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2014 Conference

Juvenile Criminal Justice and Human Rights: Comparative and International Perspectives
UNC-Chapel Hill, April 11-12, 2014

  • Nick Bala , Queen's University, Ontario, Canada - "Youth Justice in Canada: Legal Reforms Reduce Use of Court & Custody Despite Law n' Order Rhetoric."
  • Claudia Cesari , Macerata, Italy - “Juvenile criminal proceeding in Italy: between tradition and innovation, strengths and weaknesses of a new model.”
  • Kevin Haines , Swansea, Wales - “The Dragonisation of Youth Justice in Wales.” 
  • Barbara Woodhouse , Emory, USA and Sayali Bapat, Emory/India - "Balancing Prevention, Rehabilitation and Retribution: The American, Italian and Indian Perspectives on Juvenile Justice."
  • Frieder Duenkel , Greifswald, Germany - “Youth Justice Policy in Europe – between Minimum Intervention, Welfare and New Punitiveness”
  • Tamar Birckhead , UNC, USA - “Children in Isolation: The Use of Solitary Confinement in Juvenile Detention and Correctional Facilities in the U.S. and Europe”
  • Emily Buss , Chicago, USA - “Developmental Importance of Procedure in the Juvenile Justice System.”
  • Jackie Hodgson , Warwick, England - "Safeguards for Young Suspects in Police Interrogation: The Juvenile as a 'Vulnerable' Person." 

2013 Conference

Criminal Justice and Discretionary Justice
Ravenna, May 17-18, 2013

2012 Conference

Preventive Detention and Criminal Justice
Ravenna, May 11-12, 2012

Session I. General Theoretical Considerations

Moderator: Steve Thaman, Saint Louis University

  1. General Theory of Preventive Detention (PDF)
    Renzo Orlandi, University of Bologna
  2. Exceptional Law in Europe, with Emphasis on "Enemies." (PDF)
    Claire Saas, University of Nantes
  3. Controlling Risk (PDF)
    Victor Tadros
  4. Preventive Detention as a Measure to Keep Sentences Short, The Norewegian Model. (PDF)
    Dr. Randi Rosenqvist
Session II. The “Double Track” in Italy and Germany

Moderator: Jacqueline Hodgson, University of Warwick

  1. The Doppio Binario in Italian Criminal Law (English (PDF)) (Italiano (PDF))
    Marco Pelissero, University of Genoa
  2. The ECHR and the German System of Preventive Detention (PDF)
    Joerg Kinzig, University of Tubingen
  3. M. v. Germany and Kansas v. Hendricks: A Comparison of Theories (PDF)
    Christopher Slobogin, Vanderbilt University
Session III. Special Topics

Moderator: Silvia Allegrezza, University of Bologna

  1. Trading Sentence Length for Preventive Detention: A Formalization (PDF)
    Gail Byer Corrado, University of North Carolina
  2. Extraordinary Rendition by the U.S. from the Perspective of the ECHR and the EU (PDF)
    John Vervaele, Utrecht University
  3. Detention as Punishment and Detention as Regulation (PDF)
    Michael Corrado, University of North Carolina

2011 Conference

The papers from the third conference were published in the North Carolina Journal of International Law and Commercial Regulation. Below is a each speaker and a link to their external webpage.


  • Jacqueline Hodgson, Professor of Law, University of Warwick, United Kingdom
  • Christopher Slobogin, Professor of Law, Vanderbilt University, Tennessee, USA
  • Taru Spronken, Professor of Criminal Law, University of Maastricht, The Netherlands
  • Dorris de Vocht, Professor of Law, University of Maastricht, The Netherlands*
  • Richard E. Myers II, Professor of Law, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA
  • Martin Boese, Professor of Law, University of Bonn, Germany*
  • Donald Dripps, Professor of Law, University of San Diego, California, USA


The abstracts for the papers that were presented at the 2011 conference are available in this PDF (PDF).

2010 Conference

The 2010 conference hosted guest speakers from around the world to lead the discussion. The papers from the conference were published in the North Carolina Journal of International Law and Commercial Regulation. An introduction to the papers was written by Noah Weisbord, Duke Law. Below, you will find a short biography of each speaker and a link to each respective speaker's external webpage.


  • Fatou Bensouda, Deputy Chief Prosecutor in Charge of Prosecutions for the ICC
  • Michele Caianiello, Associate Professor of Criminal Procedure at Bologna University
  • Mirjan Damaska, Sterling Professor Emeritus of Law and Professorial Lecturer in Law at Yale Law School
  • Robert Mosteller, J. Dickson Phillips Distinguished Professor at UNC Law (formerly Chadwick Professor of Law at Duke)
  • Barbara O'Brien, Assistant Prof. of Law, Michigan State Law School
  • Steve Thaman, Co-Director, Center for International and Comparative Law at St. Louis University
  • Thomas Weigend, Director of the Institute of Foreign and International Criminal Law at the University of Cologne
  • Jacqueline Hodgson, Director of the International and Comparative Criminal Justice Programme at the University of Warwick, England.
  • Giulio Illuminati, Director of the Department of Legal Sciences of the University of Bologna
  • Richard Myers, Assistant Professor of Law, UNC Law
  • Lorena Bachmaier Winter, Professor of Criminal Procedure at Complutense University, Madrid.
  • Ron Wright, Executive Associate Dean for Academic Affairs & Professor of Law, Wake Forest Law

2009 Conference

The 2009 Conference (PDF) was the first of, what we hope to be, many future conferences focused on the role of the Adversarial System in International Comparative Criminal Law. It's title was "Conversations on the Future of the Adversarial System." The conference hosted speakers from England, Italy, Canada, and the United States. It was funded by the European Union, the UNC Center for European Studies and UNC School of Law.

Speakers & Topics

  • Ron Wright, Wake Forest Law: "Adversarial Justice and Prosecutors in Mexico"
  • Giulio Illuminati, University of Bologna Law: "The Accusatorial Process from the Italian Point of View"
  • Richard Myers, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Law: "Does the Adversarial System Benefit the Guilty at the Expense of the Innocent?"
  • Theresa Newman & James Coleman, Duke Law: "Unfortunate Persistence: The Post-Conviction Adversarial Posture and the Need for Reform"
  • Jackie Hodgson, University of Warwick Law: "Inquisitorial Elements in Recent English and Welsh Pro-prosecutorial Reforms"
  • Kent Roach, University of Toronto Law: "Adversarial and Inquisitorial Themes in the Causes and Remedies of Wrongful Convictions: A View from Canada"


The abstracts (PDF) for the papers that were presented at the 2009 Conference are available.

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