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Interviewing is a skill that can be learned and applied. The “curriculum” involves (1) thorough preparation; (2) knowing what to expect behind the closed door of the interview room and planning accordingly; and (3) post-interview etiquette.

Remember that an interview is a mutual exchange of information between a candidate and an employer. The interviewer is seeking information about your background and personality which will aid in judging your potential contribution and worth to the employer, and you are seeking to gain as much insight and information into the employer as you can – all in a brief period of time.

As you go into an interview you will feel both excitement and apprehension. To be successful in an interview you must use your skills of judgment, intuition, and insight. The interview is a test of your intellect and your skills as a lawyer (listening attentively, articulating relevant information succinctly, and advocating for yourself) as well as an opportunity to demonstrate your personality, poise, tact, maturity, and sophistication.

Interviewing is the most exciting part of the job search process. Review the information that follows, prepare, and feel free to ask the CDO staff any questions you may have about the interview process.


Preparation is the key to creating a good first impression. More information (My Carolina Law -PDF).

Sample Interview Questions

Anything in your resume, transcript, writing sample, or any other component of your application materials is fair game in an interview. The CDO has provided a list of potential questions that may be posed to you, as well as questions you may want to ask your interviewer(s). More information (My Carolina Law -PDF).

Phone & Videoconference Interviews

Early interviews via telephone, Skype, or other virtual methods are becoming more common as comfort with technology increases and both travel and recruiting budgets decrease. There are several advantages and challenges associated with interviews that are not in-person. More information (My Carolina Law -PDF).

Interview & Business Casual Attire

Knowing what to wear to an interview or professional event can sometimes be tricky. Check out the CDO’s advice on appropriate attire. More information (My Carolina Law -PDF).

Mock Interviews

Students and alumni may schedule a mock interview with a career counselor (in-person, phone, or Skype). The session may be videotaped and will last twenty to thirty minutes followed by an analysis/critique. First-year students also have an opportunity to participate in a mock interview program sponsored by the CDO in January.

Thank You and Follow-Up Advice

Increase your chances of securing employment opportunities by following up appropriately. More information (My Carolina Law -PDF).

Responding to Communications from Employers

Whether you’ve received an offer of employment or an invitation for a callback, a prompt response is called for – even if you’re not ready to make a decision. More information (My Carolina Law).

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