Race and the Law: Theory and Practice

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Monday, April 4, 2011

12:00 PM

12:50 PM

Classroom 5046

As civil rights attorneys, the Center for Civil Rights hears from both critics and allies that an emphasis only on integration is not always the communities' priority, or not the best strategic choice. Is this a step backwards to the pre-Brown period of "separate but equal," or a recognition of the need for new strategies where traditional civil rights approaches have advanced the cause as far as the law or society will accept

Join the UNC Center for Civil Rights and the Office of Public Service Programs as Dean John Charles (Jack) Boger, Professor Charles E. Daye, Assistant Professor Catherine Y. Kim, and Visiting Associate Professor Derek W. Black engage in the first of three honest and compelling conversations that respond to the questions of race, class and the law.

  • Is neighborhood and school integration the primary goal of civil rights law?
  • If our goal remains integration, with the current composition of the courts, does a legal focus on equity makes more sense as a legal strategy(Leandro v. Title 6)?
  • Is integration itself merely a necessary means to equity, or does the law continue to recognize integration as an affirmative value;
  • Does integration and diversity necessarily encourage assimilation of people of color and immigrant communities;
  • Does the current civil rights regime provide channels for addressing issues of discrimination within a racially diverse school (like the school to prison pipeline, lack of assistance to students in need of an IEP, or steering children of color into remedial classes), or is it limited to integrating a building?

Civil rights law and legal issues revolving around race and discrimination are both vibrant and legally challenging! Join our esteemed guests as they deconstruct the theory and practice of civil rights law!

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