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Last Updated April 2019

This list includes outside funding sources for students working in unpaid public interest summer positions as well as summer internship programs at organizations that hire a set number of paid interns/fellows each summer. Please be sure to check PSJD regularly for other current paid and unpaid summer internships.

The following is a list of summer funding sources, both internal and external. The list is NOT exhaustive! Note about accuracy of information: check website to make sure it is still valid.

Carolina Law Summer Grants

Each year summer grants are awarded to students who are taking unpaid summer public interest and public sector jobs. In 2018, over $181,000 was awarded to students from law school and student-raised funds. There were 92 students who received funding. Grant recipients worked in nonprofit organizations, legal aid offices, state and federal government agencies, public defender offices, and district attorneys' offices across 7 states and one international placement.

The early decision process for summer grants typically opens in October. The regular summer grant application period will open up in February. Please click here for more information about summer grants.

International Funding

National Summer Funding

Funding Databases/ sites with multiple funding opportunities


National Asian Pacific American Bar Association

  • See website for internship program opportunities as well as information about the grant program.

Asian Pacific American Bar Association Educational Fund (AEF)

  • AEF will award one applicant each year the Robert E. Wone Fellowship. Stipend is $5,000.
  • AEF will also award other deserving applicants AEF Fellowships. Stipend is $3,500.

Funding Nationwide or in Multiple States

ABA John J. Curtin, Jr. Justice Fund Legal Internship

  • Description: Stipend for students who spend the summer months working for a bar association or legal services program designed to prevent homelessness or assist homeless or indigent clients or their advocates.
  • Special Requirements: The intern must commit no less than eight continuous weeks between May 1 and September 1 to the program of his or her choice.
  • Pay: $3,000 stipend for three law school students
  • Deadline: Typically in March of each year

Equal Justice America Legal Service Fellowships

  • Description: Equal Justice America is pleased to offer fellowships of up to $4,000 to students at certain law schools who work full-time during the summer for organizations providing direct civil legal assistance for the poor
  • Special Requirements: Student must work full-time (35-40 hours per week) for at least 10 weeks. The hiring organization must be a non-profit organization providing direct civil legal services to the poor. PLACEMENTS WITH PUBLIC DEFENDER OFFICES AND GOVERNMENT AGENCIES DO NOT QUALIFY.
  • Pay: $4,000 stipend. EJA Fellowship recipients may receive additional grant money from other funding sources up to a maximum of $7,500 for the summer
  • Deadline: March of each year

Federal Communications Bar Association Foundation

  • Description: The FCBA will award at least five summer stipends to law students employed as unpaid summer interns in positions with the FCC and other government agencies or entities with jurisdiction over the communications industry (i.e., broadcasting, cable television, telephony, satellite and information technology).
  • Special Requirements: Students must be enrolled in an ABA accredited law school, in good academic standing, and have a pending or accepted application for an unpaid internship with a federal, state or local government entity.
  • Pay: Stipend is up to $5,000. Award recipients may receive additional grant money from other funding sources up to a maximum of $7,000 for the summer
  • Deadline: March of each year
  • Deadline: See website for details.

Haywood Burns Memorial Fellowship for Social and Economic Justice

  • Description The Haywood Burns Fellowships are designed to encourage students to work in the NLG’s tradition of “people’s lawyering.” The program exists to help students apply their talents and skills to find creative ways to use the law to advance justice. Burns Fellowships provoke law students to question traditional notions of how one must practice law and to provide a summer experience that will enrich and challenge them.
  • Special Requirements Fellowships may be completed with any existing organization whose mission addresses the needs of underserved individuals and groups.
  • Deadline: Typically early January of each year.

J.W. Saxe Memorial Fund

The J. W. Saxe Memorial Prize is a prize of fifteen hundred dollars that will be awarded to one or more college or university students involved in public service. The award is meant to enable the student to gain practical experience in public service by taking a no-pay or low-pay job or internship during a summer or other term. Preference will be given to applicants who have already found such a position, but who require additional funds (copied from site). Deadline typically in early April.

Michael Maggio Immigrants’ Rights Fellowship

  • Description: The primary mission of the fellowship program is to strengthen law students' long-term commitment to promote justice and equality for vulnerable immigrant groups. Fellows will be chosen by the three sponsoring organizations, and will be selected based on the strength of their proposed host site and project.
  • Special Requirements: Students must submit a project proposal with an organization willing to host the student for 10 weeks and provide a $1,500 stipend (could be from fundraising or other sources.
  • Pay: The Maggio Immigrants' Rights Fellowship will provide an additional $2,500 stipend for a total award of $4,000.
  • Deadline: Typically February of each year.

Pride Law Fund

  • Description: This summer, Pride Law Fund is offering the Steven Richter Fellowship for a student with a summer internship that supports direct legal services and/or projects on issues of concern to individuals with HIV or AIDS. 
  • Special Requirements: The Richter Fellowship is not limited to law students or legal projects. 
  • Pay: $2,500 stipend.
  • Deadline: Typically April of each year.

Robert Masur Fellowship in Civil Liberties

  • Description: The fellowship competition is open to students who intend to carry out significant activities during the summer in the areas of civil rights and/or civil liberties.
  • Special Requirements: Must be a first year law student.
  • Pay: $2,000 honorarium.
  • Deadline: Typically April of each year.

Funding by State

North Carolina

James B. McMillan Legal Fellowships

  • Description: The Fund has a goal of promoting justice and innovation within the legal system in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, by awarding fellowships to law students desiring work experience with not-for-profit or governmental agencies.
  • Special Requirements: A law student must apply directly to the sponsoring agency that indicates an interest in employing the law student. The sponsoring agency is responsible for submitting the McMillan Fellowship application to the Mecklenburg Bar Foundation.
  • Pay: Up to $3,500 for each fellow.
  • Deadline: Typically March of each year.

North Carolina Schweitzer Fellows Program

  • Description: A one-year interdisciplinary, mentored fellowship program focused on health-related community service and leadership development. While the applicant’s field of study does not have to be traditionally health-related, his/her proposed service project must focus on health and/or the social determinants of health. Past Fellows have addressed health from a wide variety of perspectives and disciplines including, but not limited to, dentistry, education, law, medicine, nursing, occupational therapy, physical therapy, public health, and psychology.
  • Special Requirements: Students enrolled in graduate or professional degree-granting programs from any accredited academic institution in North Carolina may apply.
  • Pay: $3,000 stipend, distributed in three payments throughout the Fellowship year as specific program objectives are complete.
  • Deadline: Typically early February of each year.

Other Funding Opportunities by State


Asian American Bar Association of the Greater Bay Area Law Student Summer Grant

  • Description: All current law students are eligible to apply. Selection criteria include community service or public interest work for the Asian Pacific American (APA) community or other underrepresented communities; demonstrated leadership in the APA community; demonstrated financial need; and commitment to the Bay Area.
  • Deadline: Typically early February of each year.

Legal Aid Association of California, Dan Bradley Summer Fellowship Program

  • Description: Each year, LAAC offers the Dan Bradley Fellowship to fund law students who want to spend their summer working at a LAAC member legal aid organization. The Fellowship is awarded to outstanding students who want to pursue a career in public interest law and who want to spend their summer working in a rural area or on a rural issue and who have not secured more than $2,000 of other funding for their summer work.
  • Special Requirements: Fellows must work a minimum of 10 weeks. Host Organizations must be a LAAC member program.
  • Pay: $3,000 Stipend.
  • Deadline: Typically March of each year.

WLALA Fran Kandel Public Interest Grant, Women Lawyers Association of Los Angeles

  • Description: The WLALA Foundation awards summer grants to law students who develop and implement a project in the field of public interest law to benefit people in the greater Los Angeles area, in the spirit of Fran Kandel. The Kandel Grant enables law students to devote time to summer public interest projects and exposes them to legal and social concerns of disadvantaged citizens that are not ordinarily experienced in traditional law practices. 
  • Special Requirements:  Strong preference is given to applicants who have the support of a sponsoring organization and can demonstrate their ability to timely complete the project. It is advantageous for an applicant to have arranged in advance for an organization or suitable individual to supervise and guide his or her work on a project.
  • Pay: Up to $5,000.
  • Deadline: Typically March of each year.


Public Interest Internship Program

  • Description: Law students and recent law school graduates may apply for limited $5,000 grants to fund unpaid full-time summer internships in public interest law. Applicants must have secured an unpaid internship in a law-related nonprofit or government agency in Georgia. Eligible internship placements must be unpaid and for a minimum of 10 weeks of work and 400 hours at a public interest legal organization in Georgia.
  • Deadline: Typically the end of March of each year.


Public Interest Law Initiative (PILI) of Chicago Summer Internship Program - Chicago

  • Description: PILI offers Internships at 27 different legal service agencies in Illinois, and each applicant may apply to up to 10 agencies. Unlike many internship funding programs, PILI does not pay stipends directly to our Interns.  Rather, PILI makes a grant directly to the agency in the amount of the stipend for 400 hours in the summer. Interns are then to be paid by the agency based on the agency’s regular payroll procedures.
  • Special Requirements: Students at Law Schools outside of Illinois may apply to summer only.
  • Pay: Interns are paid $6,000 for their work during the summer.
  • Deadline: Application for summer funding opens in October of each year.


Massachusetts Bar Foundation - State of Massachusetts

  • Description: The MBF’s Legal Intern Fellowship Program was established in 1996 to give talented law students the experience and encouragement they need to pursue careers in the public interest law sector while providing legal aid organizations with much-needed additional staff capacity for the summer.
  • Special Requirements: law students who intern during the summer months at nonprofit organizations providing civil legal services to low-income clients in Massachusetts.
  • Pay: Three (3) stipends of $6,000.
  • Deadline: Typically mid-March of each year.

New Jersey

New Jersey Summer Public Interest Legal Intern Program

  • Description: Awarding summer intern fellowships in New Jersey public interest legal organizations (Legal Services of New Jersey or Legal Services Regional Programs). The program seeks people who have demonstrated their commitment to helping the disadvantaged through their prior work, extracurricular activities during school and volunteer efforts, and give evidence of strong commitment to a public interest career.
  • Pay: Was $550/wk for rising 2Ls; $750/wk for rising 3Ls (Verify current funding) 
  • Deadline: Applications considered on a rolling basis.

New York

New York City Law Department Summer Honors Program

  • Description: The Law Department selects approximately 50 Summer Honors Program interns from almost 3,000 applications submitted each year. In the past few years, most of our entry attorney positions have been filled with former participants of our Summer Program.
  • Pay: Weekly stipends of $500 are offered to all 2L summer interns and a limited number of 1L interns.  Free housing is also available to out-of-town law students.
  • Deadline: There is no final application deadline. Hiring decisions are made on a rolling basis with most offers being extended prior to March 31.

New York State Bar Association - Minority Fellowships in Environmental Law

  • Description: This fellowship program is designed to encourage minority law students to enter the field of environmental law. As fellows, they also participate in activities of the state and city bar associations. 
  • Special Requirements: Minority law students -- first-year, second-year and third year (evening only) -- are eligible for the fellowship program if they are either enrolled in a New York law school or were permanent residents of the state and enrolled in a law school in the United States.
  • Pay: $7,500 stipend.
  • Deadline: Typically December of each year. (most recent).

South Asian Bar Association of New York Public Interest Fellowship

  • Description: SABANY plans to provide at least two grants to law students who will be working in unpaid public-interest jobs in the New York area during the summer.
  • Special Requirements: Must be A first or second-year law student of South Asian descent who will be spending at least ten (10) weeks of the summer in an unpaid public interest legal internship in New York State or the greater metropolitan area.
  • Pay: $4,000 grant.
  • Deadline: Typically March of each year.


K&L Gates Public Interest Fellowship

  • Description: This public interest fellowship serves as a unique vehicle by which K&L Gates may attract highly qualified summer associates to Pittsburgh to make significant legal service contributions and to gain substantial legal experience within a non-profit agency environment.
  • Special Requirements: All current second-year and third-year law students are eligible to apply.
  • Pay: The fellowship recipient will be paid a stipend of $1,000/week (less applicable taxes) for his or her public interest service.
  • Deadline: Typically October of each year. (most recent).

Pennsylvania Legal Aid, Inc. - Martin Luther King Internship and Fellowship Program

  • Description: Established in 1991 to promote and support minority attorneys to work in the Pennsylvania Legal Aid Network (PLAN) programs across the Commonwealth Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK) Summer Internships are available at Pennsylvania Legal Aid Network programs across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania during the summer months for law students who are social justice oriented and desire an opportunity to make a difference.
  • Special Requirements: First or second year students may apply.
  • Pay: $5,000 stipend for ten weeks of full-time employment.
  • Deadline: Typically December.


Southern District of Texas Blask Fellowship Grants

  • Description: Students must serve as legal interns for a minimum of six weeks during in the offices of a federal court or agency located within the Southern District of Texas, including but not limited to the following:
    • U.S. District, Bankruptcy, and Magistrate Courts
    • U.S. Trustee
    • Federal Bureau of Investigation
    • Federal Public Defender
    • U.S. Attorney
    • EEOC
    • U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement
    • Office of Homeland Security
    • N.A.S.A.
  • Pay: Grants of at least $2,500 are available for a limited number of law students.
  • Deadline: See website for details.


Goldmark Internship

  • Description: the Goldmark Internship is a hands-on training program for law students focusing on research, writing, casework, and client services.
  • Special Requirements: Students are placed at selected legal aid institution in Washington State.
  • Pay: $8,000 for 10-week internship.
  • Deadline: Typically October of each year.

Washington, D.C.

South Asian Bar Association of Washington, D.C. Public Interest Fellowship

  • Description: SABA-DC provides financial assistance in the form of summer fellowships to law students working in the public interest sector for the benefit of the South Asian community and the metropolitan D.C. area.  The public interest sector includes six types of settings: nonprofit organizations; legal services organizations; district attorneys/public defenders; federal, state, and local government; federal and state clerkships/judicial internships; and public service law firms.
  • Special Requirements: Applicants must be current law students in good standing, and must plan to be employed in the public sector during the summer.
  • Pay: Amount TBD.
  • Deadline: Typically March of each year.

Internships and Special Programs

AFL-CIO Law Student Union Summer

  • Description: 10-week internship program for law students that combines front-line legal work with grassroots organizing in real, on-going campaigns by AFL-CIO unions in various regions of the country.
  • Special Requirements: Demonstrated interest in labor-related public interest law.  Prefer successful completion of labor law courses; experience in organizing and activism with community, political, campus or other social justice organizations. Available for placement at the location assigned and able to complete the entire 10-week program.
  • Pay: Weekly stipend of $600. Transportation and housing costs are also covered.
  • Deadline: 2L’s must apply by mid December; 1L’s by mid January.

Bergstrom Child Welfare Law Fellowship- University of Michigan Law School

  • Description: The University of Michigan Law School is offering places in the Bergstrom Child Welfare Law Summer Fellowship. Fellows work in various offices around the country specializing in representation of children, parents and social service agencies. 
  • Special Requirements: Our selection criteria include evidence of commitment to the field of children's law, past experiences related to children and family, and performance indicative of likely future success in the field. We will give some advantage to students who have arranged their own summer placements and all or part of their summer living stipend. Interns must work a minimum of 10 weeks. Fellows must attend a three-day training.
  • Pay: For fellows accepted into the program, the fellowship will cover living expenses during the training. We will also cover each fellow's travel costs to Ann Arbor to attend the training and then to his or her internship site or back home (up to $650).
  • Deadline: Typically mid March of each year.

Equal Justice Works Summer Corps Program/AmeriCorps JD

  • Description: The Equal Justice Works AmeriCorps JD program provides law students with the opportunity to deliver critically needed legal assistance in low-income and underserved communities across the country. A qualifying AmeriCorps JD project must propose to provide direct legal services for clients within one of the Equal Justice Works AmeriCorps programs and issue areas.
  • Special Requirements: AmeriCorps members have 364 days from their official start date to complete the required hours of service. However, priority is given to AmeriCorps JD applicants who will complete their minimum hours of service (300 or 450, depending on the program) typically by the end of August.
  • Pay: Students can receive a $1,222 Segal AmeriCorps Education Award for their service. The Education Award is a stipend that can be applied toward qualifying student loans or current tuition within seven years of completion of service.
  • Deadline: Typically in April of each year.

Google Policy Fellowship

  • Description: The Google Policy Fellowship program offers undergraduate, graduate, and law students interested in Internet and technology policy the opportunity to spend the summer contributing to the public dialogue on these issues, and exploring future academic and professional interests. 
  • Special Requirements: Demonstrated or stated commitment to Internet and technology policy. Excellent academic record, professional/extracurricular/volunteer activities, subject matter expertise. Fellows received a stipend of USD 7,500 in 2016. Exact dates of the fellowship will be worked out by the fellow and host organization and will be subject to the academic schedules. Click here for list of host organizations. 
  • Pay: $7,500 for a 10-week internship. 
  • Deadline: Check site for details.

Janet Steiger Fellowship

  • Description: The eight-ten week paid Fellowships were initiated in 2004 by the ABA Section of Antitrust Law, in cooperation with the National Association of Attorneys General, as a consumer protection outreach initiative to introduce law students to the rewards of legal careers in public service.
  • Special Requirements: Check website for list of states and territories that will receive Fellows. North Carolina is not a recipient state.
  • Pay: Each selected student will receive a $6,000 stipend.
  • Deadline: Typically January or February of each year.

Peggy Browning Fund Summer Internship

  • Description: Stipends at designated organizations focused on working for labor unions, worker centers, labor-related not-for-profit organizations, union-side law firms and other nonprofit organizations.
  • Special Requirements: Fellowship for first or second year students with a mentor organization (see website) 
  • Pay: The total stipend payment for the ten-week Summer Fellowship is $6,000 (unless otherwise indicated).
  • Deadline: Typically January of each year.

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