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Title Date
"Can Robots Be Lawyers?" Artificial Intelligence Study by Remus Cited (New York Times) January 4, 2016
Automated Lawyering? Not So Fast - Remus Study Cited (CBA National) January 6, 2016
Birckhead Comments on Consensual Teen Sexting Case (Ars Technica) September 4, 2015
Birckhead Joins Conversation about Mass Incarceration (WUNC) September 29, 2015
Birckhead Op-Ed Featured on SCOTUS Blog January 27, 2016
Birckhead Op-Ed: Delinquent by Reason of Poverty (Human Rights at Home Blog) December 2, 2015
Birckhead Op-Ed: Delinquent by Reason of Poverty (Youth Today) January 19, 2016
Birckhead Op-Ed: Ending Modern Day Debtor's Prison (Human Rights at Home Blog) January 3, 2016
Birckhead Op-Ed: Prosecuting Children Who Are Delinquent by Reason of Poverty (News and Observer) November 24, 2015
Birckhead Op-Ed: Right to Counsel in Nonpayment Hearings (Law Professors Typepad) August 26, 2015
Birckhead Op-Ed: Some Courts Recreating Debtors' Prison (Youth Today) September 29, 2015
Birckhead Op-Ed: Time to End Our Modern-Day Debtors' Prisons (News and Observer) December 26, 2015
Birckhead Op-Ed: When a Clock Is Only a Clock: Dismantling the School-to-Prison Pipeline November 9, 2015
Birckhead Op-Ed: When a Clock is Only a Clock: Dismantling the School-to-Prison Pipeline (Human Rights at Home) October 2, 2015
Birckhead Op-Ed: Why are Armed Police Officers Still in our Schools? (Human Rights at Home Blog) November 5, 2015
Birckhead Op-Ed: Will Montgomery v. Louisiana be the Death Knell for JLWOP? (Casetext) January 26, 2016
Birckhead Paper a Resource for Advocates against Solitary (ACLU) November 4, 2015
Birckhead Published in NCAJ 'Trial Briefs' (NC Juvenile Defender Blog) January 7, 2016
Birckhead Quoted in Op-Ed: More Black Faces in the Courtoom (News and Observer) December 17, 2015
Birckhead, Kennedy to Speak at UNC Parr Center Forum on Race, Mass Incarceration, and Sentencing in the U.S. November 3, 2015
Birckhead's Op-Ed Cited: The Unjust Cost of Justice (News and Observer) January 7, 2016
Brophy Comments on Building, Mascot Changes in Racism Discussion (Daily Beast) November 2, 2015
Brophy Comments on Handwritten Lawsuit Seeking Reparations for Slavery (Fusion) September 29, 2015
Brophy Discusses Negative Effect of Renaming Historical Buildings (The Daily Beast) December 28, 2015
Carl Icahn Is Right on Taxes, Polsky Comments (USA Today) September 29, 2015
Civil Legal Assistance Clinic Works with Community Members Upset about Disruptive Parties, Wilson Quoted (Duke Chronicle) November 30, 2015
Countering the "Politics of Forgetting" by Documenting Grassroots Efforts for Accountability for Torture, Weissman (Human Rights at Home) September 30, 2015
Critics: New Bankruptcy Paperwork Will Cause Inaccurate Filings, Gibson '76 Quoted (Wall Street Journal) November 24, 2015
Dean Brinkley '92 Announced as Member of NC Administration Law and Justice Study Commission (NC Commission on the Administration of Law & Justice) September 16, 2015
Diversion Program Targets Misdemeanors (Asheville Citizen-Times) December 25, 2015
Emails Give Reason for Anxiety About UNC After Ross, Birckhead Comments (The Appalachian) August 27, 2015
Exoneree, Rosen '77 Fight For Criminal Justice Reform (The Technician) September 25, 2015
Fedders Quoted in "End the School-to-Prison Pipeline" Column (Washington Post) August 22, 2015
Fedders Weighs in on Fayetteville School-to-Prison Pipeline (Fayetteville Observer) December 16, 2015
Fedders Weighs in on Police Officers in Schools (WNCN) October 27, 2015
Federal Appeals Court to Take up Public Prayer Case, Marshall Quoted ( January 25, 2016
Gastonia Police Deny Help for Immigrant Victims, Weissman Quoted (Charlotte Observer) December 25, 2015
Gene Nichol Highlights Challenges of Poverty (The Appalachian) September 15, 2015
Gurvich Spearheads Symposium for "Elements of Politics" Classmates (Daily Tar Heel) January 18, 2016
Hirsch Comments on Legal Challenges Faced by Activist Who Want to Unionize Uber (Crosscut) December 3, 2015
Hundreds May Get New Sentence After SCOTUS Decision, Birckhead Quoted (BNA Bloomberg) January 25, 2016
Immigration Relief Possible in Return for Crime Victims' Cooperation, Weissman Quoted (National Public Radio) January 20, 2016
Is an Anti-Abortion Activist with a Camera a Journalist? Papandrea Quoted (Slate) February 2, 2016
Jacoby Comments on Loan Crisis, Bankruptcy Filings (Bloomberg Business) January 11, 2016
Jacoby Comments on Puerto Rico Financial Crisis (Reuters) August 24, 2015
Jacoby Detroit Bankruptcy Draft Article Receives Praise on Jotwell (Journal of Things We Like Lots) October 28, 2015
Jacoby Podcast: Examining Oil and Gas Industry Distress (American Bankruptcy Institute) January 25, 2016
Jacoby Says Bond Markets Leery After Detroit Bankruptcy (WDET) December 9, 2015
Jacoby Weighs in on Nortel Talks to End $7 Billion Legal Fight (Reuters) January 14, 2016
Jail Seeks Humane, Sustainable Design, Weissman Comments (Daily Tar Heel) September 23, 2015
Justices Take on Insider Trading, Hazen Quoted (New York Times) January 28, 2016
Kelley Op-Ed: From South Africa, a Lesson Too Late on US Legacy of Racial Oppression (News & Observer) January 23, 2016
Lau Comments: Same-Sex Couples Still Face Obstacles with Adoption (Daily Tar Heel) October 6, 2015
Legal Scholar M. Gerhardt: Gilded Age Leaders Ushered in Era of Industrialization (Palm Beach Daily News) February 8, 2016
Letter: Faculty Defend Literature of 9/11 (Daily Tar Heel) September 15, 2015
M. Gerhardt Comments on Ben Carson's Claim That No Signer of the Declaration of Independence Held Office (Politifact) November 8, 2015
M. Gerhardt Discusses Obama EPA Nominees' Chances (Bloomberg BNA) December 21, 2015
M. Gerhardt Discusses Supreme Court Landmark Case Youngstown Sheet and Tube v. Sawyer (C-SPAN) November 16, 2015
M. Gerhardt Leads Podcast Discussion on Obamacare, Kim Davis, and Religious Exemptions (National Constitution Center) September 16, 2015
M. Gerhardt Weighs in on Possible Senate Impeachment of EPA's McCarthy (Bloomberg) September 16, 2015
'Making a Murderer' a Hot Topic in UNC Law Classrooms (USA Today) January 23, 2016
Marshall Discusses Affirmative Action Case (Capital Tonight) December 8, 2015
McKinney '89 Offers Tips for Talking to Students in Distress (Chronicle Vitae) October 2, 2015
Migrant Crisis Felt Domestically and Abroad, Weissman quoted (The Daily Tar Heel) September 16, 2015
Missouri Protests Have Parallels To '90s UNC Protests, Orr Comments (Daily Tar Heel) November 11, 2015
More Police Go To Trial In Killings, But Convictions Remain Rare, Birckhead Comments (Wall Street Journal) September 23, 2015
NC Law Affects 1,500 Orange County Food and Nutrition Services Recipients, Nichol Quoted (Daily Tar Heel) January 25, 2016
NC's Johnston Regional Airport Linked to CIA Torture Program, Weissman Quoted (Daily Tar Heel) November 30, 2015
New Law Course at UNC Delves Into Sexual Violence (Daily Tar Heel) October 27, 2015
New Law Gives Parents More Flexibility at Work, Hirsch Quoted (Yahoo Parenting) December 29, 2015
Nichol Among Leading Constitutional Law Scholars Supporting President's Measures to Stem Gun Violence (Huffington Post) January 6, 2016
Nichol on Black Issues Forum: Helping the Homeless and Hungry (UNC-TV) December 20, 2015
Nichol Op-Ed: At UNC, Abdicating the Obligations of Leadership in Scandal (News and Observer) November 27, 2015
Nichol Op-Ed: Cuts to Legal Aid an Injustice to North Carolina’s Poor (News and Observer) October 24, 2015
Nichol Op-Ed: NC Teachers Being 'Voluntarily Exploited' (News and Observer) August 30, 2015
Nichol Op-Ed: Op-Ed: An NC Tax Plan That's an Exercise in Villainy (News and Observer) September 24, 2015
Nichol Op-Ed: Taking the Measure of Who We Are in NC - A Greedy Bully (News and Observer) January 29, 2016
NLRB Ruling Redefining 'Employer' Could Have Big Impact, Hirsch Quoted (NBC News) August 28, 2015
North Carolina Proposing Single Way to Comply with EPA's Carbon Rule, Flatt Comments (SNL Financial) December 30, 2015
Raleigh Lawyer Tony Gaeta Sees Fewer New Community Banks in NC’s Future (News and Observer) December 12, 2015
Remus Research on Robots and Lawyers: Why Can't We Just Be Friends? (Bloomberg BNA) February 2, 2016
Rhetoric Affects Immigrant Reform Efforts, Weissman quoted (Fayetteville Observer) September 16, 2015
Robot Takeover of Lawyers’ Work "Unlikely to Be as Far-Reaching or as Fast as Predicted," Remus Study Cited (Legal Futures) January 5, 2016
Robots Aren’t Such a Big Threat to Lawyers, Say Top Academics, Remus Study Cited (Legal Cheek) January 8, 2016
Russian Loan Looms as Threat to Ukraine Bailout, Weidemaier quoted (Radio Free Europe) September 16, 2015
San Bernardino Bankruptcy Leaves Little for Police-Brutality Payouts, Jacoby Comments (Wall Street Journal) January 8, 2016
Seattle Might Try Something Crazy to Let Uber Drivers Unionize, Hirsch Comments (Washington Post) August 31, 2015
Suit Accuses Duke, UNC of Antitrust Violation, Hirsch Comments (Daily Tar Heel) August 27, 2015
Supreme Court Case to Allow Challenges to Juvenile Sentences, Birckhead Quoted (Daily Tar Heel) February 4, 2016
The Conversation Issue: How to Solve It; Nichol Quoted (Charlotte Magazine) February 2, 2016
The Fight Goes on for Adam Stein, Rosen '77 Quoted (Daily Tar Heel) November 24, 2015
UNC Law Professor Eric Muller Addresses Syrian Crisis (WNCN) November 19, 2015
UNC, MIT Study Probes AI Threats to Big Law ( January 5, 2016
Verizon Drops Call for Contracts, Ardia Comments (Daily Tar Heel) August 26, 2015
Voter ID Law Still Faces Pushback After Legislative Changes, Nichol referenced (The Daily Tar Heel) September 16, 2015
Weissman Explains New Anti 'Sanctuary' Law (News and Observer) November 3, 2015
What Everyone's Getting Wrong About the President's No. 1 Job, M. Gerhardt Comments (PBS NewsHour) December 21, 2015
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