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The views expressed in each policy brief are those of the author and should not be attributed to the Center staff or the Center itself. (All links are in PDF format (PDF).)

"A Portrait of Hunger, the Social Safety Net, and the Working Poor"
Maureen Berner, Sharon Paynter and Trina Ozer - School of Government
Reviewed by: Jane Mosley, Research Assistant Professor, University of Missouri
Jane Cox, Executive Director, North Carolina Food Bank

"Not All Boats: Disability and Well-Being Among Single Mothers"
Philip Cohen - Department of Sociology
Reviewed by: Michelle Budig, Associate Professor of Sociology, University of Mass. - Amherst
Miriam Ruttenberg, Staff Attorney, Mental Health Legal Advisors Committee

"Expanding the EITC for Workers Without Children"
Dan Gitterman and Lucy Gorham - Department of Public Policy and MDC, Inc.
Reviewed by: Peter Edelman, Professor of Law, Georgetown University
Barbara DelBene, Senior Training Specialist, Center for Economic Progress

"Individual Development Accounts: Participant and Program Characteristics Related to Savings Performance"
Michal Grinstein-Weiss and Kate Irish - School of Social Work
Reviewed by: Bill Rohe, Professor and Director, Center for Urban and Regional Studies, UNC-CH
Karen Edwards, Project Director, Center for Social Development, Washington Univ.

"The High Road for the Big Box: A New Community-Based Approach to Responsible Retail Development"
Brian Morton and Nichola Lowe - Center for Urban and Regional Studies
Reviewed by: Rachel Webber, Associate Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago
Madeline Janis-Aparicio, Executive Director, LA Alliance for a New Economy

"Poverty and Early Childhood Education Intervention"
Elizabeth Pungello and Frances Campbell - Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute
Reviewed by: Arthur Reynolds, Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Karen Ponder, Executive Director, North Carolina Partnership for Children

"Income Poverty and Material Deprivation for U.S. Women with Disabilities"
Susan Parish - School of Social Work
Reviewed by: Glenn Fugiura, Associate Professor, University at Illinois at Chicago
Megan O'Neill, Program Manager, World Institute on Disability

"Keeping Good Job Opportunities in the Community: How and When to Use Public Training Resources to Revitalize Good Manufacturing Jobs in the United States"
Rachel Willis and Rachel Connelly, Economics and American Studies Departments and Bowdoin College
Reviewed by: Ronald Kalafsky, Assistant Professor, University of Tennessee
Larry Keen, Vice President for Economic and Workforce Development, North Carolina Community College System

"The Promise of Mixed-Income Housing for Poverty Amelioration"
James Fraser - Department of Geography and Center for Urban and Regional Studies
Reviewed by: Spencer Cowan, Senior Research Associate, Center on Urban and Regional Studies
Tom Davis, Senior Project Manager, The Community Builders, Inc.

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