S. M. Rabil '80
The Honorable George Robinson Ragsdale '61 and Adora P. Ragsdale
Shayaan S. Raja
Walter N. Rak '90 and Penny G. Rak
Jesse Ramos
Robert D. Ramsey and Joann S. Ramsey
Charles D. Randall '65
John J. Range '80 and Linda M. Range
Charles R. Raphun '92 and Caroline S. Raphun
Toler Ratledge '88
Ronald D. Raxter '77
Cowden Rayburn '14 and Ellen V. Rayburn
Robert G. Ray '68 and Sylvia G. Ray
The Honorable J. Milton Read Jr. '62 and Dr. Marjorie Shearin Read
Toni J. Read '04
O. W. Reagan '78 and Janet M. Reagan
Philip A. Reale '10
Richard R. Reamer '71
The Honorable John Clark Reaves '92
Lacy H. Reaves '72 and Carol H. Reaves
Gary L. Redwine '03
Roland V. Reed '89
Clay W. Reese '85
Steven I. Reinhard '85 and Susan P. Reinhard
Christopher B. Reinhardt '03 and Rebecca J. Reinhardt '03
Nancy S. Rendleman '77 and Dr. Richard James Rendleman Jr. Page M. Renger
Vaughn K. Reynolds '05 and Krista S. Reynolds
Matthew D. Rhoad '00 and Christine L. Rhoad
Harry S. Rhodes
Anita F. Richardson '97 and Vertis R. Richardson
Caroline M. Richardson '13
Dexter A. Richardson '97 and José L. Richardson
Kimberly B. Richmond '12
Ryan G. Rich '07 and Lindsay Rich
Dean A. Riddle '85
Addie K. Ries '03
Stuart M. Rigot '08 and Meredith H. Rigot
J. F. Riley '67 and Jan C. Riley
Steven D. Ritchie '06 and Courtney P. Ritchie '07
Dr. Lowell H. Roberts and Asta G. Roberts
Mark W. Roberts '81
Kimberly R. Robertson '88
Richard L. Robertson '77
Susan E. Roberts '91
David Robin and Paula Robin
Barbara P. Robinson
Gordon E. Robinson '84
Keith T. Robinson '91
Patricia R. Robinson
Patti Rodriguez
Ronald R. Rogers '86
Juan C. Rojas '13
Louise C. Root '81
Andrea S. Rose '06
Meredith K. Rose '12
John M. Rosenberg '62 and Jean V. Rosenberg
Adam L. Ross '03
Richard J. Rossitch '96
Nitza M. Rothstein '99
William E. Rouse '56 and Elizabeth G. Rouse
Charles F. Royster '82 and Donna C. Royster
Barbara C. Ruby '76
Jamie E. Rudd
Ruth L. Ruppe
Ruby S. Rush
Marie B. Russell '88 and Ronald J. Russell
Stephen M. Russell '06
Matthew E. Rust and Amanda Hanks
Kelly S. Ryan '14
Stanley M. Sams '79 and Janice W. Sams
Stephanie L. Sanders '09
Alexander P. Sands '70 and Virginia C. Sands
Paul M. Saraceni '92
Jonathon L. Sargeant '92 and Laurel A. Sargeant
Patrick D. Sarsfield '93
David Y. Sartorio '10
Everett B. Saslow '76
Jonathan D. Sasser '81 and The Honorable Debra Smith Sasser '92
Jonathan C. Sauls '97 and Dr. Amy Hoyle Sauls
Margot F. Saunders '78
Jon M. Sauvageau and Dorothy M. Sauvageau
Joseph F. Savona '69
Shoshannah S. Sayers '04
Julia L. Sayles '65
Maria C. Scanga '91 and Raymond F. Scanga
Scott A. Schaaf '02 and Elizabeth H. Schaaf
Anthony G. Scheer '92
E. S. Schlosser '65
Arch K. Schoch '64 and Elizabeth R. Schoch
Stephen M. Schoeberle '82
Devin J. Schoonmaker '12
Michael F. Schultze '84 and Susan W. Schultze
Charlotte W. Schwartz '92
Jamie S. Schwedler '07 and Thomas J. Schwedler '08
Margaret M. Schweitzer '83
Jessica L. Scism Jones '13 and Andrew W. Jones
John H. Scovil and Margaret A. Scovil
Mary W. Scruggs
David C. Seastrunk '15
Andrea D. Seeney '02 and Erik B. Seeney
Thomas H. Segars '00 and Nina R. Segars '00
William J. Seigler '75
Amelia L. Serrat '15
Robert E. Sevila '70
Kerry A. Shad '91
Leonard B. Shaffer '65
Miten A. Shah '08
Frederick K. Sharpless '84
K. D. Shatley '03 and Jennifer Shatley
Thomas S. Shaver '95
John L. Shaw '69 and Elizabeth S. Shaw
Ryan B. Sheffield
Stephen P. Shelton and Cynthia T. Shelton
Troy D. Shelton '14
Grady L. Shields '85
Kristin Shields
Patricia P. Shields '85
Jonathan B. Shoebotham '79
Roger Shoffner and Janet Shoffner
Andrea L. Shoffstall
Amanda K. Short '01 and George B. Short
Andrea B. Short '06
John H. Shott '75 and Katherine B. Shott
Jeremy S. Shrader '08 and Bridget Shrader
Joseph R. Shuford
Reginald T. Shuford '91
Michael J. Shumaker '07
Kenneth G. Silliman '77
Daniel R. Simon '99
Bruce M. Simpson '78
The Reverend H. Mitchell Simpson and Betty B. Simpson
Linda W. Simpson '84
Mary C. Simpson
Wilson Sims
Shahe Sinanian '79
Karen A. Sindelar '79 and Douglas B. Schiff
Amie C. Sivon '05
Russell Sizemore and Melanie Stephens
James B. Slaughter and Eleanor H. Smith
James H. Slaughter '89 and Tamara V. Slaughter
William F. Slawter '73 and Carolyn M. Slawter
Anne R. Slifkin '76
Alden H. Smith '11
Allen C. Smith '92 and Debbie Smith
Clyde Smith '58 and Laura R. Smith
Daniel F. Smith '10
Gregory S. Smith '85
J. T. Smith '67
James F. Smith '58 and Jean M. Smith
Jared S. Smith
Kelly P. Smith '02 and Timothy W. Smith
Lloyd A. Smith '92 and Sherry L. Shaw
Dr. Michael Rollan Smith '78 and Robin W. Smith '81
Michele D. Smith '03
Robert E. Smith '65 and Barbara P. Smith
Robert K. Smith '69
Ryan M. Smith '96 and Nancy S. Smith '98
Beth Y. Smoot '92
Eric A. Snider '07 and Alison E. Snider
William A. Snoddy '95
Holly H. Snow '05 and Benjamin Snow
James M. Snow '76 and Kay G. Snow
William B. Snyder '07
Elizabeth J. Soja '06
Richard S. Soroko '78
Wendy C. Sotolongo '87
Demitra M. Sourlis '14
Paula B. Sours '99
Orian C. Southall '87
Samuel O. Southern '69 and Mary B. Southern
Benjamin M. Spain
Elizabeth E. Spainhour '05
Kylie M. Spangler
Robert S. Sparks
Gerald G. Spaugh
Dr. David Bower Spence '84 and Maria Winchell
Herman Spence '82 and Marilyn L. Spence
Anne Spencer
Deborah E. Sperati '99 and Matthew P. Sperati
Joanna W. Spruill '12
Alexis N. Stackhouse '99 and Ramon D. McMillan
Mark A. Stafford '89 and Elizabeth C. Stafford
Telfair E. Stakias '13
J. G. Stallings '66
Joseph H. Stallings '75
Diane M. Standaert '06
Darren W. Stanhouse '04
Wesley E. Starnes '88
Alvin Stauber '69
Adam M. Steadman '08
Matthew M. Stecker '93
Cheryl D. Steele '87
Anna H. Stein '95 and The Honorable Josh Harold Stein
Ronald L. Stephens '74 and Victoria Stephens
Mark A. Sternlicht '78
David B. Stevens '51 and Willa H. Stevens
G. S. Stevens '76 and The Honorable Catherine Cline Stevens '77
John S. Stevens '61 and Imogene Stevens
Wyatt S. Stevens '94 and Kimberly H. Stevens
Thomas L. Stewart '75 and Cathy M. Stewart
Kyle R. Still '07
William L. Stocks '66 and Beverly S. Stocks
David A. Stockton '82 and Jayne Stockton
Robert G. Stockton and Shana Stockton
Sheldon M. Stokes
Elizabeth C. Stone '07 and Michael K. Stone
Jamieson H. Stone '12 and David B. Stone
Sarah M. Stone '05 and Michael A. Stone
Nicholas Street '71 and Angela B. Street
Elizabeth N. Strickland '87
Jason T. Strickland '05 and Meredith L. Strickland
Steven D. Stromberg '89
Odes L. Stroupe '71
Anne H. Studholme '92
Harriet S. Sugar '80
Brian T. Sullivan '10 and Nora F. Sullivan '10
John L. Sullivan '69 and Jan D. Sullivan
The Honorable Kirby Sullivan '50
Mary Pat K. Sullivan '12
Timothy P. Sullivan '83
John C. Surles '82 and Martha W. Surles '82
Kimberly Q. Swintosky '98 and David A. Swintosky
Scott D. Syfert '97 and Gail Syfert
Julia A. Talbutt '76
James M. Talley '64 and Claire Y. Talley
Om Tandon
Allison P. Tanner '14
Caroline J. Tanner '92
Adam P. Tarleton '07
Chandra T. Taylor '01
Charles M. Taylor
Cooper E. Taylor '58 and Lib C. Taylor
Harmony W. Taylor '99
Dr. John Edward Taylor '01
Lindsey H. Taylor '86 and Lisa D. Taylor
Michael G. Taylor '14
Raymond M. Taylor '60
The Honorable Susan Chandler Taylor '78
Todd C. Taylor '95 and Jennifer P. Taylor '96
William T. Terrell '92
Margaret L. Terry '70
Isabelle P. Thacker '92 and Dr. Strom Cronan Thacker
Douglas B. Thie '12
Margaret K. Thies '06
Richard E. Thigpen '56
Jessica Thomas
Mackenzie R. Thomas
Stephen M. Thomas '70 and Barbara W. Thomas
Samantha L. Thompson '14
Samuel G. Thompson '68 and Bonnie R. Thompson
Matthew F. Tilley '09
Beth Tillman '93
Linda D. Tindall '86 and Jeffrey J. Johnson '91
W. L. Tippett and Lou P. Tippett
Walter L. Tippett '95
Anna H. Tison '14 and Richard O. Tison
Emily A. Tobias '95
Frederic E. Toms '70 and Pamelia S. Toms
Lauren F. Tonon
Azalia Torres
Naomi F. Torrisi '80
Daniel K. Tracey '14 and Stephanie C. Tracey
Frances Y. Trask '83
Marcus W. Trathen '90 and Elizabeth C. Trathen '90
Colleen G. Treml '91
Jeffrey M. Trepel '78
Dianne M. Triplett '04
Donna H. Triptow '78
Alexandra M. Tronolone '14
The Honorable Louis Alfred Trosch Jr. '92 and Catherine J. Trosch
William M. Trott '71 and Jean L. Trott
Leah B. Trowbridge '95
Donald H. Tucker '84
Jean W. Tucker '86 and Dr. J. Allan Tucker
Joseph B. Tulman '79
William D. Turner '85
Joseph D. Turrentine '14 and Dorothy D. Turrentine
Lawrence J. Tytla '80
George J. Unick and Caroline M. Unick
Robert C. Van Arnam '02 and Kristin R. Siebenaler
Jeanne Van Gemert
Bradley T. Van Hoy '00 and Margaret M. Van Hoy
Kathryn H. Van Wie '13 and Doug Van Wie
Patrick T. VanderJeugdt
Stacey A. Vandiford '08
Isaac A. Vargas
Mary K. Varner '15
Emily E. Vaughn '05
John D. Veazey '06
Sarah V. Vega
Angela L. Velez '10
Lindsay C. Verity '03
Nancy L. Vernon
Melinda L. Vervais '06
Richard A. Vinroot '66 and Judith A. Vinroot
James A. Vinson '71
Matthew A. Viva '15
The Honorable Richard Lesley Voorhees '68
James A. Wade '77 and Susan J. Wade
Ingrid S. Wakefield '01 and Matthew W. Wakefield
Ann B. Waldo '95
Sarah Y. Walker
Amy S. Wallace '03
Madison B. Waller
Kristi K. Walters '99 and Jerry H. Walters
Carolyn A. Ward
John B. Ward '12
Jonathan P. Ward '07 and Starr H. Ward
John D. Warlick '62
Lana S. Warlick '76
Annie C. Warren '06 and Robert K. Warren '07
John C. Warren '76 and Laura F. Warren
Kandace L. Watkins
Alexander F. Watson '01 and Mayleng S. Watson '01
Richard N. Watson '74
Jessica L. Watts
Sarah E. Watts '07
Charles B. Wayne '76 and Ellen K. Wayne '78
Camden R. Webb '95 and Joy R. Webb '95
Monica E. Webb '06
Bryant D. Webster '94 and Janet B. Webster
Keith M. Weddington '87 and Laurie O. Weddington
Jason P. Wedekind '09
Sara K. Weed '08 and Brett D. Weed
Mary M. Weeks '11 and Joshua M. Weeks '11
Chelsea M. Weiermiller
Matthew P. Weiner '07 and Christina B. Weiner
Mary G. Weisgerber '04
Shelley G. Weiss '82
Paul B. Welch '80
Alexandria J. Weller
Erik D. Wesoloski '01
Margaret R. Westbrook '96 and Philip A. Baddour
Jessica B. West '11
Andre C. Wharton '02
Charles M. Whedbee '64 and India L. Whedbee
Charles R. White '64
Diane S. White '85
Myra V. Whitener '00 and Benjamin Whitener
Neil B. Whitford '76
Lee M. Whitman '93
O. H. Whittington '75
Antoinette R. Wike '74
Dr. John K. Wiles '95 and Carolyn J. Wiles
Jay M. Wilkerson '92 and Katherine B. Wilkerson '92
Timothy R. Wilkerson '78 and Robinette W. Wilkerson
Charles P. Wilkins '69
Lisa d. Wilkins '01
Leigh A. Wilkinson '85
Jack F. Williams
James W. Williams '70 and Sheryl H. Williams '80
Jo Ann K. Williams '73
Rebecca M. Williams '13
The Honorable Rose Vaughn Williams '89 and Jonathan S. Williams '90
John S. Williford '76 and Velda G. Williford
A. R. Willis '80 and Kimberly B. Willis
Anna M. Wilson
Jeremy M. Wilson '11 and Sarah M. Wilson
Richard W. Wilson '74
Ryan C. Wilson '05
Jonathan C. Windham '02
Deepa T. Winebarger '05
Edward C. Winslow '74 and Sally P. Winslow
William F. Winslow '83
Michael G. Winters '78 and Anne T. Winters
William F. Wolcott '72
Paula A. Wolf
Roger R. Wong Won
Justin T. Wong '10
The Honorable E. Marshall Woodall '63
Keith A. Wood '91 and Jody B. Wood '93
Dr. Mark Joseph Woodring
Marion B. Woods
William Z. Wood '72 and Marilyn M. Wood
M. D. Wooldridge '02
Albert V. Wray '68 and Lucile W. Wray
Barbara H. Wright '86
Brandon Wright and Kelly C. Wright
I. C. Wright '83
Laura M. Wright
R. T. Wright '75 and Sarah H. Wright
Roy Xiao
Laura L. Yaeger '77
Samantha E. Yarborough
William D. Yarborough '74 and Emily C. Yarborough
Jeanne Yocum
C. A. York '04 and Heather P. York
Erin M. Young '99
T. C. Younger '75
Julius O. Young '76
Michael D. Youth '00 and Christine N. Youth
Sarah G. Zambon '06
Jon Zbonack
Jerry T. Zinser and Pamela Tatge
Peter A. Zorn '96
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