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How Fedex Is Trying to Save the Business Model that Saved It Millions, Hirsch Quoted (Washington Post) October 23, 2014
Jacoby Comments on Atlantic City 'Premature' Bankruptcy Talk (Reuters) January 22, 2015
Obama's Immigration Action Presents Challenge for GOP, Crayton Comments (Arizona Republic) November 22, 2014
A Black Detective, an 1870 Trial and a What If; Brophy Comments (New York Times) October 14, 2014
Activists Urge Lawmakers to Stand Against Anti-Gay Prejudice, Lau Quoted (South China Morning Post) August 28, 2014
Ardia Weighs in on Zaha Hadid Defamation Suit (Architect Magazine) September 3, 2014
Argentina and the Holdouts: A Fight Without a Hero; Weidemaier Quoted (The Economist) August 15, 2014
Argentina May Ignore Bond Judge Sanctions, Weidemaier Comments (Bloomberg Businessweek) October 10, 2014
Argentina's Debt Case Outcome Not Necessarily Unique, Says Weidemaier (Financial Times, subscription required) August 6, 2014
Argentine Default Bad Test Case for Sovereign Debt Negotiations, Weidemaier Quoted (Foreign Policy) August 25, 2014
At Fast-Growing Brookings, Donors May Have an Impact on Research Agenda, Simkovic Comments (Washington Post) October 30, 2014
Birckhead Comments on Jury Selection for Trial of Boston Marathon Bomber Suspect (New York Daily News) January 4, 2015
Birckhead on Solitary Confinement of Youth (CrimProf Blog) October 30, 2014
Birckhead Op-Ed: Juvenile Lifers: Reason for Hope? (JJIE) December 10, 2014
Birckhead Op-Ed: Kiddie Court Is No Joke to Juveniles (JJIE) December 2, 2014
Brophy Op-Ed "In South Africa, Land Apartheid Lives On" (New York Times) January 15, 2015
Brophy to Keynote at Savannah Law School on Preservation, Transformation (Savannah Business Journal) September 10, 2014
Brophy to Speak at Old Candler Hospital Renovations Celebration (Savannah Morning News) September 10, 2014
Commentary: College Sports on the Edge of Change, Broome Quoted (Charlotte Observer) October 9, 2014
Crayton Comments on Ads Aimed to Shake Dedicated African-American Vote (TWC News) October 28, 2014
Crayton Interview: Decline of Black Political Power in the South (WUNC) August 28, 2014
D. Gerhardt on Lexmark and the Death of Initial Interest Confusion (Landslide Magazine) September 1, 2014
Debating What's More Sacred: Private Land or Public Beaches, Kalo Comments (Texas Tribune) September 28, 2014
Detroit Bankruptcy Judge May Consider Sanctions for Syncora Attorneys, Jacoby Quoted (Detroit Free Press) August 25, 2014
Detroit Bankruptcy Trial Begins Today: Jacoby Explains What to Expect (Detroit Free Press) September 2, 2014
Detroit Bankruptcy Trial Steps Into Uncharted Territory, Jacoby Comments (American Lawyer, registration required) August 30, 2014
Detroit's Bankruptcy Battle Begins, Jacoby Comments (USA Today) August 31, 2014
Detroit's Bankruptcy Battle Begins: Trial to Decide City's Fate, Jacoby Quoted (Detroit Free Press) August 31, 2014
Detroit's Bankruptcy Plan Tops National Headlines, Jacoby Quoted (Detroit News) November 7, 2014
Dispute Over Detroit's Certificates Could Snag Bankruptcy Exit, Jacoby Comments (Bond Buyer, subscription required) August 19, 2014
Editorial: No More Spending on Same-Sex Fight, Eichner Quoted (Charlotte Observer) October 7, 2014
Eichner Panelist on Same-Sex Marriage: A Comparative Look at North Carolina and France September 25, 2014
Eichner Quoted on Same-Sex Marriage Lawsuits (Charlotte Observer) October 9, 2014
Eichner: Same-Sex Marriage Likely Here to Stay (WRAL) October 15, 2014
Experts Debate Minimum Wage Laws Across County at UNC (Daily Tar Heel) January 21, 2015
Financial Companies Find Friends in Hagan, Tillis; Hazen Comments (News and Observer) October 18, 2014
Flatt Op-Ed: Pollution Trading Could Allow More Efficient Water Cleanup (Houston Chronicle) December 5, 2014
Hazen Comments on Defining Insider Trading (New York Times) December 20, 2014
Hazen Comments on Shares Payout Practices (WUNC) December 18, 2014
Hirsch Comments on Upshot of NLRB's Email Ruling (Politico) December 12, 2014
Hirsch Interview: The Battle for Labor Unions in North Carolina (WUNC) August 27, 2014
Hornstein Says Cap is a Blow to Student Aid (Herald-Sun) August 2, 2014
In the Case of Vultures v. Deadbeats, the Market is Winning; Weidemaier Quoted (Litigation Daily) December 24, 2014
Is Solitary Confinement Torture? Report from UNC School of Law (WUNC) November 20, 2014
Jacoby Answers Key Questions in Detroit's Historic Bankruptcy Trial (Detroit Free Press) August 31, 2014
Jacoby Comments on Caesars Unit Bankruptcy Filing in Chicago (Reuters) January 14, 2015
Jacoby Explains What's at Stake in Detroit's Historic Bankruptcy Trial (Bloomberg Businessweek) September 2, 2014
Jacoby on Chapter 13 Bankruptcy: How It Works, Who Is Eligible and More (CardHub) November 11, 2014
Jacoby Quoted: New Rules to Limit Tactics on Hospitals' Fee Collections (New York Times) January 12, 2015
Jacoby: 9 Questions About Detroit's Bankruptcy You Were Too Embarrassed to Ask (Vox) September 19, 2014
Jacoby: As Creditors Feud, Detroit Bankruptcy Exit Inches Closer (USA Today) September 11, 2014
Jacoby: Detroit Bankruptcy Trial on Hold After Landmark Insurer Deal (Reuters) September 11, 2014
Jacoby: Detroit End in Sight as Deals Leave FGIC Last Major Bankruptcy Holdout (Reuters) September 12, 2014
Jacoby: Detroit's Bankruptcy Trial and the City's Future (Al Jazeera America) September 9, 2014
Jacoby: The Costs of Detroit's Rise from Bankruptcy (The Conversation) November 20, 2014
Judge Approves Bankruptcy Exit Plan for Detroit, Jacoby Comments (Associated Press) November 7, 2014
Judge To Rule Friday On Detroit's Bankruptcy Exit, Jacoby Quoted (National Public Radio) November 7, 2014
M. Gerhardt Comments on President John Tyler's Crisis of Legitimacy (BackStory Radio) December 5, 2014
M. Gerhardt Featured in Podcast: Judicial Rulings and the Evaluation of Laws (Constitution Daily Blog) January 7, 2015
M. Gerhardt Interview: Who Are the Forgotten Presidents? (Constitution Daily) October 7, 2014
M. Gerhardt: How Presidents Build a Legacy (Philadelphia Inquirer) October 5, 2014
Marshall Addresses Gay Marriage Appeal (WNCN) November 19, 2014
Marshall Comments on Facebook Threats Case (National Law Journal) October 6, 2014
Marshall Comments on Jerusalem Separation-of-Powers Supreme Court Case (New York Times) October 5, 2014
Marshall Talks U.S. Supreme Court Term Preview, Same-Sex Marriage (TWC News) October 7, 2014
MOOCs at UNC Benefit Students, Professors Alike, Hornstein Quoted (Daily Tar Heel) November 21, 2014
Nichol Op-Ed: At the Heart of Refusing to Expand Medicaid in NC: Lives Lost (News and Observer) September 13, 2014
Obama Uses Medal of Freedom to Support Anti-Redskins Movement, Crayton Quoted (Arizona Republic) November 15, 2014
Op-Ed: NC Inmate's Death Shows Need for Prison Review, UNC Study Cited (News and Observer) November 15, 2014
PACER Upgrade Leaves Electronic Warehouse of Court Records Incomplete, Street Quoted (FOIA Project blog) September 5, 2014
Polsky Quoted: TPG Investors Pay Twice for Work on Chobani Deal (New York Times) January 6, 2015
Pryal: Shattering the Madness Monolith: On the Intersections of Race, Gender, and Psychiatric Disability (Vitae) July 31, 2014
Pryal: The Worst Part of the Bar Exam: It’s Time to Drop the Mental Health Questions (Slate) August 7, 2014
Pryal: What Do Psychiatrically Disabled Faculty Owe Our Students? (Vitae) August 28, 2014
Pryal: When Failure Is Not an Option (Dorf on Law Blog) August 1, 2014
Punishment or Torture: Death in Solitary (Fayetteville Observer) November 9, 2014
Q&A on the Detroit Bankruptcy with Melissa Jacoby (Public Sector Inc.) September 18, 2014
Q&A: UNC Law Professor William P. Marshall, Part One (Roll Call’s Technocrat) December 9, 2014
Q&A: UNC Law Professor William P. Marshall, Part Two (Roll Call’s Technocrat) December 11, 2014
R. Smith Weighs In: The Left Looks For Another Eric Holder (BuzzFeed News) October 19, 2014
Redistricting Continues to Stir Legal Battle in NC, Crayton Comments (Chapelboro) December 23, 2014
Report Calls for the Banning of Solitary in Prison, Weissman Quoted (Star News) December 8, 2014
Republicans Float 'Impeachment Lite' Plan to Censure Obama, M. Gerhardt Quoted (Talking Points Memo) December 8, 2014
Rhodes to Tackle Water Shutoff Issue in Court Today, Jacoby Quoted (Detroit Free Press) September 22, 2014
Shoes Sold for $33K Might Not Have Been Worn by Michael Jordan, D. Gerhardt Quoted (Daily Tar Heel) January 13, 2015
Sovereign Debt Expert Weidemaier Evaluates Steps After RUFO Clause Expiry (Buenos Aires Herald) December 29, 2014
Study: 1 In 10 NC Inmates Are Held In Solitary Every Day (WUNC) November 11, 2014
Supreme Court to Weigh Facebook Threats, Marshall Weighs In (National Public Radio) October 6, 2014
Supreme Court Weighs Power of Bankruptcy Judges, Jacoby Quoted (Wall Street Journal) January 14, 2015
Teresa Giudice's Surprise Sentence, Thomas' Ethics Article Cited (Forbes) October 9, 2014
The Solitary Confinement of Youth by Tamar R. Birckhead September 23, 2014
Thomas Explains Law in Selling of Lottery Tickets to Avoid Taxes (Boston Globe) August 5, 2014
Top Manhattan Prosecutor Will Challenge Landmark Insider Trading Case, Hazen Quoted (Fortune) January 23, 2015
UNC Legal Team, Rights Advocates Take up Cause of Tortured Ex-Prisoner (News and Observer) October 13, 2014
UNC Study: Solitary Confinement Too Common, Ineffective (News and Observer) November 8, 2014
Under Fire for Negligence, North Carolina Prisons Chief Seeks New Funding for Mental Health Treatment, Weissman Quoted (Solitary Watch) December 15, 2014
Video: Jeffrey Rosen Previews Upcoming Supreme Court Cases, Joined by Bill Marshall September 22, 2014
Vouchers Only Latest NC Legislation to Be Challenged, M. Gerhardt Comments (WRAL) August 27, 2014
Weidemaier Paper Quoted: Non-Monetary Fines May Be Contempt Key (Buenos Aires Herald) October 1, 2014
Weissman Comments on U.S. Visa Program for Crime Victims (Reuters) October 21, 2014
Weissman Quoted, NC Stop Torture Now Asks McCrory to Investigate State's Role in CIA 'Torture Report' (News and Observer) December 19, 2014
Weissman: We Can’t Breathe: Domestic Violence Advocacy and the Criminal Justice System (Human Rights at Home) December 9, 2014
When Poverty Looks Like Delinquency, Birckhead Book Review Quoted (Article 3 Blog) October 1, 2014
Why Wasn't Darren Wilson Indicted? UNC Law Forum Seeks Answers (WUNC) January 23, 2015
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