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Title Date
Is Lindsey Graham Really a Hypocrite on Impeachment? M. Gerhardt Quoted (News and Observer) May 19, 2019
"Faces of Poverty" Author Gene Nichol to Speak in Hickory (Hickory Record) April 1, 2019
A. Hessick: Carissa Hessick on the Presumption of Regularity (Yale Journal on Regulation Blog) January 14, 2019
After A Slow Start and Surprised Taxpayers, Refunds Are Up, Explains Osofsky (ABC News) March 5, 2019
Andrew Chin on "Mathematics, Human Flourishing, and the Law" (Joint Mathematics Meeting) January 18, 2019
Author John Grisham to Interview UNC Professor Gene Nichol at Charity Event (Daily Tar Heel) February 25, 2019
Bennardo and Chew Publish on 'Citation Stickiness' (Legal Skills Prof Blog) May 7, 2019
Bondholders Brace for Venezuelan Regime Change; Weidemaier Quoted (Financial Times) February 1, 2019
Boston’s First Black Woman Prosecutor Has Yet to Take Office, But She’s Already Facing An Ethics Complaint - C. Hessick's Research Cited (Washington Post) January 2, 2019
Broome Comments on JP Morgan's Presence in the Triangle (Triangle Business Journal) January 18, 2019
Broome: Wells Fargo's CEO Search Won't Bring Quick Fixes (Law360) March 29, 2019
C. Hessick Argues Mueller Showed Don Jr. Committed Computer Fraud — But Let Him Get Away With It (AlterNet) April 29, 2019
C. Hessick Comments on Campaign Contributions in Jacksonville State Attorney Reelection (Florida Times-Union) May 20, 2019
C. Hessick: Elizabeth Warren’s Proposal to Imprison More Corporate Executives Is a Bad Idea (Slate) April 4, 2019
C. Hessick: Elizabeth Warren's Plan to Send Corporate Heads to Jail for Corporate Mishaps (IWF) April 24, 2019
Charlotte Talks: Exploring the Faces of Poverty with Nichol (WFAE) February 6, 2019
Clash Between Trump and House Democrats Poses Threat to Constitutional Order, Marshall Quoted (New York Times) May 7, 2019
Conley Discusses Chinese Scientist and Second CRISPR Pregnancy (Wired) January 24, 2019
Conley: A Lawyer’s Guide to CRISPR Gene Editing (The Privacy Report) March 28, 2019
Constitutional Scholar M. Gerhardt on the Purpose of Impeachment (New Yorker) May 10, 2019
Contractor or Employee? NLRB May Tackle Question With Rule (1), Hirsch Quoted (Bloomberg Law) January 29, 2019
Courtroom Clash Will Decide Fate of Sears; Jacoby Quoted (USA Today) January 31, 2019
Creditors Are Coming for Venezuela's Assets, Weidemaier Comments on Bancec Case April 18, 2019
D. Gerhardt Comments on 2020 Candidates Lifting Policy Material (Politico) June 6, 2019
D.G. Martin Interviews Gene Nichol on Who’s Talking (Chapelboro) January 19, 2019
Difficult to Prove Harris as Co-Conspirator in Election Fraud, Say Legal Experts (WUNC) March 4, 2019
Does Assange Indictment Set Dangerous Precedent for Journalists? Papandrea Explains Concerns (Daily Mail) May 24, 2019
Donald Hornstein receives Award for Excellence from UNC System ( April 9, 2019
Elengold Comments on Sexual Harrassment in Housing Cases (Sojourner) March 19, 2019
Elengold: Lawyers and Student Debt (Student Borrower Protection Center) January 10, 2019
Eric Muller Guest Column: Believe Me (Daily Tar Heel) April 16, 2019
Ex-Prosecutor Anne Tompkins Flips Sides in Defending Man at Center of NC Bribery Case, Myers Quoted (Charlotte Observer) April 12, 2019
Fedders Comments on How Six-Year-Olds Can Be Prosecuted in North Carolina Courts (Indy Week) March 15, 2019
Fedders: Bleeding Control Instead of Gun Control: House Select Committee on School Safety Shirks Mandate (EducateNC) January 10, 2019
Focus Carolina: Carissa Hessick (Chapelboro) January 22, 2019
Former Law Dean Ken Broun Honored for Service (Carolina Alumni Review) January 18, 2019
Gerhardt: Suing the Government Not an Option to End Shutdown (Black Press USA) January 20, 2019
Gov. Cooper '82 Appoints Weissman to Domestic Violence Commission (NC Office of the Governor) January 23, 2019
Hirsch Cited by Duff: The 'Entrepreneurial Opportunity' Canard (Work Comp Central) January 29, 2019
Hirsch discusses union vote for adjunct professors at Elon University (Greensboro News and Record) March 20, 2019
Hirsch: D.C. Circuit (Mostly) Approves of Browning-Ferris Joint-Employer Test (Workplace Prof Blog) December 21, 2018
Hirsch: Federal Employees Sue for Being Forced to Work Without Pay During Shutdown (Workplace Prof Blog) January 2, 2019
Hirsch: Forcing Federal Employees to Work During Shutdown Is a 'Clear Violation' (Yahoo Finance) January 16, 2019
Hirsch: Labor & Employment Roundup (Workplace Prof Blog) February 15, 2019
Hirsch: NLRB ‘Joint Employer’ Proposal May Require High Court’s Approval (Bloomberg Law) January 2, 2019
Hirsch: NLRB Reexamines the Meyers Individual Concerted Action Rule (Workplace Prof Blog) January 15, 2019
Hirsch: The NLRB's New Employee Classification Test (Workplace Prof Blog) January 26, 2019
How Trump Could Use a National Emergency to Get His Border Wall, Explained by M. Gerhardt (Vox) January 8, 2019
Investors Trapped as Venezuela Sanctions Halt Bond Trading; Weidemaier Quoted (Bloomberg) February 4, 2019
IRS Struggling with Shutdown Backlog, New Laws, 'Antiquated' Technology; Osofsky Quoted (ABC News) February 13, 2019
Jacoby Comments on Car Loans Effect on Wider Economy (Christian Science Monitor) May 20, 2019
Jacoby Comments on Sears Bankruptcy and the Need for Transparency (Fox Business) January 14, 2019
Jacoby Discusses Payless ShoeSource Bankruptcy: When to Use Payless Gift Cards and Make Returns By (USA Today) February 19, 2019
Jacoby New Paper: Consumer Protection After the Global Financial Crisis (Credit Slips) February 13, 2019
Jacoby on the $1B Question: Can Puerto Rico Afford Its Bankruptcy Bills? (Law 360) February 18, 2019
Jacoby Speaks About Bankruptcy Legislation (Politico) March 12, 2019
Jacoby: Consumer Protection After the Global Financial Crisis (Oxford Business Law Blog) April 23, 2019
Jacoby: Elizabeth Warren went above and beyond to ensure broad public inclusion (Politico) April 12, 2019
Jacoby: Gymboree Gift Cards May Only Be Good for 30 More Days (USA Today) January 17, 2019
Jacoby: New (From the Archives) Paper on Determinants of Personal Bankruptcy (Credit Slips) February 13, 2019
Judge James Dickson Phillips ’48 Receives Laurinburg Historical Marker (Laurinburg Exchange) June 11, 2019
Justice Department Sets Timetable for Release of Mueller Report, Marshall Quoted (Wall Street Journal) March 26, 2019
Lau Op-Ed: Ask Mom? She’s Not the Only Parent (Los Angeles Times) June 13, 2019
Law Professor Donald Hornstein Wins 2019 BOG Excellence in Teaching Award (Daily Tar Heel) April 11, 2019
M. Gerhardt Discusses America’s Best and Worst Chief Executives (C-SPAN, The Constitution Center) June 14, 2019
M. Gerhardt Discusses Impeachable Offenses (Newsday) June 9, 2019
M. Gerhardt Discusses Impeachment After U.S. Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Report Released (CBC) April 23, 2019
M. Gerhardt Discusses the Use of the Word "Collusion" (Fox News) March 14, 2019
M. Gerhardt on the History and Constitutionality of the Veto (KFPA) March 18, 2019
M. Gerhardt on the Possibility of Impeaching Attorney General William Barr (Newsweek) May 1, 2019
M. Gerhardt: A Constitutional Scholar on the Purpose of Impeachment (New Yorker) June 10, 2019
Marshall Discusses Right to Full Report of Mueller's Investigation (Washington Post) March 24, 2019
Marshall Op-Ed: Moore Invites Trump, But Rejects Executive Power (News and Observer) January 23, 2019
Muller: The Roberts Court Is Considering the Legal Reasoning of Jim Crow to Uphold a Rigged Census (Slate) April 25, 2019
Myers '98 Comments on Sentencing of Former Buncombe County Staffers (Asheville Citizen-Times) January 4, 2019
NC Bar to Honor Charles Daye, Lawyers of Color at Annual Meeting in Asheville (Mountain Xpress) June 6, 2019
New Sanctions Throw Wrench at Venezuela's Creditors; Weidemaier Quoted (Law 360) January 29, 2019
Nichol Book Focuses on NC’s ‘Invisible’ Poverty (News and Observer) February 1, 2019
Nichol Explores N.C. Poverty in New Book (Chapelboro) January 7, 2019
Nichol Op-Ed: All Workers in NC Deserve a Livable Wage (News and Observer) February 4, 2019
Nichol Op-Ed: Governing for Christians (News and Observer) February 21, 2019
Nichol Op-Ed: In NC, A Legislative Crusade Against Democracy (News and Observer) April 6, 2019
Nichol Op-Ed: The Arrogance of Dictating a Woman’s Painful Choice (News and Observer) June 4, 2019
Nichol Op-Ed: Trump Defining Away Poverty (News and Observer) May 17, 2019
Nichol Talks 'Face of Poverty in NC' with David Crabtree (WRAL) January 11, 2019
Nichol Writes About North Carolina’s ‘Invisible Citizens’ (WUNC) February 7, 2019
Nichol: A Lot of Folks Who Cannot Make Ends Meet Are Working. They Work Very Hard. (Hickory Record) April 7, 2019
Nichol: In NC, All Diversity Sits on One Side of the Aisle (News and Observer) January 20, 2019
Nichol: In NC, Tax Cuts Widen Income Inequality (News and Observer) April 26, 2019
Nichol: Phil Berger Recites a Record That Doesn’t Exist (News and Observer) March 5, 2019
Nichol's ‘Faces of Poverty’ Shows Another North Carolina (Wilmington Star News) December 22, 2018
No Reason to Scrap 'Obamacare's' Anti-Fraud Provisions, Says Krause (AP News) May 10, 2019
One-On-One with D.G. Martin: UNC’s Nichol Travels State Studying Poverty (Wilkes Journal-Patriot) March 29, 2019
Patent-Busting a Hard Sell for Public Health Activists, Conley Quoted (Law 360) January 25, 2019
Pelosi Fuels Impeachment Debate With Long Implications, M. Gerhardt Quoted (New York Times) March 12, 2019
PG&E Files for Bankruptcy Following California Wildfires, Jacoby Quoted (Wall Street Journal) January 29, 2019
Podcast with Shaw: MLK’s Constitutional Legacy (Constitution Center) January 24, 2019
Proposed bill could force North Carolina sheriffs to cooperate with ICE, Weissman quoted (Daily Tar Heel) March 21, 2019
Puerto Rico Debt Repudiation Raises New Risks for Munis, Weidemaier Quoted May 7, 2019
Puerto Rico Oversight Board Sues 230 (The Bond Buyer) May 1, 2019
Puzzling New Sanctions for Venezuela's Bondholders; Weidemaier Quoted (Financial Times) February 4, 2019
Shaw on Podcast: The Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (Legal Talk Network) January 31, 2019
The Case Against Frats Is an Uphill Battle, M. Gerhardt Quoted (Yale Daily News) February 27, 2019
The Faces of Poverty – A Special Interview with UNC Law Professor Gene Nichol (The Progressive Pulse) December 24, 2018
The National Police Association Is Throwing a Fit Over Prosecutorial Discretion (Slate) January 4, 2019
The Rank and File Are Starting to Defy Pelosi; M. Gerhardt Discusses Impeachment (The Atlantic) May 22, 2019
Thomas Op-Ed: Misplaced Outrage Over Tax Refunds Was Predictable and Preventable (The Hill) March 5, 2019
Threat of Liquidation Grows for Sears; Jacoby Quoted (USA Today) January 4, 2019
Tips for Talking About Poverty from People Who’ve Lived It (Crisis Assistance) June 4, 2019
U.S. Refiner Citgo Caught in Venezuela Political Upheaval; Weidemaier Quoted (New York Times) January 31, 2019
UNC Faculty Want Seat at the Table in Silent Sam Deliberations, Muller Quoted (News and Observer) January 7, 2019
Union Membership Rises in Pennsylvania Amid Nationwide Fall, Hirsch Quoted ( February 13, 2019
Venezuela's Chaos Pits BigLaw Giants In $1.2B Battle, Weidemaier Quoted (Law 360) February 27, 2019
WaPo Ratioed into the Ground for Putting Elizabeth Warren’s Lawyer Fees Under the Spotlight, C. Hessick Quoted (Law and Crime) May 23, 2019
Weidemaier: Republic and PDVSA Bonds: No Trades With Friends and Family (Credit Slips) February 4, 2019
Weissman Presents Stetson’s Wm. Reece Smith Jr. Distinguished Lecture (Stetson University) January 8, 2019
What the Hell Is Going on with the State of the Union, M. Gerhardt Explains (Vox) January 23, 2019
Who’s Talking: Gene Nichol (Chapelboro) March 30, 2019
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