CRCGE and Child Action Present: A Sentence for Two

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

7:00 PM

9:00 PM

Classroom 5046

This November, in advance of the 2013 conference "Body as Battleground:  Why the Law Continues to Fail Women," the Conference on Race, Class, Gender & Ethnicity is partnering with Women in Law, the Domestic Violence Action Project, Child Action, the UNC Center for Media Law & Policy, Law Students for Reproductive Justice, and the Lambda Law Students Association, to present a week long documentary film festival, showcasing award-winning films about contemporary legal issues that implicate women's rights.  This festival will create opportunities for students, faculty, and community members to think critically about women’s issues as a lead-in to February's conference. 

Dinner is provided.

Synopsis of A Sentence for Two :
"Christina, Trisha and Kristin are pregnant inmates facing years behind bars in an Oregon prison. Tangerine has already been through it. These four women share their very personal details of pregnancy, incarceration and delivery as they struggle with the uncertain future of their newborns. The search for safe and healthy homes for their babies is agonizing as one plan after another falls apart. When it comes to placing their children, pregnant inmates have few options; foster care, family members or adoption. Only a small number of states have prison nurseries where inmates can keep their newborns with them. This documentary visits the nursery at Bedford Hills Correctional Facility in New York where Dr. Mary Byrne of Columbia University conducted the first-ever research study on the development of babies during their first year of life in a prison environment. As the number of women in prison continues to rise, Dr. Byrne's findings will have a big impact on the future of other states considering prison nurseries in their women's facilities."

The Conference on Race, Class, Gender and Ethnicity (CRCGE) is a student organization affiliated with the UNC School of Law. Founded in 1996 by a group of UNC law students, the Conference was designed as an academic forum in which recent political and legal developments could be examined through a social justice perspective. The Conference is an annual event, usually held in early spring, drawing scholars and activists from across the state and the nation to address a topic chosen by the organization.

Child Action is a student organization at the School of Law devoted to recognizing the many legal needs of children, promoting child advocacy as a potential career path, and providing support to students who are interested in learning more about child advocacy law, current issues, and careers in the field.
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