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Title Date
‘Laboratory of Collaboration’: Broome and Banking Students Speak at BOT Meeting ( October 29, 2017
2017 was a Year of Eroding Workers’ Rights; Hirsch Quoted (Think Progress) December 22, 2017
A. Hessick Discusses How a Plaintiff Demonstrates They Have Standing to Bring Suit (National Review) November 10, 2017
A. Hessick Discusses How Courts Resolve Dual Executive Appointments (American Banker) November 26, 2017
AALS Spotlight on Judith W. Wegner, Chair of Empirical Study of Legal Education and the Legal Profession Section (AALS) November 28, 2017
Ardia Comments on First Amendment Day Celebrations (Daily Tar Heel) October 26, 2017
Brinkley '92 and Orth Present History of How N.C. Judges Have Been Selected and Elected (News and Observer) December 9, 2017
Brinkley '92 and Orth Share Ideas on Proposed Changes to How N.C. Judges Are Selected (WRAL) December 6, 2017
C. Hessick Cited on SCOTUS Blog September 19, 2017
C. Hessick Comments on Debate About Larry Nassar’s Vocal Judge (The Federalist) February 2, 2018
C. Hessick Comments on the Role of Police in Sharing Images to Catch Child Abusers (VG) October 7, 2017
C. Hessick Notes Seizure of Manafort's Properties Will Add Pressure to Cooperate (BBC) October 30, 2017
C. Hessick Publishes "New Reasons to Doubt the Constitutionality of Arizona’s Sentencing System" (Arizona Attorney) December 1, 2017
CE3's Heather Payne '11 Releases Survey Data on Utility Rate Cases (Forbes) September 6, 2017
D.G. Martin: Read Richard Rosen '76's Book on Julius Chambers '62 for Black History Month (Winston-Salem Journal) January 22, 2018
Dorosin Comments on the University's Authority to Remove Silent Sam (Chapelboro) August 23, 2017
Dorosin Questions BOG Decision to Ban Litigation at UNC-System Academic Centers (Daily Tar Heel) October 11, 2017
Elengold Explains How Sexual Harassment Can Cost You Your Home (BBC News) January 11, 2018
Fedders Comments on Lack of Academic Rigor in Alternative Schools (ProPublica) December 6, 2017
Fedders to Host Chapel-Hill-Carrboro School Board Candidate Forum on Oct. 8 (Durham Herald Sun) October 29, 2017
Feds, State Cast Wide Net in Investigation of Failed Nuclear Project; Hazen Quoted (The State) December 18, 2017
For Law Profs, Beware the Perils of Twitter, Says C. Hessick ( January 12, 2018
Gift Cards of Retailers in Bankruptcy Present Issues, Says Jacoby (USA Today) December 22, 2017
Guilford Voting Rights Activists See Victory in Court Order, Marshall Quoted (Greensboro News and Record) February 7, 2018
Gurvich Recognized as Top Legal Tweeter by ABA Journal's Inaugural Web 100 List (ABA Journal) November 28, 2017
'Hands Off' President Gives Congress a Chance to Regain Power, Marshall Quoted (CQ) January 29, 2018
Hirsch Discusses the National Labor Relations Act and Athletes' Protests (ESPN) October 10, 2017
Hirsch Discusses the NFL, the National Anthem and Protesting (KCPP, Southern California Public Radio) October 11, 2017
Hornstein Comments on Climate Change and the Insurance Industry (Climate Liability News) September 13, 2017
Hornstein Discusses Rough Year for the Insurance Industry (NPR Marketplace) January 1, 2018
Hornstein Explains Insurance Ramifications of Mega-Storms (Minnesota Public Radio) January 11, 2018
Is 2018 the End of the Road for Sears or Toys R Us? Jacoby Quoted (USA Today) December 26, 2017
J. Kennedy Comments on the Use of Undercover Officers (Daily Tar Heel) November 8, 2017
Jacoby Comments on Significant Increase in Chapter 12 Bankruptcy (Family Farmer) Filings (Bloomberg BNA) October 18, 2017
Jacoby Comments on Why Retailers are Filing for Bankruptcy when They Aren't Yet Broke (USA Today) January 3, 2018
Jacoby Discusses Hurricane Maria's Impact on Government Debt in Puerto Rico (Bloomberg) October 12, 2017
Jacoby: Bankruptcy Cases to Watch in 2018 (Law 360) January 1, 2018
Joint Employer Reversal Changes Rules for Business, Hirsch Quoted (Bloomberg Law) December 19, 2017
Kelley Comments on For-Profit Charter Schools in North Carolina (News & Observer) October 12, 2017
Kennedy Comments on Trial for Homeowner whose ‘Warning Shot’ Left Man Dead in His Front Yard (News & Observer) February 12, 2018
Lau Comments on How Traditional Parental Leave Policies Impact Gay Fathers (NewNextNow) October 4, 2017
Lau Speaks on 'Loving at Fifty' Panel (Virginia Law Weekly) January 31, 2018
M. Gerhardt Comments on Free Speech and Heckler's Veto (The Philadelphia Inquirer) August 28, 2017
M. Gerhardt Comments on NC Attorney General Josh Stein's Plans to Speak out Against Gerrymandering (Charlotte Observer) September 15, 2017
M. Gerhardt Comments on Russia Investigation and the Confusing Nature of the Word "Collusion" (ABC News) October 31, 2017
M. Gerhardt Comments on Whether Recent Actions by Trump Constitute Obstruction of Justice (Washington Post) December 4, 2017
M. Gerhardt Discusses Issues Related to the Impeachment Process (ABC News) November 20, 2017
M. Gerhardt Discusses Legal Questions Raised by Play, "The Cake" (WUNC, "The State of Things") September 7, 2017
M. Gerhardt Discusses Rep. Devin Nunes' Recusal from the House Russia Investigation ( February 2, 2018
M. Gerhardt Discusses Trump's Comments about Mueller (Washington Post) January 27, 2018
M. Gerhardt Discusses what Mueller's Indictments Mean for President Trump (DW) October 31, 2017
M. Gerhardt Discusses What's Next in Mueller's Russia Investigation (ABC News) October 31, 2017
M. Gerhardt on Russia Investigation: It Would Be "Fairly Reckless" for a Prosecutor to File Indictments Solely to Apply Pressure (Fox News Nebraska) November 2, 2017
M. Gerhardt Quoted on GOP's Bill to Ban Abortion after Six Weeks (Newsweek) October 26, 2017
M. Gerhardt Weighs In on What Would Happen If There Was an Article V Convention to Change the 2nd Amendment (Ozy) October 6, 2017
Marshall Comments on Free Speech, the Second Amendment, and Volatile Demonstrations (Christian Science Monitor) August 25, 2017
Marshall Comments on NC Campus Free Speech Policy (Daily Tar Heel) January 21, 2018
Marshall Debates Religious Freedom Case on Capital Tonight (Spectrum News) December 4, 2017
Marshall discusses Advisory Commission on Election Integrity (U.S. News & World Report) September 14, 2017
Marshall Discusses Selection of Voting Rights Expert to "Untangle NC's Redistricting." (News & Record) October 27, 2017
Marshall Weighs in on Supreme Court's Chances of Taking Rowan County Prayer Case (Salisbury Post) October 1, 2017
Monast Op-Ed: How South Carolina Can Turn Nuclear Failure into Opportunity (The State) December 6, 2017
Monast Op-Ed: Scott Pruitt Rejects EPA's Mission (The Hill) December 7, 2017
Muller Discusses His New Podcast, "Scapegoat Cities" (WUNC, "The State of Things") September 1, 2017
Muller Launches Podcast on Japanese-American Internment Camps 75 Years Later (WUNC) September 1, 2017
Muller Suggests Another Strategy for Removing Silent Sam (News & Observer) August 23, 2017
NC Churches Provide Sanctuary for Immigrants, Weissman Quoted (Daily Tar Heel) September 20, 2017
New Report: Court Fines and Fees are Criminalizing Poverty in North Carolina (NC Policy Watch) January 3, 2018
Nichol and Heather Hunt '02: Low Wages and Lack of Education Persist in Wilkes (Journal Patriot) September 22, 2017
Nichol and Hunt '02 Discuss Results of Goldsboro Poverty Report (Goldsboro News-Argus) January 18, 2018
Nichol Discusses Poverty in NC and Encourages Citizens to Combat Hunger and Inequality (News & Record) October 23, 2017
Nichol Discusses Rising Childcare Costs' Impact on Low-Income Families (WUNC) September 11, 2017
Nichol Quoted on Fees Imposed by Criminal Sentencing System (Charlotte Observer) November 11, 2017
Nichol to Headline 9/30 Democrat Gala in Anson County (The Anson Record) September 19, 2017
Nichol was the Keynote Speaker at the Anson County Democratic Party's 9th Annual Blue and White Gala (The Anson Record) October 3, 2017
Not So Funny Things that Can Happen on the Way to Your Contractually Selected Forum; Coyle Paper Quoted (Lexology) February 13, 2018
Op Ed: C. Hessick quoted on Trump Judicial Nominee Confirmation Hearings (Law Newz) September 7, 2017
Op Ed: D. Gerhardt Writes about Silent Sam and the Center for Civil Rights (Charlotte Observer) August 23, 2017
Op Ed: Jacoby Discusses Federal Court Hearing on Puerto Rico and the Appointments Clause (Credit Slips) January 8, 2018
Op Ed: Nichol and Hunt '02 Release Report on Injustice of Higher Court Fees in NC (News & Observer) January 13, 2018
Op Ed: Nichol Writes about Poverty in Wilkes County (Wilkes Journal Project) October 3, 2017
Op Ed: Weissman Writes about Guantanamo Bay's Inability to Deliver Justice (News & Observer) November 17, 2017
Op Ed: Weissman Writes about the Human Rights Policy Lab's Preparation Regarding the Proceedings of Abd Al-Rahim Al-Nashiri (Winston-Salem Journal) November 14, 2017
Op Ed: Weissman Writes Ambiguous Classifications of Puerto Rico and its Colonial Status (News and Observer) October 11, 2017
Op-Ed: Nichol Writes about UNC Board of Governors (The News & Observer) September 14, 2017
Over 30 Years Later, Minorities Underrepresented at Top US Universities, Wilson Quoted (Daily Tar Heel) September 19, 2017
Papandrea Comments on Sale of Gawker (Wall Street Journal) October 2, 2017
Planned Parenthood Called Out by C. Hessick, Law Profs for Inaccurate Tweet Blasting Trump Judicial Appointee (Law&Crime) December 12, 2017
Recent Study Spotlights Poverty in Goldsboro (Public Radio East) January 24, 2018
Shaw Comments on Activists in the Modern Civil Rights Movement (MinnPost) November 13, 2017
Shaw Discusses Free Speech and Silent Sam Protests (Daily Tar Heel) September 5, 2017
Shaw Joins Panel Discussion on State of Voting Rights (Duke Chronicle) February 2, 2018
Steve Bannon and the White House have Forced the House Russia Investigation to Postpone his Interview, M. Gerhardt Quoted (Business Insider) February 6, 2018
Tell-All Book May Hurt but Won't Derail Trump, Says M. Gerhardt (The Straits Times) January 7, 2018
Thomas Discusses Income Tax in North Carolina (Daily Tar Heel) October 24, 2017
To Test for Climate Disasters: Break, Burn and Throw Stuff. Hornstein Comments (New York Times) December 11, 2017
U.S. Court Rules Against Miner Crystallex in Venezuela Dispute, Weidemaier Quoted (Reuters) January 3, 2018
University Teaching Award Winners like Deborah Gerhardt Come with Impressive Resumes (Daily Tar Heel) January 25, 2018
Venezuelan Creditors Eyeing Citgo Assets Face Uphill Battle, Weidemaier Quoted (Reuters) December 14, 2017
Wegner Welcomed as New Board of Trustees Member at Guildford College (Guildford College) October 16, 2017
Weidemaier Discusses China's Sinopec Lawsuit Against Venezuela (Reuters) December 6, 2017
Weidemaier Discusses Issues Related to Sovereign Default (Reuters) November 13, 2017
Weissman Comments on What Should be Considered When Discussing Immigration (U.S. News & World Report) November 10, 2017
Weissman Discusses NC's Possible Connection to Torture of Terrorists (WFMY) November 30, 2017
Weissman Discusses Who's Responsible for Torture (The State of Things, WUNC) August 24, 2017
Weissman on Importance of Contextualizing Issues Related to Immigration (ThinkProgress) January 25, 2018
Weissman Op-Ed: Due Process Should Apply to Victims, Too (News & Observer) February 18, 2018
Weissman Testifies in Torture Hearing (IndyWeek) December 6, 2017
What's the Right Punishment for Tearing Down a Confederate Monument? Kennedy Defines Felony Riot (The Atlantic) September 17, 2017
Wilson Comments on Voter Fraud Panel as It Considers Background Checks for Voters (Mic) September 11, 2017
Wilson Discusses the Debate Surrounding Communities' Attempts to Secede from Schools (The Takeaway) August 25, 2017
Yes, a President Can Obstruct Justice, Legal Experts Say (ABC News) December 5, 2017
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