1Ls - Class of 2016 Town Hall

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

12:00 PM

12:50 PM

Classroom 4004 - William Graham Jr. Classroom


Please come to our first (of many) Class of 2016 Town Hall meeting tomorrow. This platform is designed for all of us to contribute, take leadership and work together to create the change we wish to see.

Here’s what to expect tomorrow:

  • A collaborative discussion as to how we should run this community forum
  • A brainstorming of ideas on projects that our class can immediately initiate
  • Identifying a vision for what we can accomplish as a class collaboratively and individually

Why you might be interested:

  • Get Involved: There is a simple phenomenon behind getting involved: once you start, new doors open. This is a great place to start. Participating in our class’s community platform is a risk-free, obligation-free opportunity for you to get active on a project that supports our school OR to initiate your own. Involvement will likely lead you to new relationships and opportunities that can grow into a successful law school experience.
  • Get Support: There is no individual agenda here. You can show up with an idea that you want to see initiated and use this forum to get support. Support may come in the form of ideas, connections or actual contributions from your peers.
  • Get Experience: While this forum may not immediately come with a title or resume line it is an open opportunity to build experience. In most interviews you will probably get questions that ask you about a time you: accomplished something, solved a problem, or overcame an obstacle. This can be an opportunity for you to create that experience. Find an issue, develop a solution. Most jobs you apply for after graduating will need you to solve problems. This forum can be a way for you to build those skills as well as the experiences that can build a resume or interview discussion.

FOLLOW-UP MEETING: Friday, 9.27, 12:00, Room 4085

Some of us have RRWA Trainings, Dean’s Fellows Meetings or Pro-Bono interests on Tuesday, 9.24.  Please to Friday’s ‘Follow-up’ for those who did not make Tuesday’s meeting AND those who did.

Questions, Comments: billy.piontek@unc.edu
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