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Title Date
‘Emoluments’ Lawsuit Against Trump May Get Kicked Out Of Court, A. Hessick Quoted (Huffington Post January 23, 2017
7 New Hanover Schools Show Signs of Re-Segregation, Wilson Comments (Wilmington Star News) September 27, 2016
A Field Guide To Identifying A White Nationalist; Shaw Comments (Huffington Post) November 18, 2016
A Final Push for Inclusivity; Shaw Quoted (Inside Higher Ed) November 21, 2016
A Permanent Wound: How the Slave Tax Warped Alabama Finances; Brophy Quoted (Montgomery Advertiser) February 4, 2017
A. Hessick Op-Ed: Washington State’s Standing to Challenge the Immigration Executive Order (Notice & Comment) February 6, 2017
After 25 Years, Clarence Thomas Still Dissents; Shaw Comments (USA Today) October 21, 2016
After Passing Laws, NC Republicans Spent Millions Defending Them; M. Gerhardt Quoted (News and Observer) November 25, 2016
Airlines Ask DOT for Permission to Collude Over a Debt Collection, Weidemaier Quoted (Skift) October 7, 2016
Airlines Want Their Money Back from Venezuela, Weidemaier Comments (Bloomberg Law) October 7, 2016
Amid Outcry, NC GOP Pushes Forward with Plan to Curb Democratic Governor's Power; M. Gerhardt Quoted (Washington Post) December 16, 2016
Appeals Court Upholds Rowan County Commissioners’ Prayers, Marshall Quoted (Charlotte Observer) September 19, 2016
Attorneys General Embrace Role as Check on Executive Power, Marshall Quoted (Christian Science Monitor) December 21, 2016
B. Lewis Quoted on 2016’s Best Places for Law School Graduates (Good Call) August 29, 2016
Berkeley Protests Lead to Campus Free Speech Conversations Nationwide; Marshall Comments (Daily Tar Heel) February 8, 2017
Birckhead: The Age of the Child (Human Rights at Home) October 2, 2016
Black Customer Says Glenwood South Bar Used Dress Code to Discriminate Against Him; Wilson Quoted (News & Observer) November 18, 2016
Bloomberg Law Brief: NC GOP Strips Governor Powers, M. Gerhardt Comments December 20, 2016
Book Review: "Julius Chambers' Chronicles Famed N.C. Civil Rights Lawyer; Rosen's Biography (Star News Online) January 7, 2017
Brophy Cited on Georgetown's Plans to Atone for Slave Past (New York Times) September 2, 2016
Brophy Comments on Challenge in Opening Up a National Museum About African American History (Los Angeles Times) September 16, 2016
Brophy Essay Cited in Review of Nate Parker’s “The Birth of a Nation” (Los Angeles Review of Books) November 4, 2016
Brophy Interviewed on Nat Turner Special From 'Birth of a Nation' Director (Hollywood Reporter) October 5, 2016
Brophy Op-Ed: Slavery On Campus -- Recovering the History of Washington College's Discarded Slaves (San Francisco Gate) August 22, 2016
Brophy Op-Ed: We're Missing our Birth of a Nation Moment (USA Today) November 6, 2016
Brophy Quoted on How the Slave Tax Warped Alabama Finances (Montgomery Advertiser) February 4, 2017
Brophy Quoted on What Georgetown's Atonement Means for the Campus Debate Over Slavery (LA Times) September 2, 2016
California Judge Denies Release of Lawyer-Race Data, Wilson Comments (Wall Street Journal) November 7, 2016
Can Donald Trump Be Impeached? M. Gerhardt Quoted (Mic) January 23, 2017
Carolina Law Study: Charlotte's Economic Success Masks Deep Black-White Divide (CNN Money) September 22, 2016
Celebrate the Life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Feb. 3; Shaw Will Deliver Keynote Address (News @ Wesleyan) January 5, 2017
Challenge to Detroit Pension Cuts Thwarted by Sixth Circuit, Jacoby Quoted (Bloomberg BNA) October 6, 2016
Chapel Hill Protest Denounces Trump's Immigration Policies, Weissman Quoted (News and Observer) January 29, 2017
Chapter 9's Cabinet of Constitutional Curiosities: Ongoing Constitutional Violations; Jacoby Writes (Credit Slips) November 22, 2016
Charlotte, N.C., Has Prospered in Recent Years, But Many Black Residents Have Been Left Behind; Nichol Quoted (Los Angeles Times) September 22, 2016
Communities Rally Around Uncertain Immigration Future, Calder Quoted (NC Policy Watch) February 3, 2017
Could Trump or Clinton Face Impeachment as President? M. Gerhardt Explains (New York Post) November 6, 2016
Coyle: Crowdfunding and the Not-So-Safe SAFE (Harvard Law) September 15, 2016
Coyle: Is the SAFE Not So Safe for Investment Crowdfunding? (Crowdfund Insider) September 22, 2016
D.G. Martin: Our Most Important Lawyer; Rosen's Biography About Chambers '62 (Winston-Salem Journal) December 5, 2016
Debt Collectors Seek Leeway from SCOTUS in Bankruptcy Cases, Jacoby Quoted (BNA Bloomberg) January 12, 2017
Deciding Who Should Get First Dibs in Bankruptcy Liquidations; Jacoby Featured (NYT) December 6, 2016
Donald Trump’s Narcissism Got Him Elected. It Won’t Get Him Impeached; Gerhardt Discusses (Fortune) February 8, 2017
Dubious claims from both sides during North Carolina special session, Gerhardt comments (Politifact) December 19, 2016
Economic Forces That Can Turn Protests into Riots; Nichol Quoted (CBS News) September 27, 2016
Eichner Comments on Special Legislative Session to Repeal HB2 (Charlotte Observer) December 19, 2016
Ever-Shorter U.S. Bankruptcies Have Creditors Scrambling, Jacoby Quoted (Reuters) February 1, 2017
Faculty Describe Terry Sanford '46’s Legacy in Light of Governor’s Race (Duke Chronicle) November 4, 2016
Fair Punishment Project’s New Legal Advisory Council Issues Brief on Sentences for Juveniles; Birckhead Mentioned (Harvard Law Today) November 21, 2016
Fatal Shooting by Police Shakes Charlotte’s Self-Image; Nichol Quoted (New York Times) September 22, 2016
Fedders Op-Ed: Suspensions Harm Students with No Helpful Effect on School Safety (News and Observer) August 27, 2016
Film Picks: ‘Starving the Beast’ features Nichol (News and Observer) September 29, 2016
For Rolling Stone, 'Worst Nightmare’ Continues, Ardia Quoted (Associated Press) November 6, 2016
From Ferguson to Charlotte, Why Police Protests Turn Into Riots; Nichol Quoted (CityLab) September 22, 2016
Future of court fights hangs on legislature’s next move on HB2, Eichner comments (Charlotte Observer) December 19, 2016
Gay Teacher Sues Over Firing from North Carolina High School, Eichner Quoted (New York Times) January 11, 2017
Glenn Funk Pushes Forward with Libel Lawsuit Against Television Reporter, Ardia Quoted (The Tennessean) January 12, 2017
Here's What GOP State Legislators Are Really Going for with All These Anti-Abortion Bills, M. Gerhardt Quoted (Mic) January 17, 2017
Hirsch Comments on Lessons From Long Island U.’s Faculty Lockout (Chronicle of Higher Education) September 20, 2016
H-Law Episode 4 Podcast: Al Brophy (H Net) January 24, 2017
House Says No to Renewed Efforts to Impeach IRS Commissioner; M. Gerhardt Quoted (Forbes) December 7, 2016
How Donald Trump's Win Could Shake Up the Supreme Court; Gerhardt comments (WRAL) November 10, 2016
How States Are Making the Holidays Merry, Even for Prisoners; Birckhead Discusses (Governing) December 5, 2016
Inside the Conservative Push for States to Amend the Constitution, M. Gerhardt Comments (New York Times) August 23, 2016
Inside the Conservative Push for States to Amend the Constitution, M. Gerhardt Comments (New York Times) August 22, 2016
Is the CISG Irrelevant? Coyle Article Review (JOTWELL) November 4, 2016
Jacoby Brief for Amici Curiae Law Professors in Support of Petitioners, In re Jevic (Harvard Law School Bankruptcy Roundtable) November 1, 2016
Jacoby Comments on Bankruptcy Settlements at SCOTUS (Bloomberg BNA) December 1, 2016
Jacoby: Police Misconduct in Bankrupt Cities: Ninth Circuit Update (Credit Slips) September 22, 2016
Jacoby’s ‘Credit Slips’ Makes 10th Annual Blawg 100 (American Bar Association Journal) December 1, 2016
John F. Coyle: Choice of Law Clause Can Be Complicated (Corporate Counsel subscription required) January 1, 2017
Kennedy Explains How 'Open Carry' Laws in North Carolina Apply to Keith Lamont Scott's Case (National Public Radio) September 25, 2016
Law Professors Disagree on How the Supreme Court Should Decide Jevic on Structured Dismissals, Jacoby Submits Amicus Brief (American Bankruptcy Institute) October 21, 2016
M. Gerhardt and Orth Comment on NC Supreme Court Change (News and Observer) November 28, 2016
M. Gerhardt Comments on Special Legislative Session (PBS NewsHour) December 17, 2016
M. Gerhardt Comments on Timing of N.C. GOP Leaders Emergency Request to Supreme Court (Washington Post) December 30, 2016
M. Gerhardt on Override of Obama Veto in 9/11 Families’ Pursuit of Saudi Arabia (MSN) September 29, 2016
M. Gerhardt Op-Ed: A Brazen Power Grab in North Carolina (New York Times) December 15, 2016
M. Gerhardt Shares how Inauguration May Be Different (Fox News Politics) January 20, 2017
M. Gerhardt: Trump Court Pick to Follow in Conservative Tradition (Bloomberg) January 31, 2017
Monast: Ken Bone Was Right - Energy Must be a Priority for the Next President (The Hill) October 12, 2016
More Than 100 Law Professors to Congress: Impeaching the IRS Commissioner Is a Bad Idea, M. Gerhardt Quoted (Forbes) August 30, 2016
Muller Discusses How to Prevent Accused Charleston Hate Crime Shooter From Trial Theatrics (AirTalk KPCC) November 29, 2016
Must Rhodes Fall? Brophy's New Book Referenced (Times Higher Education) December 15, 2016
Myers Shares How Prosecutors Can Use Grand Juries to Issue Subpoenas (Charlotte Observer) January 27, 2017
N.C. Commission Proposes 16-Year-Olds to Be Tried as Juveniles, Birckhead Quoted (Daily Tar Heel) August 26, 2016
NC Lawmakers Want a Commission to Study Challenges Facing Black Males, E. Wilson Comments (News Tribune) August 22, 2016
New Rule to Avoid Supreme Court Deadlocks Raises Questions; Gerhardt Discusses (WRAL) November 15, 2016
Nichol Comments on Charlotte Street Protests: Where the New South Meets the Old South (Yahoo News) September 24, 2016
Nichol Leads Race-Related Poverty Discussion in Charlotte (Charlotte Observer) October 27, 2016
Nichol Op-Ed: A Doctor Laments the ‘Terrible Cost’ of Refusing to Expand NC Medicaid (News and Observer) February 4, 2017
Nichol Op-Ed: NC Republicans Wage War Against Our National Birthright: Equality (News and Observer) August 20, 2016
Nichol Op-Ed: Reaching Rural North Carolina (News and Observer) January 14, 2017
Nichol Op-Ed: Refusing Medicaid Expands Suffering (Charlotte Observer) October 27, 2016
Nichol Talks Voter ID Law to Students (Technician) October 25, 2016
Nicholas Institute Publishes Paper on CO2 Strategy; Monast Quoted (Herald Sun) January 5, 2017
North Carolina's 'Anti-LGBT' Bill Likely to Remain Despite Election of Democratic Governor, Experts Say; Marshall and Eichner Quoted (ABC News) December 7, 2016
Off the Cuff: Theodore M. Shaw, Civil Rights Lawyer (Oberlin Review) December 2, 2016
One of the Most Livable Cities is Hiding a Disturbing Reality; Nichol Quoted (Mashable) September 26, 2016
Orth Op-Ed: NC Supreme Court’s New Rule Could End Equally Split Rulings (News & Observer) November 16, 2016
Papandrea Comments on Case for Libel after UNCW Professor's Blog Post (Star News Online) November 28, 2016
Plaintiffs Seek to Expand Protections in HB2 Injunction to Transgender People, Eichner Quoted (Daily Tar Heel) October 26, 2016
PolitiFact NC: Dubious claims from both sides in NCGA (News and Observer) December 19, 2016
Poor, Displaced and Anxious in North Carolina as Floods Climb After Hurricane, Nichol Quoted (New York Times) October 13, 2016
Presence of a Gun Alone Was Not Enough to Disarm Keith Lamont Scott, Says Kennedy (ABC News) September 26, 2016
President Richard Brodhead Promises Support for Undocumented Immigrants, But Not for Duke Becoming a Sanctuary Campus; Weissman Comments (The Chronicle) December 8, 2016
Review: Disruption in the Classroom (Higher Education Works) October 1, 2016
Rising Child Poverty Ensnares the Most Vulnerable, Nichol Quoted (Charlotte Observer) November 5, 2016
Rolling Stone's Rape Story Trial Highlights a Hardening Attitude Toward the Media; Papandrea Quoted (The Guardian) November 5, 2016
Roof to Represent Himself in Charleston Church Shootings (Citizen-Times) November 28, 2016
Rowan County Meeting Prayers Being Reconsidered by Federal Appeals Court, Marshall Quoted (Charlotte Observer) November 1, 2016
Sally Yates is Now a Martyr for the Anti-Trump Movement. But Legally Speaking, it’s More Complicated. (Washington Post) January 31, 2017
Saver Podcast: Does the Sunshine Law Disinfect? (The Week in Health Law) December 3, 2016
SCOTUS Asked to Hear Two Cases on Stale Claims in Bankruptcy, Jacoby Quoted (Bloomberg BNA) September 23, 2016
Shooting Shatters Charlotte’s Carefully Manicured Self-Image as a Place of Opportunity, Says Nichol (Christian Science Monitor) September 26, 2016
Social Media Feud Leads To Public Records Fight in Miami Beach; Ardia Quoted (Columbia Journalism Review) October 17, 2016
Start-Up Lawyering 2.0; Coyle Mentioned (OBLB) November 16, 2016
Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Debt-Collections Case, Jacoby Quoted (Wall Street Journal) October 12, 2016
Supreme Court to Hear NC Sex Offender Case, Marshall Quoted (Daily Tar Heel) November 4, 2016
Supreme Court Will Hear Case for Transgender Students' Rights in Public Schools, Eichner Quoted (Daily Tar Heel) November 3, 2016
Texas Leads Nation in Federal Judicial Vacancies, M. Gerhardt Discusses (Houston Chronicle) December 20, 2016
The Gorsuch Nomination: What’s Next; M. Gerhardt Writes (SCOTUSblog) February 7, 2017
The tumultuous history of North Carolina’s bathroom bill, which is on its way to being repealed (Washington Post) December 20, 2016
To Win a Lawsuit, Melania Trump Might Have to Prove How She Could Profit as First Lady; Ardia Discusses (QUARTZ) February 9, 2017
Trump Attorneys Seek to Bar His Campaign Comments at Trial, M. Gerhardt Quoted (Washington Post) October 21, 2016
Trump's Executive Orders: Dramatic but Fatally Flawed? Marshall Comments (Christian Science Monitor) January 30, 2017
UNC Constitutional Law Professor Weighs in on What’s Next For Gorsuch Nomination; Gerhardt Referenced (Progressive Pulse) February 8, 2017
UNC Law Panel Discusses Precedent for Trump's Executive Orders, Weissman Quoted (Daily Tar Heel) February 2, 2017
UNC Reports on Compelling Evidence for Medicaid Expansion (NC Policy Watch) October 13, 2016
Vallejo Man Can Collect Damages Awarded in Lawsuit Against Police, Court Rules (Wall Street Journal) September 12, 2016
Weidemaier Quoted on US/Argentina Litigation Information Found in Panama Papers (International Consortium of Investigative Journalists) September 2, 2016
Weissman Op-Ed: Shed Light on NC Ties to U.S. Torture (News and Observer) January 13, 2017
What People Living in Poverty Want the Presidential Candidates to Know; Nichol Explains (PBS NewsHour) October 20, 2016
What to Know About the Trump University Lawsuit; Gerhardt Discusses (Time Money) November 18, 2016
WikiLeaks and the $15 Minimum Wage; Hirsch Quoted (News & Observer) October 11, 2016
Will Donald Trump Be Impeached? M. Gerhardt Comments (Law Newz) January 20, 2017
With Racism Case, Supreme Court Wades into Death Penalty Debate; Boger Quoted (Christian Science Monitor) October 4, 2016
With the Voter Protection Act Gutted, Civil Rights Groups are Battling Voter Suppression, E. Wilson Quoted (Mic) August 25, 2016
WNC Poverty: Hidden in Plain Sight (Citizen Times) October 29, 2016
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