Mark A. Kochuk

Mark A. KochukClass of 2015
Note & Comment Editor, Volume 40
Staff Member, Volume 39

From Raleigh, NC. Summer experience working for Judge Hunter, Jr. of the NC Court of Appeals and Stuart Law Firm.

In the Matter of Certain Electronic Devices: Apple, Samsung, Patent Holdup, and the Public Interest

Mark Kochuk

Volume 40 - Issue 3, Spring 2015, Page 849

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Alice Corporation v. CLS Bank International: Section 101 Patent Eligibility and its Effect on International Markets and Innovation

Mark Kochuk

Volume 40 - Online Issue, Page 1

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Blog Posts

Symposium Review: Is There a Need for International Cyber Warfare Treaties?

During North Carolina Journal of International Law and Commercial Regulation’s 2014 symposium, various panelists offered their views on the growing area of cyber warfare. Cyber warfare is a relatively new development that is creating ethical and legal ambiguity under current international law. Modern international law recognizes the idea of jus ad bellum, literally translated to mean “right to war”. This theory determines situations when it is lawful to resort to war. The United States, and now most countries, claim . . .

Read More... (Symposium Review: Is There a Need for International Cyber Warfare Treaties?)
No Comments | Posted by Mark A. Kochuk on Thu. February 13, 2014 8:00 AM
Categories: Customary International Law, Cyberwarfare, Symposium
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