Volume 7
Citation: 7 N.C. Banking Inst. (2003)


Bank Governance: An Independent Director's Perspective
John D. "Jay" Cornet 1

An Overview of Some Rules and Principles for Delivering Consumer Disclosures Electronically
R. David Whitaker 11

Replacing Paper Writings With Electronic Records in Consumer Transactions: Purposes, Pitfalls and Principles
Jean Braucher 29

A Case Study of the Challenge of Designing Effective Electronic Consumer Credit Disclosures: The Interim Rule for the Truth in Lending Act
Margot Saunders 39

Discussion Draft of the Proposed North Carolina Bar Association Illustrative Form of Legal Opinion for Uniform Commercial Code Secured Lending Transactions
David L. Batty, Uniform Commercial Code Committee of the Business Law Section of the North Carolina Bar Association 73


I. Anti-Terrorism Banking Issues

Terrorism Insurance and Commercial Real Estate: The New Frontier
Alison R. Orlans 93

The New Indentity Crises: USA PATRIOT Act Customer Identification Programs and the Matricula Consular as Primary Identity Verification for Mexican Nationals
Kathryn Lee Holloman 125

II. Professional Responsibility and Liability in a Post-Enron World

Section 307 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act: Eroding the Legal Profession's System of Self-Governance?
Stephanie R.E. Patterson 155

Accounting for and Disclosure of Special Purpose Entities by Financial Holding Companies: Lessons from PNC Financial Services
Joyita R. Basu 177

Investment Banking Conflicts: Research Analysts and IPO Allocations
Phillip Ballard Kennedy 199

The National Association of Securities Dealers' Arbitration of Investor Claims Against its Brokers: Taming the Fox that Guards the Henhouse
Paul Joseph Foley 239

III. Updates on North Carolina Real Estate Law

North Carolina's Mortgage Lending Act: Licensing and Regulation of Mortgage Bankers and Brokers
Caroline V. Barbee 263

The Role of Laypersons in the Closing of Residential Real Estate Transactions: North Carolina's New Approach
Janet Kennedy Dawson 277

IV. Payday Lending

The Beginning of the End: The Demise of Bank Partnerships With Payday Lenders
Tasha L. Winebarger 317

The Availability of Statutory Damages Under TILA to Remedy the Sharp Practice of Payday Lenders
Thomas A. Wilson 339

V. State Farm Bank

State Farm Insurance Company: The Unitary Thrift Holding Company Model for Integrated Financial Services
Ryan Melcher 353

VI. PayPal

Online Peer-to-Peer Payments: PayPal Primes the Pump, Will Banks Follow?
Carl Kaminski 375

VII. Credit Union Member Business Lending

Can Credit Union Member Business Loans Meet the Need for More Credit to Small Businesses?
Katherine E. Howell-Best 405

VIII. Holocaust Restitution Efforts

The Victim's Fortune: The Struggle for Restitution for Holocaust Victims
Garrett Perdue 423

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