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Title Date
‘Emoluments’ Lawsuit Against Trump May Get Kicked Out Of Court, A. Hessick Quoted (Huffington Post January 23, 2017
1 Big Reason There Are So Few Women on U.S. Corporate Boards? Directors’ Egos February 8, 2017
2016 Global Board Diversity Analysis February 1, 2017
2016 Spencer Stuart Board Index Reveals Women Gain Seats in the Boardroom November 17, 2016
2017 Could be The Year to Revamp Electricity Standards (EnergyWire) October 25, 2016
2020 Women on Boards Gender Diversity Index 2011-2016 December 6, 2016
A Field Guide To Identifying A White Nationalist; Shaw Comments (Huffington Post) November 18, 2016
A Final Push for Inclusivity; Shaw Quoted (Inside Higher Ed) November 21, 2016
A Lot in Common: Alamance County’s New ADAs Both ‘Like Trials’; Flood '16 Mentioned (The Times-News) November 13, 2016
A Permanent Wound: How the Slave Tax Warped Alabama Finances; Brophy Quoted (Montgomery Advertiser) February 4, 2017
A Sound Basic Education—Exhibit 1: Student Access to Certified, Well-Trained Teachers in Wayne County Public Schools; Brent Ducharme Discusses (Ed NC) November 22, 2016
A. Hessick on Why the Constitution's Emoluments Clause Can Be Hard to Prove (The Atlantic) March 27, 2017
A. Hessick Op-Ed: Washington State’s Standing to Challenge the Immigration Executive Order (Notice & Comment) February 6, 2017
ABC News to Face South Dakota Jury Over ‘Pink Slime’ Story, Papandrea Quoted (Wall Street Journal) March 14, 2017
Activist shareholders consider the value of diverse boardrooms February 2, 2017
After Failed Union Vote, Boeing Hails Trump Visit to Plant, Hirsch Quoted (US News) February 16, 2017
After HB2 repeal, Can Transgender People Be Arrested for Using the ‘Wrong’ Bathroom?; Eichner Weighs in (Charlotte Observer) April 12, 2017
After Passing Laws, NC Republicans Spent Millions Defending Them; M. Gerhardt Quoted (News and Observer) November 25, 2016
After Rolesville Incident, Activists Want Feds to Take Immediate Action; CCR Signed (News and Observer) January 5, 2017
America's Political System: Who Should Check, Who Should Balance? M. Gerhardt Quoted (Christian Science Monitor) March 9, 2017
Amid Outcry, NC GOP Pushes Forward with Plan to Curb Democratic Governor's Power; M. Gerhardt Quoted (Washington Post) December 16, 2016
Andrew Corey Frost '16 Letter to the Editor: Guns Trump Civil Rights (News and Observer) March 16, 2017
Are Leaks About Russia Contacts ‘Illegal,’ as Trump Says? Papandrea Quoted (PolitiFact) February 20, 2017
As Deportations Escalate, Rosenbluth '08 Ramps Up Defense for Immigrants (Facing South) March 15, 2017
Asian Banking Has a Problem With Women March 8, 2017
Attorneys General Embrace Role as Check on Executive Power, Marshall Quoted (Christian Science Monitor) December 21, 2016
Bains Will Consider Targets If No Improvement to Diversity on Corporate Boards October 26, 2016
Banking Industry Addresses Diversity, Adding Women to Boards February 23, 2017
Barring Felons From Voting Sounds Tough on Crime, But it’s Quietly Destroying American Communities; Pryal '03 Interviews Jain (Quartz) November 17, 2016
Berkeley Protests Lead to Campus Free Speech Conversations Nationwide; Marshall Comments (Daily Tar Heel) February 8, 2017
Bethan Eynon ’13, Director of Clean Slate Project, Explains Consequences of Having a Criminal Record (News and Observer) January 20, 2017
Black Customer Says Glenwood South Bar Used Dress Code to Discriminate Against Him; Wilson Quoted (News & Observer) November 18, 2016
Bloomberg Law Brief: NC GOP Strips Governor Powers, M. Gerhardt Comments December 20, 2016
Board Service: Making the Most of You April 11, 2017
Boeing Workers Maintain South's Anti-Unionization History, Hirsch Comments (Associated Press) February 15, 2017
Book Review: "Julius Chambers' Chronicles Famed N.C. Civil Rights Lawyer; Rosen's Biography (Star News Online) January 7, 2017
Brinkley '92 Receiving McKnight Award (N.C. Bar Association) February 15, 2017
Brophy Essay Cited in Review of Nate Parker’s “The Birth of a Nation” (Los Angeles Review of Books) November 4, 2016
Brophy Op-Ed: We're Missing our Birth of a Nation Moment (USA Today) November 6, 2016
Brophy Quoted on How the Slave Tax Warped Alabama Finances (Montgomery Advertiser) February 4, 2017
C. Hessick Quoted in 2016 Crime Review: A Look at the Effectiveness of Sex Offender Registries (The Sentinel) February 13, 2017
California Judge Denies Release of Lawyer-Race Data, Wilson Comments (Wall Street Journal) November 7, 2016
Can Donald Trump Be Impeached? M. Gerhardt Quoted (Mic) January 23, 2017
Canada's Federal Government Puts Public Companies on Notice With Diversity Bill December 19, 2016
CE3’s Flatt Discusses Trump’s ‘New Energy Revolution’ That Would Unleash America’s Abundant Fossil-Fuel Resources (Bloomberg Politics) March 28, 2017
Celebrate the Life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Feb. 3; Shaw Will Deliver Keynote Address (News @ Wesleyan) January 5, 2017
Center for Civil Rights Is Disputing Board of Governors' Claims; 3L Quisha Mallette Mentioned (Daily Tar Heel) April 17, 2017
CEOs’ New Vow: Advancing More Women At Work December 6, 2016
Chapel Hill Protest Denounces Trump's Immigration Policies, Weissman Quoted (News and Observer) January 29, 2017
Chapel Hill Supports Work to Address NC Role in Torture, Detention (News and Observer) February 14, 2017
Chapter 9's Cabinet of Constitutional Curiosities: Ongoing Constitutional Violations; Jacoby Writes (Credit Slips) November 22, 2016
Chelsea Clinton Joins Expedia Board of Directors March 18, 2017
Citizens' Group Aims to Investigate CIA Rendition Program (New York Times) March 15, 2017
Communities Rally Around Uncertain Immigration Future, Calder Quoted (NC Policy Watch) February 3, 2017
'Comply or Explain' in Place, but Some Say More to Be Done to Increase Number of Women Around Board Table January 22, 2017
Concert to Raise Money for UNC Center for Civil Rights (News & Record) April 6, 2017
Confronting Academia's Ties to Slavery; Brophy Quoted (New York Times) March 5, 2017
Corporate Board Diversity Database Changes Hands October 24, 2016
Could Trump or Clinton Face Impeachment as President? M. Gerhardt Explains (New York Post) November 6, 2016
Could U.S. Prosecute Reporters for Classified Scoops? All Bets Are Off, Says Papandrea (National Public Radio) March 22, 2017
Coyle Op-Ed: The Modern Doctrine(s) of Non-Self-Executing Treaties (Opinio Juris) February 16, 2017
D.G. Martin: Our Most Important Lawyer; Rosen's Biography About Chambers '62 (Winston-Salem Journal) December 5, 2016
Darrell Allison '99 Elected to UNC Board of Governors (News and Observer) March 16, 2017
David King 3L Wins 3rd Place in Essay Contest (Center for Alcohol Policy) March 1, 2017
Debt Collectors Seek Leeway from SCOTUS in Bankruptcy Cases, Jacoby Quoted (BNA Bloomberg) January 12, 2017
Deciding Who Should Get First Dibs in Bankruptcy Liquidations; Jacoby Featured (NYT) December 6, 2016
DeVos Pick to Head Civil Rights Office Once Said She Faced Discrimination for Being White; Shaw Quoted (NBC News) April 14, 2017
Do 'No Money Down' Bankruptcies Help or Hurt Debtors? Jacoby Quoted (Bloomberg BNA) March 15, 2017
Donald Trump’s Narcissism Got Him Elected. It Won’t Get Him Impeached; Gerhardt Discusses (Fortune) February 8, 2017
Dorosin & Ducharme Op-Ed: Still No Action on Harnett Redistricting (Daily Record) November 2, 2016
Dubious claims from both sides during North Carolina special session, Gerhardt comments (Politifact) December 19, 2016
Duke Energy, NC WARN in Power Struggle over the Right to Sell Solar Energy; Monast Quoted (NC Policy Watch) March 9, 2017
Education Advocacy in the Time of Trump, Shaw Quoted (The Progressive) November 7, 2016
Eichner Comments on Special Legislative Session to Repeal HB2 (Charlotte Observer) December 19, 2016
Eichner Comments on Transgender Teen's Case the Supreme Court Will Not Hear (ABC News) March 7, 2017
EPA Expresses “Deep Concern” Over Discriminatory Impacts of Industrial Hog Operations in North Carolina (Waterkeeper Alliance) January 19, 2017
Ever-Shorter U.S. Bankruptcies Have Creditors Scrambling, Jacoby Quoted (Reuters) February 1, 2017
Experts: If Clean Power Plan Perishes, GHG Regulation Almost Certain Under NAAQS Program (Powermag) January 5, 2017
Faculty Describe Terry Sanford '46’s Legacy in Light of Governor’s Race (Duke Chronicle) November 4, 2016
Fair Punishment Project’s New Legal Advisory Council Issues Brief on Sentences for Juveniles; Birckhead Mentioned (Harvard Law Today) November 21, 2016
Fedders Comments on Alternative Schools' 'Islands of Segregation' (USA Today) February 22, 2017
Fedders Quoted on ‘Alternative’ Education: Using Charter Schools to Hide Dropouts and Game the System (ProPublica) February 21, 2017
Female CEOs Get Blamed More Than Male Counterparts November 1, 2016
Females Underrepresented on Corporate Boards Nationwide, but Numbers Steadily Improving February 26, 2017
Flatt Comments on Trump's Efforts to Reverse Arctic Drilling Ban (The Street) December 23, 2016
Flatt Op-Ed: Environmental Law Protects Us All (Charlotte Observer) January 27, 2017
Flatt Op-Ed: Presidential Power and Arctic Drilling: A Political Fight (Jurist) January 5, 2017
Flatt Op-Ed: Trump Can Order, but Federal Judges Will Decide on Climate Rules (News and Observer) March 31, 2017
Flatt Quoted: How Will Environmental Regulation Change Under Pruitt’s EPA? (Knowledge@Wharton) February 24, 2017
Flatt: What Are Our Moral Duties – On Climate Change? (Chapelboro) October 27, 2016
For Rolling Stone, 'Worst Nightmare’ Continues, Ardia Quoted (Associated Press) November 6, 2016
For women on boards, 2016 was a good year January 27, 2017
Future of court fights hangs on legislature’s next move on HB2, Eichner comments (Charlotte Observer) December 19, 2016
Gay Teacher Sues Over Firing from North Carolina High School, Eichner Quoted (New York Times) January 11, 2017
Glenn Funk Pushes Forward with Libel Lawsuit Against Television Reporter, Ardia Quoted (The Tennessean) January 12, 2017
GOP Legislators File 'Economic Terrorism' Bill; M. Gerhardt Quoted (News and Record) March 3, 2017
Gorsuch Could (But Might Not) Spell Trouble for Environmental Rules, Flatt Comments (BNA Bloomberg) February 1, 2017
Haddix '98 Op-Ed: Congress May End Rule Supporting Fair Housing Act (News and Observer) February 24, 2017
Head of the Civil Rights Division Vanita Gupta Delivers Remarks at University of North Carolina Center for Civil Rights Conference (U.S. Dept. of Justice) December 2, 2016
Hearing Set in HB2 Case as Supreme Court Returns VA Case to Appeals Court (WUNC) March 7, 2017
Here's What GOP State Legislators Are Really Going for with All These Anti-Abortion Bills, M. Gerhardt Quoted (Mic) January 17, 2017
High Court Ruling Exposes Sentencing Guideline Paradox, C. Hessick Quoted (Law 360) March 6, 2017
H-Law Episode 4 Podcast: Al Brophy (H Net) January 24, 2017
House Says No to Renewed Efforts to Impeach IRS Commissioner; M. Gerhardt Quoted (Forbes) December 7, 2016
How a Woman CEO Affects Sales and Salaries December 13, 2016
How Difficult Would It Be To Impeach Donald Trump?; M. Gerhardt Discusses (Time) April 12, 2017
How Donald Trump's Win Could Shake Up the Supreme Court; Gerhardt comments (WRAL) November 10, 2016
How States Are Making the Holidays Merry, Even for Prisoners; Birckhead Discusses (Governing) December 5, 2016
How the Boardlist is using data to bust the pipeline myth December 28, 2016
I Love My Job: Commerce Director Harold Epps (Philly Mag) April 10, 2017
International Women's Day 2017: Wall Street Meets "The Fearless Girl" March 7, 2017
Investors push corporate boards to add women, people of color March 2, 2017
Is the CISG Irrelevant? Coyle Article Review (JOTWELL) November 4, 2016
It’s Time for Companies to Improve Board Diversity Disclosure January 10, 2017
Jacoby Brief for Amici Curiae Law Professors in Support of Petitioners, In re Jevic (Harvard Law School Bankruptcy Roundtable) November 1, 2016
Jacoby Comments on Bankruptcy Settlements at SCOTUS (Bloomberg BNA) December 1, 2016
Jacoby’s ‘Credit Slips’ Makes 10th Annual Blawg 100 (American Bar Association Journal) December 1, 2016
Jane Ammons Gilchrist ‘91 to be General Counsel at N.C. Department of Public Safety (News and Observer) February 21, 2017
John F. Coyle: Choice of Law Clause Can Be Complicated (Corporate Counsel subscription required) January 1, 2017
Kennedy Op-Ed: Civil Rights Center Only Half the Problem at UNC (News and Observer) March 3, 2017
Kentucky and the Charter School Movement: Caveat Emptor (Buyer Beware); Wilson Discusses (Jurist) March 29, 2017
Kim Weighs in on Trump Entry Ban (NBC News) March 7, 2017
Kim Weighs in on Trump's New Order Blocking Arrivals From 6 Majority-Muslim Countries (National Public Radio) March 6, 2017
Kim: Mandatory Detention at the Border (ACSblog) March 1, 2017
Kristi Jones '92 Joins Gov. Cooper's Diverse Cabinet (Winston-Salem Chronicle) January 12, 2017
L’Tryce Slade ’04 Explains How Her Environmental Services Became One of the Few Black Female-Owned in Alabama (Birmingham Times) April 6, 2017
Larry Hall ’85 to Head N.C. Military Affairs Department (Winston-Salem Chronicle) January 19, 2017
Law School Students Organize Against the Use of Animals in Emergency Medical Training (Daily Tar Heel) October 27, 2016
Lisa Weissman-Ward ‘06 and Katy Lewis ‘06 Assist Those Affected by Immigration Ban (San Francisco Gate) February 5, 2017
Lots of companies still have no women execs. March 8, 2017
M. Gerhardt and Orth Comment on NC Supreme Court Change (News and Observer) November 28, 2016
M. Gerhardt Comments on Special Legislative Session (PBS NewsHour) December 17, 2016
M. Gerhardt Comments on Timing of N.C. GOP Leaders Emergency Request to Supreme Court (Washington Post) December 30, 2016
M. Gerhardt Op-Ed: A Brazen Power Grab in North Carolina (New York Times) December 15, 2016
M. Gerhardt Shares how Inauguration May Be Different (Fox News Politics) January 20, 2017
M. Gerhardt: For US Attorneys Spared in Purge, a Lame-Duck Period Begins (New York Times) March 16, 2017
M. Gerhardt: Trump Court Pick to Follow in Conservative Tradition (Bloomberg) January 31, 2017
'Making A Murderer' Attorney Jerry Buting '81 Reflects On Case (WFAE) November 30, 2016
Maren Tallent Werts ’13 Joins Church Watson Law (Charlotte Observer) January 9, 2017
Marshall Op-Ed: In NC, One-Party Rule is Not Truly Republican (News and Observer) March 21, 2017
Marty Rosenbluth '08 Wins Asylum for Belarusian Dissident in North Carolina (HIAS) January 23, 2017
Media Law Speaker Talks Press Freedoms Under a Trump Administration (Daily Tar Heel) March 22, 2017
Microsoft Has Plans To Tie Executive Bonuses To Diversity Goals - See more at: November 19, 2016
Minorities, Females Serving on Boards Receive Less Compensation, Less Leadership Roles January 9, 2017
Monast and Co-Authors: If Clean Power Plan Perishes, GHG Regulation Almost Certain Under NAAQS Program (Powermag) January 5, 2017
More companies are on board with women on their boards October 26, 2016
More Companies Should Release Their Diversity Numbers January 22, 2017
More women are replacing male CEOs January 28, 2017
Muller Discusses How to Prevent Accused Charleston Hate Crime Shooter From Trial Theatrics (AirTalk KPCC) November 29, 2016
Muller Offers Nuanced View of Japanese Internment Camps (Boston College Law School Magazine) March 1, 2017
Muller Op-Ed: No Softening the Chains of American Slavery (News and Observer) March 8, 2017
Must Rhodes Fall? Brophy's New Book Referenced (Times Higher Education) December 15, 2016
Myers Shares How Prosecutors Can Use Grand Juries to Issue Subpoenas (Charlotte Observer) January 27, 2017
NACD Champions Diversity in the Boardroom With a Series Featuring Directors From JetBlue, ManpowerGroup ... Among Others April 13, 2017
NACD Partners With Ascend to Foster More Diversity in the Boardroom April 3, 2017
New Commission to Look into North Carolina’s Role in Torture Program (News and Observer) March 15, 2017
New Rule to Avoid Supreme Court Deadlocks Raises Questions; Gerhardt Discusses (WRAL) November 15, 2016
New Study Finds Little Age Diversity within Corporate Boards March 21, 2017
New Study Provides Comprehensive, Hard Data on Hot Topic of Corporate Board Refreshment January 24, 2017
Nichol Comments on Why It’s So Hard to Get Ahead in the South (The Atlantic) April 4, 2017
Nichol Joins Zach Galifinakis on “Democracy for Sale” Panel (Wilkes Journal Patriot) March 24, 2017
Nichol Leads Race-Related Poverty Discussion in Charlotte (Charlotte Observer) October 27, 2016
Nichol Op-Ed: A Doctor Laments the ‘Terrible Cost’ of Refusing to Expand NC Medicaid (News and Observer) February 4, 2017
Nichol Op-Ed: ACA a Lasting Legacy for Obama (News and Observer) March 6, 2017
Nichol Op-Ed: Reaching Rural North Carolina (News and Observer) January 14, 2017
Nichol Op-Ed: Refusing Medicaid Expands Suffering (Charlotte Observer) October 27, 2016
Nichol Op-Ed: Sen. Berger Demands Submission from His Adversaries and the People of NC (News and Observer) March 22, 2017
Nichol Talks Voter ID Law to Students (Technician) October 25, 2016
Nicholas Institute Publishes Paper on CO2 Strategy; Monast Quoted (Herald Sun) January 5, 2017
No Surprises in Uncontested Races For State Office, Judges; Lambeth '81 Mentioned (The Times-News) November 8, 2016
North Carolina is Latest in State CAFO Battles; Haddix Explains (North Carolina Health News) April 13, 2017
North Carolina’s State Board Extends Voting Hours in Durham County; Marsh Discusses (Think Progress) November 8, 2016
North Carolina's 'Anti-LGBT' Bill Likely to Remain Despite Election of Democratic Governor, Experts Say; Marshall and Eichner Quoted (ABC News) December 7, 2016
Off the Cuff: Theodore M. Shaw, Civil Rights Lawyer (Oberlin Review) December 2, 2016
Op-Ed: Julius Chambers Warned That Conservatives Would Oppose UNC's Civil Rights Center; Nichol Discusses (News and Observer) April 12, 2017
Orth Op-Ed: NC Supreme Court’s New Rule Could End Equally Split Rulings (News & Observer) November 16, 2016
Papandrea Comments on Case for Libel after UNCW Professor's Blog Post (Star News Online) November 28, 2016
Papandrea Comments on Whether Leaks are Legal (New York Times) February 17, 2017
Papandrea Quoted: If All News is Fake, Why Isn’t Donald Filing Libel Suits? (Dame Magazine) February 20, 2017
Papandrea Quoted: Trump Wants Justice Department to Investigate Leakers. How That Works. (The Daily Signal) February 22, 2017
Papandrea Quoted: Why Leaking Information Is as American as Apple Pie (NBC News) February 26, 2017
Pembroke Attorney Grady Hunt ’89 Picked for State Transportation Board (Red Springs Citizen) April 14, 2017
Plaintiffs Seek to Expand Protections in HB2 Injunction to Transgender People, Eichner Quoted (Daily Tar Heel) October 26, 2016
Podcast: Skadden Arps’ Jay Goffman '83 Talks Prepacks and Today’s Most Controversial Chapter 11 Issues (Debtwire) December 8, 2016
PolitiFact NC: Dubious claims from both sides in NCGA (News and Observer) December 19, 2016
Pollution, Death Taint Former Alcoa Company Town, Flatt Quoted (Greenwire) October 24, 2016
President Richard Brodhead Promises Support for Undocumented Immigrants, But Not for Duke Becoming a Sanctuary Campus; Weissman Comments (The Chronicle) December 8, 2016
Pryal '03: Trump’s Disregard for the Judicial System Has Accidentally Made Law School Cool Again (Quartz) February 15, 2017
Puerto Rico Seen Sliding Toward Bankruptcy as Deadline Nears; Jacoby Quoted (Reuters) April 12, 2017
Q&A with former N.C. Supreme Court justice Robert Orr '75 on UNC's new Notice of Allegations from NCAA (Daily Tar Heel) December 22, 2016
Quotas May Be Next to Counter Lack of Women on Canada Boards November 16, 2016
Rachel Hundley '08 is Mayor of Her New Town (Washington Post) January 24, 2017
Report: N.C. women see slight improvement in Fortune 1000 board representation November 27, 2016
Rising Child Poverty Ensnares the Most Vulnerable, Nichol Quoted (Charlotte Observer) November 5, 2016
Rolling Stone's Rape Story Trial Highlights a Hardening Attitude Toward the Media; Papandrea Quoted (The Guardian) November 5, 2016
Roof to Represent Himself in Charleston Church Shootings (Citizen-Times) November 28, 2016
Rowan County Meeting Prayers Being Reconsidered by Federal Appeals Court, Marshall Quoted (Charlotte Observer) November 1, 2016
S&P 1500 Benchmark Analysis Finds Progress on Board Renewal, But That Investor Concerns on Tenure and Diversity Are Warranted January 25, 2017
Salinas Uses Past Struggles to Inspire Future Lawyers (Legal Writing Institute) April 1, 2017
Sally Yates is Now a Martyr for the Anti-Trump Movement. But Legally Speaking, it’s More Complicated. (Washington Post) January 31, 2017
Saver Podcast: Does the Sunshine Law Disinfect? (The Week in Health Law) December 3, 2016
Shaw Delivers Keynote Address at Wesleyan’s MLK Commemoration February 3, 2017
Start-Up Lawyering 2.0; Coyle Mentioned (OBLB) November 16, 2016
State Street to start voting against companies that don’t have women directors March 7, 2017
Stech’s Take: Rural Nebraska County Weighs Bankruptcy; Jacoby Quoted (Wall Street Journal) March 1, 2017
Steps for Women to Join a Board of Directors: Step 1 of 8 November 21, 2016
Steps for Women to Join a Board of Directors: Step 2 of 8 December 28, 2016
Study Finds Only Modest Gains by Women and Minorities on Fortune 500 Boards February 5, 2017
Supreme Court Sends Transgender Rights Case Back to Appeals Court (Daily Tar Heel) March 10, 2017
Supreme Court to Hear NC Sex Offender Case, Marshall Quoted (Daily Tar Heel) November 4, 2016
Supreme Court Will Hear Case for Transgender Students' Rights in Public Schools, Eichner Quoted (Daily Tar Heel) November 3, 2016
Supreme Court’s Jevic Opinion Affirms Central Role of Priority Structure in Chapter 11 Reorganizations; Jacoby Mentioned (The Temple 10-Q) April 5, 2017
Tech Companies Vying for Female Board Members January 2, 2017
Tesco Chairman Regrets Saying White Men on Boards Are Endangered March 11, 2017
Texas Leads Nation in Federal Judicial Vacancies, M. Gerhardt Discusses (Houston Chronicle) December 20, 2016
The Gorsuch Nomination: What’s Next; M. Gerhardt Writes (SCOTUSblog) February 7, 2017
The lack of women in tech is getting worse February 14, 2017
The State of Unions Under Trump: Hirsch Quoted (The Takeaway) February 17, 2017
The tumultuous history of North Carolina’s bathroom bill, which is on its way to being repealed (Washington Post) December 20, 2016
These Are the Highest-Paid Women on Bay Area Public Company Boards November 18, 2016
Thomas on What Happens When You Refuse To Pay Taxes For 40 Years (MSN Money) February 22, 2017
Thomas Op-Ed: A Tax Reform Proposal for the People (The Hill) March 29, 2017
Three Alumni Among Triangle Business Journal's 2017 CEO of the Year Awards Winners March 2, 2017
To Win a Lawsuit, Melania Trump Might Have to Prove How She Could Profit as First Lady; Ardia Discusses (QUARTZ) February 9, 2017
Tonya Williams ’99 Joins W.K. Kellogg Foundation (PR News Wire) December 13, 2016
Trump Action on Water Regulation Garners Praise, Concern along N.C. Coast; Flatt Quoted (Star News Online) March 3, 2017
Trump Issues Revised Travel Ban on 6 Muslim-Majority Countries, Kim Quoted (Daily Tar Heel) March 8, 2017
Trump Set to Issue Streamlined Immigrant Travel Ban, A. Hessick Quoted (USA Today) February 20, 2017
Trump's Executive Orders: Dramatic but Fatally Flawed? Marshall Comments (Christian Science Monitor) January 30, 2017
Two Free Legal Clinics in Cherokee (Cherokee One Feather) November 22, 2016
UNC Alumni Association Honors Michael Smith ’78 with Faculty Service Award (NCNN) January 24, 2017
UNC Constitutional Law Professor Weighs in on What’s Next For Gorsuch Nomination; Gerhardt Referenced (Progressive Pulse) February 8, 2017
UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School Names Mary Moore Hamrick ‘87 New Alumni Council Chair (Business Wire) March 21, 2017
UNC Law Panel Discusses Precedent for Trump's Executive Orders, Weissman Quoted (Daily Tar Heel) February 2, 2017
UNC on List of Best Schools for Bar Exam Preparation, McClanahan Quoted (National Jurist) January 24, 2017
UNC School Of Law Holds Event to Get Students to Protect Center for Civil Rights (DTH) April 7, 2017
UNC-Chapel Hill Constitutional Law Professor Michael Gerhardt discusses President Trump’s pick for the U.S. Supreme Court (NC Policy Watch) February 13, 2017
Weidemaier: Euro Area Redenomination Risk – Déjà Vu (Financial Times) February 7, 2017
Weidemaier: Greek Debt and that Sharp Bite in the Backside (Financial Times) February 21, 2017
Weissman Op-Ed: Shed Light on NC Ties to U.S. Torture (News and Observer) January 13, 2017
Weissman: A “No Show” at the IACHR: A Portentous Absence (Human Rights at Home) March 22, 2017
What Board Directors Really Think of Gender Quotas November 14, 2016
What Board Directors Really Think of Gender Quotas November 14, 2016
What to Know About the Trump University Lawsuit; Gerhardt Discusses (Time Money) November 18, 2016
Who Should Be Responsible for Pushing Gender Diversity at Work? February 25, 2017
Why More Women Are Not Landing on Boards December 21, 2016
Will Donald Trump Be Impeached? M. Gerhardt Comments (Law Newz) January 20, 2017
Wilmington Lawyer Patti Jenkins ’89 Helps Artists (Wilma) January 1, 2017
WNC Poverty: Hidden in Plain Sight (Citizen Times) October 29, 2016
Women and Minorities Are Making Headway As Fortune 500 Chief Financial Officers March 1, 2017
Women are, very slowly, getting more seats in the boardroom February 1, 2017
Women Gain Seats in the Boardroom December 1, 2016
Women Make Gains in Minnesota's Corporate Boardrooms March 22, 2017
Women Make Gains Toward Winning CEO Job January 17, 2017
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