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Title Date
"Can Robots Be Lawyers?" Artificial Intelligence Study by Remus Cited (New York Times) January 4, 2016
‘Making A Murderer’ Lawyers Coming to Durham; for Jerry Buting '81 It’s a Homecoming (News and Observer) May 18, 2016
15 Percent of Board Directors on Malaysia's Top 100 Companies Are Women May 16, 2016
7 Questions About Obama's Supreme Court Nomination; M. Gerhardt Weighs In (Politifact) March 16, 2016
A Diverse Student Body Benefits Everyone, Hornstein Says (Christian Science Monitor) May 15, 2016
Activists Say N.C. Prisons Haven't Changed Enough, Weissman Quoted (Indy Week) March 16, 2016
Anti-Sodomy Laws Still on Books in NC, Eichner Quoted (Daily Tar Heel) February 18, 2016
Apple Includes Shareholder Proposal on Diversity in Proxy Statement, Advises Vote Against January 6, 2016
Apple Shareholders May Be Voting on Diversity Proposal December 29, 2015
Arab women in boardrooms – what gets in the way? February 27, 2016
Are UNC Athletes Prepared For Life After Sports? Mike Ingersoll 2L Weighs in (Chapelboro) November 28, 2015
Are Women Board Members More Aware of Risks? April 25, 2016
As Women Take Over a Male-Dominated Field, the Pay Drops March 18, 2016
At Biotech Party, Gender Diversity Means Cocktail Waitresses January 13, 2016
Automated Lawyering? Not So Fast - Remus Study Cited (CBA National) January 6, 2016
Avison Young CEO Mark Rose: Our Board Is Not Diverse Enough February 26, 2016
Barriers to Board Positions Persist for Minorities and Women, Report Shows May 16, 2016
Battles Rage Over Controversial Names on College Campuses (Daily Herald) March 17, 2016
Bill to Require Companies to Report Directors' Gender Gets Chamber of Commerce Support March 16, 2016
Birckhead Inspires NC Inmates Through Fiction and Writing (Daily Tar Heel) March 23, 2016
Birckhead Op-Ed Featured on SCOTUS Blog January 27, 2016
Birckhead Op-Ed: Delinquent by Reason of Poverty (Human Rights at Home Blog) December 2, 2015
Birckhead Op-Ed: Delinquent by Reason of Poverty (Youth Today) January 19, 2016
Birckhead Op-Ed: Ending Modern Day Debtor's Prison (Human Rights at Home Blog) January 3, 2016
Birckhead Op-Ed: Prosecuting Children Who Are Delinquent by Reason of Poverty (News and Observer) November 24, 2015
Birckhead Op-Ed: Time to End Our Modern-Day Debtors' Prisons (News and Observer) December 26, 2015
Birckhead Op-Ed: Will Montgomery v. Louisiana be the Death Knell for JLWOP? (Casetext) January 26, 2016
Birckhead Published in NCAJ 'Trial Briefs' (NC Juvenile Defender Blog) January 7, 2016
Birckhead Quoted in Op-Ed: More Black Faces in the Courtoom (News and Observer) December 17, 2015
Birckhead: Time to End State-Sanctioned Assaults on Our School Children (Human Rights at Home blog) March 29, 2016
Birckhead's Op-Ed Cited: The Unjust Cost of Justice (News and Observer) January 7, 2016
Bloomberg Law: Court Allows NC License Plates, Marshall Discusses (Bloomberg Law Audio) March 11, 2016
Bloomberg's New Gender Equality Index Shows Who's Investing in Women May 3, 2016
Board Diversity and Overboarding Among Hot Shareholder Topics for 2016 March 8, 2016
Board Gender Diversity: A Governance and Career Advantage March 2, 2016
Brophy Comments on Possibility of Harvard Changing Slavery-Linked Seal (Christian Science Monitor) March 7, 2016
Brophy Discusses Civil Rights Movement at Discourse in Democracy Lecture (University Star) March 25, 2016
Brophy Discusses Negative Effect of Renaming Historical Buildings (The Daily Beast) December 28, 2015
Brophy Explains: What Happens to Prince's Estate Without a Will? (New York Times) May 4, 2016
Brophy Weighs in on Yale Building Renaming Discussion (Christian Science Monitor) April 29, 2016
Bryan Podcast: The 1900 Axe Murder of John Hossack (Most Notorious) March 23, 2016
Caroline DiMaio '09 Creates Award-Winning App to Help Migrant Workers Locate Aid (ABA Journal) January 1, 2016
Center for Civil Rights Helps Smithfield-Selma Group Suing Johnston County School System (News and Observer) February 19, 2016
CEO Gender Gap Is Still Huge, and Getting Worse December 28, 2015
Chief of UNC Center On Environment: Duke Energy Money Won't Influence Us (Charlotte Observer) March 31, 2016
Chin: Valencell's Lawsuit Against Apple, Fitbit Could Take 'Years' (Triangle Business Journal) March 4, 2016
Chipotle Investor Seeks Board Shakeup for More Diversity April 13, 2016
Civil Legal Assistance Clinic Works with Community Members Upset about Disruptive Parties, Wilson Quoted (Duke Chronicle) November 30, 2015
Civil Rights Battle Over NC Hog Industry Regulation Heats Up as Negotiations Break Down (Facing South) March 9, 2016
Closing the Loopholes on Sterilization Payments, Haddix Quoted (Charlotte Observer) February 20, 2016
Company's Executives Got Stocks Worth Millions Just Before a Major Deal, Hazen Weighs In (Washington Post) April 22, 2016
Compare: The payoff for companies with women on boards December 8, 2015
Confronting Homogeneity In Apple's Boardroom February 21, 2016
Counting Every Woman 2016 - Measuring Female Representation on Boards and Executive Cooittees in European Capital Markets January 28, 2016
Court Fees and Fines a Serious Burden for Many, Birckhead Quoted (Kinston News) March 27, 2016
Credit Slips Presents: A Virtual Symposium on Puerto Rico (Credit Slips blog) March 1, 2016
Critics: New Bankruptcy Paperwork Will Cause Inaccurate Filings, Gibson '76 Quoted (Wall Street Journal) November 24, 2015
D. Gerhardt on Trump's Right to Play Adele's Songs (US News & World Report) February 2, 2016
D. Gerhardt: 'Game of Thrones' Plot Leaker Risks Criminal Copyright Infringement Charge (U.S. News and World Report) May 9, 2016
Defense Attorney Jerome Buting '81 in 'Making a Murderer' Case Adjusts to New Fame (News and Observer) January 7, 2016
Demand Isn't Factor Holding Women Back From Joining Boards March 13, 2016
DEQ in Bed with Big Pig, Haddix Quoted (Waterkeeper Alliance) March 7, 2016
Did Removing Chapel Hill Cemetery Marker Violate State Law? Brophy Weighs in (News and Observer) March 6, 2016
Director Diversity Will Only Enhance NC's Appeal to Businesses (News and Observer) May 21, 2016
Diversion Program Targets Misdemeanors (Asheville Citizen-Times) December 25, 2015
DIVERSITY: Why theBoardlist is working May 10, 2016
Donald Trump Wrong that New York Times Can't Be Sued for a 'Story that They Know is False' (Politifact) March 1, 2016
Donald Trump's Campaign Manager Says He Might Sue Buzzfeed For Libel, Ardia Comments on Likelihood of Win (Washington Post) March 23, 2016
Duke Faculty Call for Unionization, Hirsch Quoted (Daily Tar Heel) February 16, 2016
Duke Legal Panel Including Chris Brook '05 Confronts Hate Crime Legislation (The Technician) February 14, 2016
Ed Winslow '74 Passes Baton at Brooks Pierce (Triad Business Journal) January 4, 2016
Eichner Explains Upsurge in Accusations Against Parents "Doctor Shopping" (Forbes) March 1, 2016
Ellen Pao Launches Diversity Group Led by Women in Tech May 4, 2016
European Businesses With Higher Share of Women in Management More Profitable March 7, 2016
Fedders Weighs in on Fayetteville School-to-Prison Pipeline (Fayetteville Observer) December 16, 2015
Federal Appeals Court to Take up Public Prayer Case, Marshall Quoted ( January 25, 2016
Federal Government Could Withhold Funds over HB2. Would It? M. Gerhardt Quoted (WFAE) May 12, 2016
Feds Enter HB2 Case Against North Carolina with Solid Record of Victories, Dorosin Quoted (News and Observer) May 11, 2016
Female Executives Aren’t Making it Into the Boardroom March 1, 2016
Firms forced to reveal gender pay gap February 12, 2016
Fisher '82 Op-Ed: Beyond Bathrooms, HB2 Closes Access to Courtrooms (News and Observer) April 13, 2016
Flatt Comments on Garland's Environment Record (National Law Journal) March 24, 2016
Flatt Op-Ed: Preparing for a Sustainable Future (News and Observer) March 29, 2016
Four Things Every Female Leader Should Know About Corporate Boards February 23, 2016
French Companies Scramble to Appoint Women to Boards March 22, 2016
From advisers to deciders: corporations tap lawyers for their boards January 18, 2016
Full Court Press: Fedders and Brinkley '92 Discuss Mark Martin '88's Goals for N.C. Courts (Business North Carolina) February 1, 2016
GAO Report - Corporate Boards - Strategies to Address Representation of Women Include Federal Disclosure Requirements December 31, 2015
Gastonia Police Deny Help for Immigrant Victims, Weissman Quoted (Charlotte Observer) December 25, 2015
Gender Diversity Firestorm Symptomatic of Greater Scrutiny of Shareholder Activists March 28, 2016
Gender Diversity on Boards: The Future Is Almost Here March 24, 2016
General Motors CEO Mary Barra Also Becomes the Automaker's Chair January 4, 2016
Gerhardt Comments on FDA Commissioner Approval Process (Duke Chronicle) February 23, 2016
Gerhardts: 2 Lawfully Wedded Scholars (Daily Tar Heel) February 8, 2016
Grooming Top Executives Includes Outside Board Experience March 29, 2016
Guest commentary: Steps to increase boardroom diversity April 1, 2016
Gurvich Spearheads Symposium for "Elements of Politics" Classmates (Daily Tar Heel) January 18, 2016
Half of Women on Boards Like Quotas but Male Colleagues Say No, Survey Shows April 22, 2016
High Court's FERC Ruling Good for EPA, Says Flatt (Bloomberg BNA) February 2, 2016
Hirsch Comments on Legal Challenges Faced by Activist Who Want to Unionize Uber (Crosscut) December 3, 2015
Hirsch Discusses LGBT-Discriminatory Legislation (Bloomberg Law Radio) March 29, 2016
How to Make Corporate Boards More Diverse January 7, 2016
Hundreds May Get New Sentence After SCOTUS Decision, Birckhead Quoted (BNA Bloomberg) January 25, 2016
I.R.S. Commissioner's Impeachment "Unprecedented," Says M. Gerhardt (New York Times) May 23, 2016
If There’s Only One Woman in Your Candidate Pool, There’s Statistically No Chance She’ll Be Hired April 26, 2016
Immigration Relief Possible in Return for Crime Victims' Cooperation, Weissman Quoted (National Public Radio) January 20, 2016
In HB2, Federal Law Preempts State’s Bathroom Law, Says Eichner (Charlotte Observer) April 16, 2016
In Nebraska, the Push Is on to Add More Women to the Boardroom November 24, 2015
Investors Question Independence of Long-Stay Directors February 23, 2016
Is an Anti-Abortion Activist with a Camera a Journalist? Papandrea Quoted (Slate) February 2, 2016
Is It Legal for North Carolina's Attorney General to Not Defend the State's Bathroom Law? M. Gerhardt Comments (Washington Post) May 15, 2016
Is Rural North Carolina the Next Flint? Groups Say People of Color There Bear the Brunt of Hog Farm Pollution, Haddix '98 Quoted (Civil Eats) March 23, 2016
Is There a Gender Gap in Promotions and Pay in the Top-Executive Market? February 18, 2016
Jacoby Comments on Caesars Examiner's Report in Restructuring Talks (Wall Street Journal) March 16, 2016
Jacoby Comments on Loan Crisis, Bankruptcy Filings (Bloomberg Business) January 11, 2016
Jacoby Podcast: Behind-The-Scenes View of Detroit's Bankruptcy (American Bankruptcy Institute) February 25, 2016
Jacoby Podcast: Examining Bankruptcy, the "Takings" Clause and Implications for Puerto Rico (ABI) April 1, 2016
Jacoby Podcast: Examining Oil and Gas Industry Distress (American Bankruptcy Institute) January 25, 2016
Jacoby Podcast: Looking at the Clash Between Asset Forfeiture Actions and Bankruptcy (American Bankruptcy Institute) April 13, 2016
Jacoby Podcast: What Can Municipalities Do About Their Underfunded Pensions? (American Bankruptcy Institute) March 22, 2016
Jacoby Says Bond Markets Leery After Detroit Bankruptcy (WDET) December 9, 2015
Jacoby Weighs in on Nortel Talks to End $7 Billion Legal Fight (Reuters) January 14, 2016
Jacoby Weighs in on U.S. Treasury Plan to Protect Puerto Rico Pensioners More Than Creditors (Reuters) February 25, 2016
Jerome Buting '81 Featured in 'Making a Murderer' Netflix Documentary Series (Bustle) January 1, 2016
Jerry Buting '81 Gains Fan Base After Starring in 'Making a Murderer' (Daily Tar Heel) January 20, 2016
Justice Department Sues North Carolina over HB2, M. Gerhardt Quoted (News and Observer) May 9, 2016
Justice Department Sues North Carolina over HB2, M. Gerhardt Quoted (News and Observer) May 10, 2016
Justices Take on Insider Trading, Hazen Quoted (New York Times) January 28, 2016
Kelley Op-Ed: From South Africa, a Lesson Too Late on US Legacy of Racial Oppression (News & Observer) January 23, 2016
Kelley Op-Ed: Perhaps Spellings Will Lead UNC System to a Better Future (News and Observer) March 29, 2016
Ken Spaulding '70 Keynotes Inaugural RV-SCLC Gala (Daily Herald) January 5, 2016
KPMG Sponsor Initiative to Get More LGBT Directors on to Corporate Boards February 4, 2016
Legal Scholar M. Gerhardt: Gilded Age Leaders Ushered in Era of Industrialization (Palm Beach Daily News) February 8, 2016
Lou Bissette '68 Honored with Long Leaf Pine Award, Talks UNC Policy (Asheville Citizen-Times) April 27, 2016
Lou Bissette '68 Leading UNC Board Through Crucial Period (Asheville Citizen-Times) January 9, 2016
M. Gerhardt Comments on HB2 (Politifact) March 31, 2016
M. Gerhardt Discusses Obama EPA Nominees' Chances (Bloomberg BNA) December 21, 2015
M. Gerhardt Op-Ed: Here's What's Wrong with Pat Toomey's Opposition to Merrick Garland (Penn Live) May 4, 2016
M. Gerhardt: Getting the Senate’s Responsibilities on Supreme Court Nominations Right (SCOTUS Blog) March 9, 2016
Major Companies Working to Eliminate Their Gender Pay Gaps March 14, 2016
'Making a Murderer' a Hot Topic in UNC Law Classrooms (USA Today) January 23, 2016
Marshall Discusses Affirmative Action Case (Capital Tonight) December 8, 2015
Mayor Mark Kleinschmidt '00 Says Goodbye (Daily Tar Heel) November 30, 2015
Meet the Externs: Noel Barnard '13 and Joshua Higgin '11 (Corporate Counsel) February 14, 2016
Money Stuff: Living Wills and Speedboat Trading, Weidemaier Quoted (BloombergView) April 13, 2016
More women at the top could spell less corporate trouble December 10, 2015
More Women Becoming Non-Execs but Few Win Seats at the Top Table February 1, 2016
Muller and Shaw Interview: 'From Swastika to Jim Crow' (WUNC) March 9, 2016
Multiple Women in C-Suite Boost Company Profitability by 15% February 8, 2016
Myers '98 Comments on Legality of Entering Home Without a Warrant (News and Observer) April 17, 2016
Myers Podcast: Welch v. United States - Post-Argument SCOTUScast (Federalist Society) April 13, 2016
N. Carolina Sen. Tillis Names Ray Starling '02 Next Chief of Staff (WNCN) December 31, 2015
N.C. Attorney General Roy Cooper '82 Won't Defend Transgender Law (Yahoo! News) March 29, 2016
NC Governor's Misleading Claim About His Executive Order and LGBT Law. Prof. Gerhardt quoted (Washington Post) April 27, 2016
NC Law Affects 1,500 Orange County Food and Nutrition Services Recipients, Nichol Quoted (Daily Tar Heel) January 25, 2016
NC Leaders File Appeal of Congressional Districts Ruling, M. Gerhardt Quoted (Charlotte Observer) February 8, 2016
NC's Johnston Regional Airport Linked to CIA Torture Program, Weissman Quoted (Daily Tar Heel) November 30, 2015
New Law Gives Parents More Flexibility at Work, Hirsch Quoted (Yahoo Parenting) December 29, 2015
Nichol Among Leading Constitutional Law Scholars Supporting President's Measures to Stem Gun Violence (Huffington Post) January 6, 2016
Nichol on Black Issues Forum: Helping the Homeless and Hungry (UNC-TV) December 20, 2015
Nichol Op-Ed: At UNC, Abdicating the Obligations of Leadership in Scandal (News and Observer) November 27, 2015
Nichol Op-Ed: Taking the Measure of Who We Are in NC - A Greedy Bully (News and Observer) January 29, 2016
North Carolina Proposing Single Way to Comply with EPA's Carbon Rule, Flatt Comments (SNL Financial) December 30, 2015
North Carolina's HB2 Challenge Could Play Out in Two Courts, Eichner Quoted (Charlotte Observer) April 13, 2016
North Carolina's Transgender Law Creates Tangle of Lawsuits, Eichner Quoted (KTRE) May 11, 2016
NY Bankruptcy Judges Irked by Long-Winded First-Day Filings, Jacoby Quoted (Law 360) May 9, 2016
Obama's Push for Court Pick Fizzles as Republicans Stand Firm, M. Gerhardt Quoted (Yahoo! Finance) April 28, 2016
Observers: Judge Garland Typically Deferential to EPA, Flatt Comments (Bloomberg BNA) March 17, 2016
Only One Woman Was Named CEO of a Major Company in North America in 2015 April 21, 2016
Papandrea Comments on Limits of Online Press Freedom in Hulk Hogan Sex Tape Suit (New York Times) March 4, 2016
Papandrea Comments on White House Petition to Arrest Donald Trump (Huffington Post) March 17, 2016
Papandrea Comments: Gawker Could Still Win Hulk Hogan Case Despite $115 Million Verdict (Reuters) March 20, 2016
Papandrea Explains Hulk Hogan Trial That Could Redefine Freedom of Expression on the Internet (Vox) March 8, 2016
Papandrea Quoted: N.C. Sheriff's Office Won't File ‘Inciting A Riot' Charge Against Trump (Washington Post) March 14, 2016
Parents, Experts Respond to Charter Day School Law Suit (Wilmington Star News) March 1, 2016
Parker Poe Adds 4 UNC Law Alumni to Charlotte Office (Charlotte Observer) February 19, 2016
Pleasant Grove Hosts NAACP Forum on School Discipline Disparities April 13, 2016
Podcast: Jacoby Talks to Sovereign Debt Experts about Puerto Rico's Financial Distress (American Bankruptcy Institute) February 12, 2016
Polsky Weighs in on Fee Waivers (Bloomberg BNA) February 29, 2016
Portrait of Henry Frye ’59, First Black Chief Justice, Now Displayed in N.C. Supreme Court (Triad Business Journal) December 17, 2015
Prince Comments on Conflicting Nature of Prevention in Exact v. Humana Lawsuit (Dark Daily) April 15, 2016
Professors Blast LGBT Discrimination Law (News and Observer) March 28, 2016
Proxy Access, Climate Risk Reporting, and Diversity Top CalPERS' List of Corporate Engagement in 2016 February 16, 2016
Pryal '03, Myers '98 and Everett '08 Weigh in on Rape Statutes of Limitations (Quartz) February 17, 2016
Public Defender Attorneys Yolanda Fair ’13 and Martin Moore ’13 Named “OpenDoors Laureate of The Year” Recipients (Mountain Xpress) March 3, 2016
Puerto Rico Takes Restructuring Law to U.S. High Court, Jacoby Quoted (New York Times) March 22, 2016
Puerto Rico: The Recovery Act's Potential Second Wind (Credit Slips) March 24, 2016
Puerto Rico’s History May Hold Answer to $70BN Debt Conundrum (Financial Times) April 12, 2016
Puerto Rico's Debt-Relief Bid Is Going to the Supreme Court, Jacoby Quoted (Fortune) March 23, 2016
Race-Based Admissions Challenged in U.S. Supreme Court (Daily Tar Heel) January 11, 2016
Raleigh Lawyer Tony Gaeta Sees Fewer New Community Banks in NC’s Future (News and Observer) December 12, 2015
Remembering Barbara Perry '50 ( January 4, 2016
Remembering Claud Wheatly Jr. '41 (Carteret County News-Times) December 26, 2015
Remus Research on Robots and Lawyers: Why Can't We Just Be Friends? (Bloomberg BNA) February 2, 2016
Rep. Maloney seeks to boost women on corporate boards January 8, 2016
Resources Limited for Students Arrested Abroad, Kennedy Comments (Daily Tar Heel) April 11, 2016
Robot Takeover of Lawyers’ Work "Unlikely to Be as Far-Reaching or as Fast as Predicted," Remus Study Cited (Legal Futures) January 5, 2016
Robots Aren’t Such a Big Threat to Lawyers, Say Top Academics, Remus Study Cited (Legal Cheek) January 8, 2016
Roy Cooper '82 Refuses to Defend McCrory as Race Intensifies (Daily Tar Heel) April 13, 2016
Ruling on Pension Fund Debt Probably Won't Shake Up Private Equity Industry, Says Polsky (New York Times) April 22, 2016
Samuel O. Southern '69 Receives North Carolina State Bar John B. McMillan Distinguished Service Award (Smith Moore Leatherwood) December 1, 2015
San Bernardino Bankruptcy Leaves Little for Police-Brutality Payouts, Jacoby Comments (Wall Street Journal) January 8, 2016
Saver Comments on Clinton's NC Pharmaceutical Ads (News and Observer) March 10, 2016
Scalia’s Death Came as Conservatives Were About to Seize Historic Legal Gains, Marshall Quoted (Talking Points Memo) February 16, 2016
Schools Release Public Records (News and Observer) May 20, 2016
SEC Chief: Board Diversity Is a Priority for Agency in 2016 February 27, 2016
Secretary of Faculty Joe Ferrell '63 Says Farewell After 50 Years at UNC (Daily Tar Heel) January 14, 2016
Shaw Op-Ed: A New-Age 'Civil Rights' Struggle April 13, 2016
Shaw Weighs in on NC, DOJ 'Bathroom Law' Civil Rights Suit (National Public Radio) May 10, 2016
So You're Thinking of Joining a Public Company Board January 28, 2016
Soccer Stadium Plan Could Score Payoff for Syncora, Jacoby Comments (Crain's Detroit Business) May 1, 2016
Standing, Administrative Law Define Scalia's Legacy, Flatt Quoted (Bloomberg BNA) February 17, 2016
Stanford, UC Berkeley Students Stage Battles to Change Controversial Names on Campus (San Jose Mercury News) March 11, 2016
Supreme Court Case to Allow Challenges to Juvenile Sentences, Birckhead Quoted (Daily Tar Heel) February 4, 2016
Tar Heel of the Week: Kate Deiter-Maradei '03 Ramps Up Community Service (News and Observer) January 9, 2016
The Conversation Issue: How to Solve It; Nichol Quoted (Charlotte Magazine) February 2, 2016
The Fight Goes on for Adam Stein, Rosen '77 Quoted (Daily Tar Heel) November 24, 2015
The Vocation and Faith of 'Making A Murderer' Defense Attorney Jerry Buting '81 (National Catholic Reporter) January 26, 2016
There Are Now More Fortune 500 Companies With All-Male Boards Than In 2015 March 28, 2016
Thomas Offers Tips During Tax Season (WalletHub) April 12, 2016
Timmons-Goodson '79 Nominated by Obama for Long-Vacant Seat on Federal Court Bench (ABA Journal) April 29, 2016
Tom Ross '75: The Man and His New Mission (Indy Week) March 9, 2016
Transgender Teen Joins House Bill 2 Lawsuit, Fedders Comments (Daily Tar Heel) April 25, 2016
U.S. High Court Could Spur Congress on Puerto Rico Debt Crisis, Jacoby Comments (Reuters) May 12, 2016
UAW-Led Summit to Work on Boardroom Diversity March 31, 2016
UNC Faculty Speak out Against HB2 the Same Day the Law Is Taken to Court (Daily Tar Heel) March 29, 2016
UNC President Emeritus Ross ’75 Named Sanford Fellow at Duke (Duke Today) January 29, 2016
UNC System Chairman: "We Don't Discriminate Against Anybody" - M. Gerhardt Quoted (WRAL) May 10, 2016
UNC, MIT Study Probes AI Threats to Big Law ( January 5, 2016
Voter Information Regarding March Primary Voting (Avery Journal) February 22, 2016
Want to join a company board of directors? Make sure people know you're looking December 7, 2015
Weissman Comments on Potential Intimidation in Alamance Co. Justice Department Case (USA Today) February 22, 2016
Weissman Op-Ed: North Carolina Is Bound to Act on Torture (N.C. Commission of Inquiry on Torture) February 20, 2016
What Everyone's Getting Wrong About the President's No. 1 Job, M. Gerhardt Comments (PBS NewsHour) December 21, 2015
What The Hulk Hogan Verdict Means for Freedom of the Press (Huffington Post) March 19, 2016
Who Can Be Held Responsible for Climate Inaction? Flatt Comments (Medill Reports Chicago) December 9, 2015
Why a Case Against Donald Trump for Inciting Violence Would Be Very Hard to Prove, Papandrea Quoted (Law Newz) March 14, 2016
Why Lawyers Should Have a Seat at the Table February 16, 2016
Why North Carolina’s New Anti-LGBT Law is a Trojan Horse, Prof. Erika Wilson quoted (ProPublica) April 27, 2016
Why North Carolina's 'Bathroom Law' Could Soon Be Overturned, Eichner Comments (Christian Science Monitor) April 20, 2016
Why Women On Company Boards Boost Performance April 6, 2016
Women can climb ladder to corporate board seats December 15, 2015
Women Directors Make Up Just 10.2 Percent of Asia Pacific Corporate Boards April 19, 2016
Women in Business: Looking Beyond Corporate Boards March 10, 2016
Women make gains in Houston boardrooms January 14, 2016
Women, Minorities, Continue CFO Gains in 2015: Study February 2, 2016
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