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  • David Adelman, University of Arizona
  • Tony Arnold, University of Louisville
  • Lissa Broome, UNC Chapel Hill School of Law
  • Marcilynn Burke, University of Houston Law Center
  • Margaret Chon, Seattle University
  • Robin Craig, Florida State University
  • Brigham Daniels, University of Houston Law Center
  • Victor Flatt, UNC Chapel Hill School of Law
  • Eileen Gauna, University of New Mexico School of Law
  • Margaret H.C. Giblin, Center for Progressive Reform
  • Winnie Hamilton, Baylor School of Public Health
  • Don Hornstein, UNC Chapel Hill School of Law
  • Julie Hill, University of Houston Law Center
  • Joan Krause, University of Houston Law Center
  • Jackie MacDonald, UNC Chapel Hill
  • Melissa Powers, Lewis & Clark
  • J.B. Ruhl, Florida State University
  • Maria Savasta-Kennedy, UNC Chapel Hill School of Law
  • Gavin Smith, UNC Chapel Hill, executive director, Center of Excellence - Natural Disasters, Coastal Infrastructure and Emergency Management Center for the Study of Natural Hazards and Disasters
  • Rob Verchick, Loyola New Orleans
  • Jonathan Zasloff, UCLA

*affiliation at time of workshop

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