Trans* Birth Certificate Gender Marker Change Clinic

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Monday, March 31, 2014

5:00 PM

8:00 PM

Classroom 5042

Potential Clients: Please send Rebekah Scherr ( an email to discuss your potential participation as a client in this clinic. I will need to receive confirmation that you meet all eligibility requirements, see below, and notification of your state of birth.

Eligibility Requirements to be a client in this year’s clinic:

  1. The individual will need an original notarized letter from the SRS/SCS surgeon or examining physician stating that the physical changes are permanent and irreversible; AND
  2. A certified copy of the court-ordered name change.

In order to attend the clinic, you must have already legally changed your name, if you ever intend to do so. Unfortunately, North Carolina only permits one change to a birth certificate in the course of one's life, so if the name has not already been legally changed - and thus both the name and the gender marker would be changed in the course of the clinic - we recommend waiting to file the amendment until both are ready to be changed at the same time.

The processing fee for the preparation of a new birth certificate is currently $15.00. There is an additional $15.00 charge to obtain one certified copy of the new record. Each additional certified copy is $5.00. While Lambda Law provides the legal assistance free of charge, we are unable to provide the filing fees at this time so the $15.00 filing check and optional additional copy fees would be your responsibility.

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