Additional Birckhead Media Hits for Boston Bombing Case

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Death Penalty Not 'Off the Table' for Tsarnaev
“The Lead with Jake Tapper” CNN – 5/2/13
On the other side of the legal aisle, Tamar Birckhead, who defended shoe bomber Richard Reid in 2002, said the main challenge for the federal public defenders representing Tsarnaev will be the media maelstrom surrounding the case.

Why We Defend Terrorists (no longer available)
National Journal – Washington, DC – 5/2/13
Being a defense attorney means getting to know your clients, regardless of their past actions. It means getting to know them even when they are labeled terrorists. “I can say that interacting with Richard Reid was perfectly pleasant,” Tamar Birckhead, one of the “shoe bomber’s” defense attorneys tells me.

Defending the Enemy
Huffington Post - New York, NY – 5/2/13
The Shoe Bomber's lawyer Tamar Birckhead joins Josh to discuss why she develops warm feelings towards her clients, despite what they're being tried for. (Tamar Birckhead is a professor of law in the School of Law at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.)

Bombing Suspect's Legal Team Includes a 'Miracle Worker'
"The Lead with Jake Tapper" CNN – 4/30/13
“Miriam (Conrad) is really committed to the cases that have no chance of winning, just as committed as she is to the cases that she could possibly win. She's really hard working, and cares a whole lot about her clients, and is really a determined, tenacious lawyer," said Tamar Birckhead, of the University of North Carolina School of Law. Birckhead helped defend Richard Reid, working with Conrad in Boston's Federal Public Defender Office.

Anti-Death Penalty Crusader Joins Tsarnaev Defense
Boston Herald – Boston, MA – 4/30/13
“That is her M.O. - negotiating with the federal prosecutors and establishing a connection with her clients so that they are open and willing to plead guilty knowing that they are facing life in prison,” said Tamar R. Birckhead, who defended “shoe bomber” Richard Reid.

Expert in Keeping Notorious Killers Alive Joins Tsarnaev Defense Team
New York Magazine – New York, NY – 4/29/13
“That is her M.O. — ?negotiating with the federal prosecutors and establishing a connection with her clients so that they are open and willing to plead guilty knowing that they are facing life in prison,” Tamar R. Birckhead, who defended “shoe bomber” Richard Reid, tells the Boston Herald. “It seems like there’s a good possibility that’s how things will be resolved."

In Boston Marathon Bomb Case, Resources Aren't Equal
National Law Journal – 4/29/13

Radio interview with Gil Gross of San Francisco's Talk 910
Talk 910 – San Francisco, CA

Boston Bombing Suspect May Avoid Death by Cooperating
Bloomberg News - 4/25/13
"If anyone can provide this young man with a tenacious, effective defense, it's Miriam Conrad," said Tamar Birckhead, who has worked with her and in 2002 defended Richard Reid, the so-called shoe-bomber who tried to blow a hole in the side of a passenger plane with explosives in his shoe.

On Criminal Side, What’s to Come in ‘Tsarnaev’?
Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly (subscription required) – 4/25/13
Former federal defender Tamar R. Birckhead, who represented Reid in the 2003 shoe-bombing case, said she’s concerned about her former office’s lack of resources and manpower. “It’s like a David and Goliath scenario, where under the best of circumstances they are operating on a shoe-string budget,” she said.

CIA Wanted Tamerlan Tsarnaev on Terror List
Boston Herald – Boston, MA – 4/25/13
“It may delay the resolution of the case, which I know the public doesn’t want,” said Tamar R. Birckhead, a University of North Carolina law professor who spent four years working in Boston’s federal public defender’s office.

Boston Marathon Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s Defense Headed by Top Federal Public Defender
New York Daily News – New York, NY - 4/24/13
Former colleagues say she's up to the task. "My first thought was, he's lucky. He's lucky that Miriam is still serving the public in this way," Tamar Birckhead, a University of North Carolina law professor and former Boston public defender, told the Daily News.

The Case Against Dzhokhar Tsarnaev
CNN – 4/24/13
OutFront tonight are criminal defense attorney Tamar Birckhead, who defended shoe bomber Richard Reid and previously worked with one of the public defenders assigned to Dzhokhar, and CNN Legal Analyst Paul Callan.

Suspected Boston Bomber Receives All-Star Defense Team
ABC News – 4/24/13
"She is excellent, tough, tenacious and wise," said Tamar R. Birckhead, now a University of North Carolina law professor who worked with Conrad for four years, including on the Reid case.

Public Defender Assigned to Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Has Been in the Spotlight Before
CBS – Boston, MA – 4/23/13
Known as the “shoe bomber” for attempting to blow up an American Airlines flight from Paris in 2002 he was sentenced to life in prison. His public defender was Tamar Birckhead who also worked at one time in the Boston public defender’s office with Conrad.

April 23 Updates in the Aftermath of the Boston Marathon
New York Times (blog) – New York, NY – 4/23/13
Tamar R. Birckhead, who represented Richard C. Reid, the so-called shoe bomber, told The Herald that the government’s criminal complaint was “circumstantial.”

Public Defense Attorney Professor Birckhead on the Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Trial
WEEI-FM – Boston, MA – 4/23/13
Professor Birckhead joined the Dennis and Callahan Morning Show to discuss the ensuing trial of suspect #2 in the Boston bombing case. She used her background of being the public defender of terrorist Richard Reed to serve as a guide for what will likely happen in this trial.

-April 29, 2013

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