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Title Date
A Landmark, Legacy and Loving in Gay Marriage Decision, M. Gerhardt Quoted (Asheville Citizen-Times) June 27, 2015
Anonymous Online Poster Case Sparks Free Speech Debate, Ardia Quoted (Fox News) June 5, 2015
Are Judges Displacing Elected Officials Fixing Troubled Cities' Finances? Jacoby Paper Cited (The Bond Buyer) August 3, 2015
Birckhead and Pryal '03 on Vulnerable Defendants (CrimProfBlog) July 16, 2015
Birckhead Comments on Consensual Teen Sexting Case (Ars Technica) September 4, 2015
Birckhead Joins Conversation about Mass Incarceration (WUNC) September 29, 2015
Birckhead on the School-to-Prison Pipeline (Everyday Sociology) August 3, 2015
Birckhead Op Ed: Prisoners in Isolation (Casetext) June 19, 2015
Birckhead Op-Ed: Right to Counsel in Nonpayment Hearings (Law Professors Typepad) August 26, 2015
Birckhead Op-Ed: Some Courts Recreating Debtors' Prison (Youth Today) September 29, 2015
Birckhead Op-Ed: We Must Stop Criminalizing Adolescence (Child and Youth Care Network) June 1, 2015
Birckhead Op-Ed: We Must Stop Criminalizing Adolescence (Youth Today) June 4, 2015
Birckhead Op-Ed: When a Clock Is Only a Clock: Dismantling the School-to-Prison Pipeline November 9, 2015
Birckhead Op-Ed: When a Clock is Only a Clock: Dismantling the School-to-Prison Pipeline (Human Rights at Home) October 2, 2015
Birckhead Paper a Resource for Advocates against Solitary (ACLU) November 4, 2015
Birckhead, Kennedy to Speak at UNC Parr Center Forum on Race, Mass Incarceration, and Sentencing in the U.S. November 3, 2015
Birckhead: The New Peonage (Human Rights at Home blog) July 27, 2015
Brophy Comments on Building, Mascot Changes in Racism Discussion (Daily Beast) November 2, 2015
Brophy Comments on Handwritten Lawsuit Seeking Reparations for Slavery (Fusion) September 29, 2015
Brophy Op Ed: Is the Confederate Flag Unconstitutional? (The Conversation) June 24, 2015
Brophy Op-Ed: Legislating Confederate Monuments (Winston-Salem Journal) July 23, 2015
Brophy Op-Ed: Why We Shouldn't Pull Down All Those Confederate Memorials (Newsweek) July 10, 2015
Brophy: Go Set a Watchman Reveals America’s Constitutional Conundrum (Time) July 22, 2015
Carl Icahn Is Right on Taxes, Polsky Comments (USA Today) September 29, 2015
Countering the "Politics of Forgetting" by Documenting Grassroots Efforts for Accountability for Torture, Weissman (Human Rights at Home) September 30, 2015
Dean Brinkley '92 Announced as Member of NC Administration Law and Justice Study Commission (NC Commission on the Administration of Law & Justice) September 16, 2015
Death Penalty Case Brings Twelve Weeks of Jury Selection, Muller Quoted (The Dispatch) June 16, 2015
Eichner Op-Ed: The New Child Abuse Panic (New York Times) July 11, 2015
Electrolux Lashes out over Opposition to GE Deal, Chin Quoted (Charlotte Observer) July 1, 2015
Emails Give Reason for Anxiety About UNC After Ross, Birckhead Comments (The Appalachian) August 27, 2015
Equal Justice Remains Elusive for the Poor, UNC Human Rights Policy Seminar Study Says (Al Jazeera America) June 29, 2015
Exoneree, Rosen '77 Fight For Criminal Justice Reform (The Technician) September 25, 2015
Fedders Quoted in "End the School-to-Prison Pipeline" Column (Washington Post) August 22, 2015
Fedders Weighs in on Police Officers in Schools (WNCN) October 27, 2015
Gene Nichol Highlights Challenges of Poverty (The Appalachian) September 15, 2015
Georgia Residents Decry Land-Buying Tactics, Brophy Comments (Charlotte Observer) June 7, 2015
How A Right-Wing Political Machine Is Dismantling Higher Education in N.C.; Birckhead, Boger, Dorosin and Nichol Quoted (The Nation) June 8, 2015
Jacoby Detroit Bankruptcy Draft Article Receives Praise on Jotwell (Journal of Things We Like Lots) October 28, 2015
Jail Seeks Humane, Sustainable Design, Weissman Comments (Daily Tar Heel) September 23, 2015
Kennedy Comments on Chapel Hill Shooting (New Yorker) June 22, 2015
Kennedy Op-Ed: At UNC, Tough Questions Not Yet Asked About Williams (News and Observer) June 5, 2015
Kennedy Op-Ed: How to Save a Life (News and Observer) July 13, 2015
Krause: Some Thoughts from a Health Lawyer on King v. Burwell (Hamilton Griffin blog) June 25, 2015
Lau Comments: Same-Sex Couples Still Face Obstacles with Adoption (Daily Tar Heel) October 6, 2015
Legal Experts Question State of Texas' Immunity Claim, M. Gerhardt Quoted (Texas Tribune) July 29, 2015
Legal Experts Say Court Ruling Has Mixed Messages, M. Gerhardt Quoted (Winston-Salem Journal) June 27, 2015
Letter: Faculty Defend Literature of 9/11 (Daily Tar Heel) September 15, 2015
M. Gerhardt Comments on Ben Carson's Claim That No Signer of the Declaration of Independence Held Office (Politifact) November 8, 2015
M. Gerhardt Comments on License Plate Case (WFAE) June 22, 2015
M. Gerhardt Discusses Supreme Court Landmark Case Youngstown Sheet and Tube v. Sawyer (C-SPAN) November 16, 2015
M. Gerhardt Leads Podcast Discussion on Obamacare, Kim Davis, and Religious Exemptions (National Constitution Center) September 16, 2015
M. Gerhardt Weighs in on Possible Senate Impeachment of EPA's McCarthy (Bloomberg) September 16, 2015
McKinney '89 Offers Tips for Talking to Students in Distress (Chronicle Vitae) October 2, 2015
Memphis City Council Tries to Dig Up the Past, Brophy Comments (The Weekly Standard) July 29, 2015
Migrant Crisis Felt Domestically and Abroad, Weissman quoted (The Daily Tar Heel) September 16, 2015
Missouri Protests Have Parallels To '90s UNC Protests, Orr Comments (Daily Tar Heel) November 11, 2015
More Police Go To Trial In Killings, But Convictions Remain Rare, Birckhead Comments (Wall Street Journal) September 23, 2015
More than Half of NC's Counties Have Confederate Monuments, Brophy Interviewed (WUNC) June 26, 2015
NC Officials Differ on Marriage Ruling, But Agree It's the Law; Hirsch Quoted (Asheville Citizen-Times) June 26, 2015
New Law Course at UNC Delves Into Sexual Violence (Daily Tar Heel) October 27, 2015
Nichol Op-Ed: Being Repulsed by the Charleston Shootings Is the Easy Part (News and Observer) July 11, 2015
Nichol Op-Ed: Cuts to Legal Aid an Injustice to North Carolina’s Poor (News and Observer) October 24, 2015
Nichol Op-Ed: NC Teachers Being 'Voluntarily Exploited' (News and Observer) August 30, 2015
Nichol Op-Ed: Op-Ed: An NC Tax Plan That's an Exercise in Villainy (News and Observer) September 24, 2015
NLRB Ruling Redefining 'Employer' Could Have Big Impact, Hirsch Quoted (NBC News) August 28, 2015
Orth Op-Ed: Our Hobson's Choice on Retention Elections in North Carolina (News and Observer) June 25, 2015
Political Notebook: Nichol Delivers Fiery Speech to Rowan Democrats (Salisbury Post) June 27, 2015
Reversing a Trend, Instacart Checks Out Part-Timers; Hirsch Comments (Marketplace) June 22, 2015
Rhetoric Affects Immigrant Reform Efforts, Weissman quoted (Fayetteville Observer) September 16, 2015
Ruling Says Uber Driver Must Be Treated as Employee; Hirsch Comments (San Jose Mercury News) June 17, 2015
Russian Loan Looms as Threat to Ukraine Bailout, Weidemaier quoted (Radio Free Europe) September 16, 2015
School Board Meets Thursday on Superintendent, Ardia Comments on Closed Session Meetings (The Robesonian) August 6, 2015
Seattle Might Try Something Crazy to Let Uber Drivers Unionize, Hirsch Comments (Washington Post) August 31, 2015
Senate Budget Calls For Repeal of CON, COPA Laws; Saver Quoted (Blue Ridge Times-News) June 28, 2015
Service Jobs, Uber Drivers Blur Lines Between Job Categories, Hirsch Quoted (National Public Radio) June 26, 2015
Smith Comments on 'Personality-Driven Death Penalty' in Louisiana (New York Times) July 8, 2015
Special Visa for Immigrant Victims of Crime Proves Controversial, Weissman Comments (National Public Radio) July 10, 2015
Suit Accuses Duke, UNC of Antitrust Violation, Hirsch Comments (Daily Tar Heel) August 27, 2015
Tar Heel of the Week: M. Gerhardt Tackles Constitutional Questions (News and Observer) July 12, 2015
The Crimes of Children; Birckhead Scholarship Cited (The Atlantic) August 10, 2015
UNC Law Professor Eric Muller Addresses Syrian Crisis (WNCN) November 19, 2015
Verizon Drops Call for Contracts, Ardia Comments (Daily Tar Heel) August 26, 2015
Voter ID Law Still Faces Pushback After Legislative Changes, Nichol referenced (The Daily Tar Heel) September 16, 2015
We Can’t Avoid America’s Confederate History by Removing It from View, Brophy Quoted (Dallas Morning News) July 22, 2015
Wegner Comments in Case of Postal Worker Killed by Tree (Charlotte Observer) June 22, 2015
Weissman Explains New Anti 'Sanctuary' Law (News and Observer) November 3, 2015
What Are the Effects of Durham County Jail's 'Lock Back'? Weissman Study Cited (WUNC) July 10, 2015
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