Volume 6
Citation: 6 N.C. Banking Inst. (2002)


Deposit Accounts Under the New World Order
Ingrid Michelsen Hillinger, David Line Batty, and Richard K. Brown 1

The Federal Banking Agencies' Guidance on Subprime Lending: Regulation with a Divided Mind
Joseph A. Smith, Jr. 73

The Increase in Predatory Lending and Appropriate Remedial Actions
Margot Saunders 111

Privacy Rights vs. Anti-Money Laundering Enforcement
Robert S. Pasley 147

Does the Term "Bank Broker-Dealer" Still Have Meaning?
Alan E. Sorcher and Satish M. Kini 227

Confidentiality of Communications By In-House Counsel for Financial Institutions
Janet J. Highley, Robert C. Jones, Jr., and Peter C. Buck 265

Financial and Bank Holding Company Issuance of Trust Preferred Securities
Todd H. Eveson 315


I. The Wachovia Merger and the North Carolina Business Court

First Union v. SunTrust Banks: The Fight for Wachovia and Its Impact on North Carolina Corporate Law
Lijun K. Yang 335

The North Carolina Business Court: North Carolina's Special Superior Court for Complex Business Cases
Carrie A. O'Brien 367

II. Expanded Powers under GLBA

The Great Turf War of the New Millenium: Can Banks Engage in Real Estate Brokerage and Management Activities?
Harrison K. Bishop 391

State Usury Laws: Are They Effective in a Post-GLBA World?
Amanda K. S. Hill 411

III. Battles Over Charters and Examination Fees

Increased Federal Deposit Insurance Coverage: At What Cost?
Nancy J. Coppola 429

State v. National Banks: The Battle Over Examination Fees
Connie Edwards Josey 463

Universal Charter Options: Providing a Competitive Advantage for State Financial Institutions
Katherine E. Howell-Best 487

Government Sponsored Enterprises: A Discussion of the Federal Subsidy of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
Bradley K. Krehely 519

IV. Consumer Issues in Banking

The Post-Green Tree Evidentiary Standard for Invalidating Arbitration Clauses in Consumer Lending Contracts: How Much Justice Can You Afford?
Jason Bradley Kay 545

Yield Spread Premiums for Mortgage Brokers: Culpepper v. Irwin Mortgage Corporation and the 2001 HUD Policy Statement
Lisa Morgan 571

"Can't Get Money for Nothing": An Analysis of ATM Surcharge Ban Demand
Ginger Ann Bagley 595

V. Privacy After GLBA

The Consumer Response to Privacy Provisions in Gramm-Leach-Bliley: Much Ado About Nothing?
Eric Poggemiller 617

Online Transactions: Squaring the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act Privacy Provisions With the FTC Fair Information Practice Principles
David Annecharico 637

VI. Internet Gambling

Internet Gambling and the Banking Industry: An Unsure Bet
Jon Patterson 665

VII. Tales of Investment Banking

The Ghosts of Wall Street: A Book Note on The Last Partnerships by Charles Geisst
W. Winborne Boyles 695

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