Dallas Bar Association MABDI Minority Recruiting Program

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The Dallas Bar Association has worked with the major law firms in Dallas over the last several years to enhance recruiting of minority law students to the Dallas area. This Minority Attorney Business Development Initiative's Minority Recruiting Program was established to assist the participating law firms in recruiting from a larger pool of minority candidates and to provide opportunities for minority students to reach a larger number of firms in a systematic way.

In the traditional recruitment model, students often take the initial steps to try to obtain an interview for a summer associate position. Students sometimes decide whether to seek an interview with a given firm based on location. This project is designed to provide a more direct link between top law students and Dallas-area firms during the students' decision-making process. All students are eligible to participate in this program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Will information from students other than rising 2Ls be accepted?

Answer: The program is designed for rising 2Ls only. Most of the participating firms have indicated that they do not want to receive resumes from anyone other than rising 2Ls because the students are being considered for clerkships in the upcoming summer. Only a few firms have clerkship programs for 1Ls, and 3Ls are not seeking summer clerkships.

Question 2: Is this a job fair?

Answer: No, this is definitely not a job fair. This program should be viewed as an adjunct to the regular fall recruiting process. Many of the firms do not conduct on-campus recruiting at a lot of the schools participating in the program. This gives the firms an opportunity to see students that they might otherwise miss, and gives the students interested in the Dallas market an opportunity to communicate directly with and be considered by the largest firms in Dallas. The resumes submitted by students will be reviewed by the recruiting departments at all of the participating firms. The firms will use their own criteria for determining their interest in each student.

Question 3: If I get an offer for a clerkship, will it be paid?

Answer: Absolutely. The clerkships offered through this program will be like any other clerkship offered by the participating firms. The students will be given the same opportunities for work, and for a permanent offer at the completion of the clerkship.

Question 4: Are students guaranteed a clerkship?

Answer: No. The participating firms will evaluate and make decisions on further interviews and hiring based on each firm's hiring criteria. The criteria may differ from firm to firm.

Question 5: Are the participating firms required to hire students from this program?

Answer: No. The only commitment of the participating firms is to consider the resumes of the participating students like any other resume received from a law student.

Question 6: If I get a clerkship, will I get a permanent job offer?

Answer: Not necessarily. The opportunity for a permanent job offer will largely depend on the student's performance in the summer clerk program. Again, each firm has its own criteria and will make its own hiring decisions based on that criteria.

Question 7: Do I need to send an official university transcript of my grades?

Answer: No, an unofficial transcript will be acceptable. However, be sure to include a transcript that shows your grades and class standing (if available), a resume and a cover letter telling us why you are interested in working in Dallas.

Question 8: How will I know if a firm is interested in hiring me for a summer clerkship?

Answer: After the firms review the resumes, if a firm is interested in a student it will contact the student directly by phone or mail. If more than one firm is interested in the same student, the firms will coordinate travel plans to arrange for the student to see all of the interested firms in one visit if possible.

Question 9: What if I miss the deadline for submitting my information - will you accept my resume? Can I send my information early?

Answer: Yes, to both questions. If you get your information in early, it will be processed and sent to the firms prior to the deadline. Please try to get all information submitted by the deadline so that the firms will have time to give your resume adequate consideration. While resumes will be accepted after the deadline, there is no guarantee that the firms will consider resumes received after that date.

Question 10: If I have friends at other law schools who might be interested in this program, can they send their information to you?

Answer: Yes, this program is open to minority law students from all schools. Because there are so many law schools throughout the country, the Dallas Bar Association is not attempting to contact all schools, but we would be glad to receive information from minority law students in the top half of their class at any school.

Question 11: Do I need to send a separate letter to each participating law firm and multiple copies of my resume and transcript?

Answer: No. One letter and one copy of your resume and transcript is all that is required. Please address your letter to the attention of the Dallas Bar Association, c/o Sally L. Crawford, Jones Day, 2727 North Harwood, Dallas, Texas 75201.

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