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Title Date
Amid Silent Sam Debates, UNC Prepares to Celebrate First Amendment Day (Daily Tar Heel) September 25, 2018
Fighter of Racism. Mentor to Many. J. Kenneth Lee '52 'Stood at the Front of the Line All the Time' (News & Record) July 25, 2018
Loans and Liens: The Weinstein Company Chapter 11 Hearing #3 (Credit Slips) April 27, 2018
1944 Korematsu Opinion on Japanese American Internment is Tossed Out; Muller Quoted (San Francisco Chronicle) June 28, 2018
3 Steps to Add More Women Leaders to Your Company's Executive Board August 9, 2018
A Teacher Was Suspended for Posting a Video of Herself Pole Dancing. But What Are Her Rights? Papandrea Explains. (Education Week) August 24, 2018
Across the Board Improvements: Gender Diversity and ESG Performance September 6, 2018
Amazon shareholders are getting opposite advice on whether diversity should be mandated for the company’s board May 12, 2018
Andy Hessick Letter to the Editor: NC GOP is Not Trying to Punish the Poor (News and Observer) May 29, 2018
Ardia Explains How Trump Inaccurately Describes Libel Law (PolitiFact) September 5, 2018
Australia Proposes Gender Diversity Rules for Public Companies May 2, 2018
Bao Nguyen '09 Named Deputy Chief Counsel (Office of the Comptroller of the Currency) June 6, 2018
Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delany '73 Donates $1 Million to UNC for Scholarships (News and Observer) April 20, 2018
Bill Purcell ’85: Honoring Truly Outstanding Leaders from Our Community, J. Dickson Phillips Jr. ’48 (Laurinburg Exchange) August 22, 2018
Black Civil Rights Champion Who Helped Desegregate UNC Dies at 94 (News & Observer) July 30, 2018
Bryan Beatty ’87, Athena Brooks ’91 and J. Stanley Carmical ’80 Nominated as Special Superior Court Judges by Gov. Roy Cooper ’82 May 23, 2018
C. Hessick Explains Why Michael Cohen Won’t Get Anywhere Near 65 Years in Prison (Slate) August 22, 2018
C. Hessick Quoted: From a 'Due Process' Perspective, the Brett Kavanaugh Hearing Will Be a Farce (Hit & Run Blog) September 23, 2018
C. Hessick Talks About Issues Related to Politicians Who Run on Reform Platforms and DA Races (The Herald Sun) June 4, 2018
Calder Talks Immigration Law and Legal Process Involved with Separating Children at the Border (97.9 The Hill WCHL) June 21, 2018
California Could Impose Quotas for Women on Corporate Boards June 4, 2018
California could require women directors in boardrooms August 15, 2018
California Enacts Law Requiring Public Company Boards to Include Women October 1, 2018
California may mandate a woman in the boardroom—but businesses are fighting it August 8, 2018
California Push for Women on Corporate Boards Prompts SEC Backlash September 24, 2018
Carolina People: Christine Wunsche '03, Director of the Legislative Reporting Service (University Gazette) September 26, 2018
Cash-Strapped School Districts Left Behind by Wealthier Neighbors, Wilson Quoted (U.S. News & World Report) July 24, 2018
Changes in the Boardroom July 25, 2018
Chin Op-Ed: The Fight Against Partisan Gerrymandering Continues (Herald-Sun) August 31, 2018
Chin Weighs in on the History of the Lawsuit That Upended Silicon Valley (The Ringer) May 18, 2018
Civil Rights Lawyer J. Kenneth Lee, Who Fought to Integrate Greensboro Schools, Dead at 94 (News & Record) July 23, 2018
Colorado’s boardrooms are short on women, and that’s bad for business. New effort focuses on teaching “unwritten rules” May 8, 2018
Community Fabric Award Winner Troy Smith ’67 Works Behind the Scenes to Improve Lives (New Bern Sun Journal) April 24, 2018
Companies Are Filling Their Boards With Newbies April 18, 2018
Conley Talks About The Peerenboom v. Perlmutter Case and How It Could Possibly Expand in: How a Legal Brawl Between Two Rich Guys Could Change How We Think About DNA (Gizmodo) June 13, 2018
Conservative Writer J. Peder Zane and Liberal Lawyer Gene Nichol Debate (News and Observer) September 27, 2018
Constance Anastopoulo '92 Vies for SC Attorney General's Office (SC Now) October 6, 2018
Constitutional Law Expert M. Gerhardt Breaks Down Justice Kennedy’s Retirement Announcement (Pacific Standard) June 27, 2018
Corporate Board Diversity: Gaining Traction Through Investor Stewardship July 16, 2018
Corporate boards are looking for CEOs who arent old, white men April 18, 2018
Corporate diversity lags in Asia October 14, 2018
Could Donald Trump Be Impeached? M. Gerhardt Weighs In (Toronto Star) August 22, 2018
Could Impeachment Lead to a Democratic Civil War? M. Gerhardt Weighs In. (WNYC) May 30, 2018
Dean Martin Brinkley '92 Remembers Civil Rights Attorney J. Kenneth Lee '52 (WFDD) July 27, 2018
Durham Stops Overnight Civil Restraining Orders For DV Victims, Amily McCool '08 Quoted (WUNC) May 15, 2018
Equilar Gender Diversity Index: Q1 2018 May 9, 2018
Eva DuBuisson ’07 Hired as Scotland County School Board Attorney (Laurinburg Exchange) August 28, 2018
Even One Woman on the Board Makes a Difference July 21, 2018
Facebook Insiders Sold More Stock Than Usual in the Second Quarter, Hazen Quoted (CNBC) July 26, 2018
Finding My Flow: How I Developed an Exam Preparation Strategy That Worked for Me — Guest Post by Katie Clarke 3L (Practice Tuesday) July 31, 2018
Focus Carolina Interviews Richard Myers '98 (Chapelboro) September 10, 2018
Former Student Whose Lawsuit Helped Desegregate the University Has Died at 94 ( July 26, 2018
From a “Due Process” Perspective, the Brett Kavanaugh Hearing Will Be a Farce; C. Hessick Quoted (Hot Air) September 24, 2018
Gary Locklear ‘79 Named Robeson County’s Interim Attorney (The Robesonian) July 2, 2018
Gender Diversity Board Proposal at Constellation Software Gets Largest Backing in Canada, but Still Fails May 1, 2018
Gene Nichol Op-Ed: The 14th Amendment’s Lonely Birthday (News & Observer) July 18, 2018
Gene Nichol: Folt Fails to Carry On a Tradition (Greensboro News & Record) May 20, 2018
Google Says It Will Focus Diversity Efforts on Black, Hispanic Women June 14, 2018
Gurvich: Ensuring Success as a 1L (Law to Fact Podcast) August 14, 2018
Hazen Cited Regarding How Lenient Treatment From the SEC Leaves Misconduct Unchecked (Roll Call) June 21, 2018
Hazen quoted in Forbes article "Senators Ask SEC To Launch Insider Trading Investigation Into Wilbur Ross" (Forbes) June 28, 2018
Hedge Fund Creditor Fails to Derail Puerto Rico ‘Bankruptcy’ - Jacoby Quoted (Bloomberg Law) July 17, 2018
Hirsch Op-Ed: Court Rules Against Unions in Janus (Law Professors Blog Network) June 27, 2018
Hirsch Quoted on Workplace Bargaining Power in "The Class Struggle According to Donald Trump" (The New York Times) June 7, 2018
Hirsch Speaks About the Joint Employer Rule (Bloomberg Law) August 16, 2018
Hirsch: Amazon and the Fight for $15 Campaign (Workplace Prof Blog) October 2, 2018
Hirsch: The NLRB Joint Employer Test: Much Ado About Nothing? (Workplace Prof Blog) October 2, 2018
Hirsch: The NLRB's Regulation of Email (Workplace Prof Blog) September 27, 2018
Hirsch: Uber Drivers Lost Big Class Certification Case (Workplace Prof Blog) September 26, 2018
Holocaust Survivor, Social Justice Lawyer John Rosenberg Speaks at KWC (Messenger-Inquirer) September 17, 2018
Hornstein weighs in on flood insurance (Christian Science Monitor) August 16, 2018
How the CIA’s Secret Torture Program Sparked a Public Reckoning in North Carolina April 19, 2018
How to Get More Women in the Boardroom? Some Try Blunt Force April 25, 2018
Hugh Tilson Jr. ’92 Named Director of NC Area Health Education Centers (Citizen Tribune) September 27, 2018
Increased number of women directors a win for Nevada, experts say May 5, 2018
Increased number of women directors a win for Nevada, experts say May 3, 2018
It’ll Cost You $25 to go to This Bar in Chapel Hill. Is That Discrimination? Wilson Quoted (News & Observer) July 13, 2018
J. Kenneth Lee ‘52, Who Was Among the 1st Black Students to Attend UNC at Chapel Hill, Dead at 94 (The Root) July 31, 2018
Jacoby Blog: Corporate Bankruptcy as a Public-Private Partnership (CreditSlips Blog) August 20, 2018
Jacoby Blog: Hurry Up and Wait: The Weinstein Co. Chapter 11 Hearing #6 (Credit Slips) June 25, 2018
Jacoby Blog: Keeping Up With the Appointments Clause: Puerto Rico Bankruptcy Update (Credit Slips) July 13, 2018
Jacoby Blog: Keeping Up With The Contracts Clause: The Supreme Court's Decision in Sveen v. Melin (Credit Slips) July 12, 2018
Jacoby Comments on Bankruptcy Rules Committee Wants Restyling Process Comments (Bloomberg Law) April 26, 2018
Jacoby Comments on Sears Bankruptcy, Boss Eddie Lampert (USA Today) October 15, 2018
Jacoby Explains How Bankruptcy Law Could Keep Money From Weinstein Victims (Washington Post) May 3, 2018
Jacoby Weighs in: "Is Sears' Cashback Promotion a Good Deal or Big Risk?" (TCPalm) July 3, 2018
Jacoby: In the Zone: The Weinstein Co. Chapter 11 Hearings #9-13 (Credit Slips) September 12, 2018
Jacoby: What Skews the Public-Private Partnership in Corporate Bankruptcy Cases? (Credit Slips) September 13, 2018
Jay Bilas to Speak at UNC Law School Commencement (247 Sports) April 24, 2018
Jeff Grybowski ’98's Deepwater Wind Acquired by Danish Energy Giant Orsted for $510M ( October 8, 2018
John Conley: The European Union’s GDPR Takes Effect May 25: Are You Ready? (The Privacy Report) May 21, 2018
Karen Popp ‘85, DC Fellow, Honored by Global Investigations Review With Inaugural "Award for Services to Diversity" (American Bar Foundation) July 12, 2018
Katherine Murphy ’99 Named Interim General Counsel (N.C. A&T) August 28, 2018
LA County Backs Move to Mandate California Corporate Board Seats for Women July 24, 2018
Late Greensboro Mayor Jack Elam '52 Served During a Tumultuous Period (News & Record) July 26, 2018
Lau Study Cited: Over 50% of Hongkongers Now Support Same-Sex Marriage (EJ Insight) July 4, 2018
Leading Voices for Civil Rights to Gather on May 15 in Durham for Conference on NC’s Broken Criminal Justice System (Progressive Pulse) May 4, 2018
Legislature Approves J. Stanley Carmical ‘80 as Superior Court Judge (The Robesonian) June 28, 2018
Lester Bass '88 is one of 18 Applicants for Florida Judge Vacancy (JAX Daily Record) June 4, 2018
Lincoln County Icon Harvey Jonas ‘42 dies at 99 (Lincoln Times News) June 29, 2018
Lisa Taylor ’16 Story About Overworked Public Defender Is Winner of ABA Journal/Ross Writing Contest (ABA Journal) August 3, 2018
M. Gerhardt Comments on "Vague Nature" of the Word "Collusion" (ABC News) August 21, 2018
M. Gerhardt Discusses Missouri Governor Eric Greitens' Political Rise and Fall (AP News) May 31, 2018
M. Gerhardt Discusses President Trump's Pardon of Dinesh D'Souza (Politifact) May 31, 2018
M. Gerhardt Op-Ed: The Constitution, Like Its Framers, Roundly Rejects An Imperial Presidency (The Hill) June 8, 2018
Mark Melrose ’90 is One of Two to File for Superior Court Judge (The Mountaineer) June 20, 2018
Marshall speaks about President Trump's Supreme Court nomination on KPCC's "AirTalk" (KPCC) July 10, 2018
Merriweather '05 Becomes First African American Elected District Attorney in Mecklenburg County (Charlotte Observer) May 8, 2018
Micro-Cap Boards Are Smaller and Less Diverse, Study Finds August 6, 2018
Muller Discusses Future of 'Silent Sam' (Indy Week) September 5, 2018
Muller Featured in The Order 9066 Podcast: Stories of Japanese Americans Who Protested Their Incarceration and Defied The Pressure to Prove Their Patriotism (APMreports) June 11, 2018
Muller Op-Ed: The Supreme Court Was Right to Overturn Korematsu. Now It Needs to Overrule Hirabayashi (Los Angeles Times) July 3, 2018
Muller, MLaw Grads Study Professional Ethics by Reflecting on the Holocaust (Legal News) September 6, 2018
Muller: No, the Law Doesn’t Require Silent Sam to Be Returned to His Pedestal. (News and Observer) August 27, 2018
NACD is seeking nominations for boards that have made transformative efforts in their oversight of diversity and inclusion April 17, 2018
Nancy Guyton '85 Appointed To Wilmington Housing Authority Board (WilmingtonBiz) August 14, 2018
NC Court of Appeals Hires Jaye Bingham-Hinch '97 New Director of Staff Counsel (NC Courts) August 20, 2018
NC Poverty Research Fund Study: In Durham, Gentrification Follows a Red Line (News and Observer) August 24, 2018
Netflix Stars Jerry Buting '81 and David Rudolf Bring Famous Case Q&A to Richmond (Times-Dispatch) September 8, 2018
New Report from Heather Hunt '02, N.C. Poverty Research Fund Details Racial Inequality, Gentrification in Durham (NC Policy Watch) August 22, 2018
New York City Claims Progress on Board Diversity June 27, 2018
Nichol and Hunt '02 Report on Criminalizing Poverty Cited (NC Policy Watch) May 8, 2018
Nichol Comments on the Poor People’s Campaign Relaunch (Christian Science Monitor) May 14, 2018
Nichol Op-Ed: Kavanaugh Won, Decency Lost (News and Observer) October 11, 2018
Nichol Op-Ed: NC Lawmakers' Push For 'In God We Trust' Is Part of Untrustworthy Pattern (News and Observer) June 22, 2018
Nichol Op-Ed: NC's GOP Legislators Are Back for More Punishing of the Poor (News and Observer) May 24, 2018
Obituary: Harper Johnston "Jack" Elam III ‘52 (Greensboro News & Record) July 22, 2018
Obituary: Richard W. (Dick) Ellis ’69 (News & Record) July 11, 2018
Obituary: William "Bill" Frank Maready ‘58 (Winston-Salem Journal) August 11, 2018
On JPMorgan's Board, Women Are Fewer Than a Few May 5, 2018
Paul Meggett ‘98 Named General Counsel for Appalachian State University (Appalachian Today) June 5, 2018
Pearl Berlin, North Carolina LGBTQ Icon and Wife of Lennie Gerber '77, Dies at 92 May 18, 2018
Private companies may be a gateway to getting more women on boards July 9, 2018
Public Sector Union Fees are Dead. What's Next? Hirsch Quoted (Bloomberg) September 13, 2018
Rebecca Finch Redwine ’07 Makes ABI's 2018 "40 Under 40" List of Emerging Leaders in Insolvency Practice (American Bankruptcy Institute) October 9, 2018
Report: Ethnic and Cultural Diversity May Boost Profits July 28, 2018
Ruby L. Powers ‘08 Met With 11 Separated Parents in One Day. What She Heard Is Terrifying. (Mother Jones) July 5, 2018
Russia-Ukraine $3 Billion Battle Back in London Court, Weidemaier Quoted (Bloomberg) September 12, 2018
Sabbeth Discusses Gentrification in Durham (Herald-Sun) September 5, 2018
Salisbury Names Graham Corriher ’12 Full-Time City Attorney (Salisbury Post) April 25, 2018
Sarah Jamison 3L: A Case of ‘Epic’ Proportion for the #MeToo Movement? (Above the Law) May 29, 2018
Sarah Rozek 3L Discusses Free Speech Protection on Public Campuses (Daily Tar Heel) September 10, 2018
SBA President Joe Fields 3L Selected for Chief Justice's Commission on Professionalism Law School Ambassador Program (NC Courts) August 14, 2018
Shaw Comments on Harvard Admissions Trial (WGBH) October 12, 2018
Shaw Op-Ed: Justice Anthony Kennedy’s Race Jurisprudence (SCOTUS Blog) June 29, 2018
Shaw Talks Ratification of Equal Rights Amendment (WRAL) June 28, 2018
'She Made A Difference.' Former Charlotte Council Member Minette Trosch ’95 Dies (Charlotte Observer) April 27, 2018
Short Circuit: A Roundup of Recent Federal Court Decisions (The Volokh Conspiracy) October 5, 2018
Silver Linings Playbook: The Weinstein Co. Chapter 11 Hearings #7 (Credit Slips) July 25, 2018
Snow Camp Lawyer Barbara Christy ’83 in Line to Lead State Bar (Times-News) August 1, 2018
State Street’s ‘Fearless’ Advocacy for Board Diversity May 11, 2018
Stephen Dew '16 Awarded USPTO's Patent Pro Bono Achievement Certificate (Patentlyo) May 15, 2018
Supreme Court to Consider Trump’s Travel Ban, M. Gerhardt Quoted (The Hill) April 21, 2018
Taking the LSAT in 2019? It Will Be Digital (Daily Tar Heel) October 7, 2018
Teen Accuses World-Famous Hospital of 'Medical Kidnapping,' Saver Quoted (CNN) August 16, 2018
The Hubert B. Humphrey Justice Fund Supports Braxton Reyna 3L (NC Bar Foundation) September 21, 2018
The One Proven Way to Diversify Corporate Boards October 3, 2018
The Only Lawyer in Town: Marty Rosenbluth '08 Stands up for Immigrants (The Guardian) October 14, 2018
The Type of Diversity Boardrooms Prize Most Is Age—and They Can't Even Manage That April 25, 2018
'This is Historic': M. Gerhardt Discusses Retirement of Justice Kennedy (ABC 11) June 27, 2018
Thomas Cited as Expert on Gig Economy (TaxProf Blog) May 2, 2018
Thomas Discusses Impact of Supreme Court's Decision in Wayfair Case on Amazon's Relocation to NC (WRAL TechWire) June 21, 2018
Tom Ross ’75 Op-Ed: The Time for Redistricting Reform in NC Has Arrived (News & Observer) July 14, 2018
Toys ‘R’ Us Workers Face Harsh Reality in Quest for Severance - Jacoby Quoted (Bloomberg) July 23, 2018
Triangle Headliners: iNClusive STEM Innovation Pitch Summit (WRAL Tech Wire) October 8, 2018
Two V.I. Families Win $113 Million in Tobacco Trial, Represented by Russell Pate '07 (St. Croix Source) August 29, 2018
UNC Board of Governors Member Thom Goolsby '91 Wants Those Who Toppled 'Silent Sam' to Face Charges (WRAL) August 22, 2018
UNC Law to Help Entrepreneurs - Dean Martin Brinkley '92 Interview (The National Jurist) July 11, 2018
UNC’s Head of Student Affairs Winston Crisp '92 to Step Down (News & Observer) October 4, 2018
United Way to Host Benefactors Reception, Honoring Judge Hubert Olive ’53 (The Dispatch) September 5, 2018
Victims Object to Private Equity Firm Buying Weinstein Company; Jacoby Comments on Bankruptcy (NPR Morning Edition) May 7, 2018
Weidemaier Speaks About Crystallex Court Win Against Venezuela (CNBC) August 10, 2018
Weidemaier: Ukraine Russia Bonds Get English Trial (Bloomberg) September 16, 2018
Whitley Carpenter ’15 Discusses the Legal Fight Her Client Has After Being Arrested for Illegal Voting (MSNBC) August 17, 2018
Why the Wealth Gap Matters (WUNC) September 18, 2018
Will the Fervor to Impeach Donald Trump Start a Democratic Civil War? M. Gerhardt Quoted (The New Yorker) May 28, 2018
Will Three Become the New Two? California State Legislature Passes Boardroom Gender Quota Bill September 5, 2018
William Richard Purdy ‘75 is recognized by Continental Who's Who as Attorney of The Year (Market Insider) July 9, 2018
Women on Bank Boards Lift Performance but Only If There's Enough August 16, 2018
Wynn Resorts Adds Three Women to Board, Bringing It to 11 Members April 18, 2018
Zane and Nichol Debate: Where Have Republicans Taken North Carolina? (News and Observer) September 13, 2018
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