Forty-Five Honored with Gressman and Pollitt Oral Advocacy Awards

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UNC School of Law congratulates 45 first-year law students who received a Eugene Gressman & Daniel H. Pollitt Oral Advocacy Award on April 9. The annual awards, given by faculty of the Writing and Learning Resources Center, recognize outstanding oral advocacy in the first-year Research, Reasoning, Writing, and Advocacy (RRWA) Program.

The awards’ sponsor is the firm of Johnston, Allison & Hord of Charlotte, represented by Kim Kirk '12, a former WLRC Honors Writing Scholar. The firm’s partners include Michael L. Wilson ’96, who as Chief Justice of the Holderness Moot Court Bench worked with Professor Emeritus Ruth McKinney to establish the awards in 1995. The awards honor Eugene Gressman, William Rand Kenan Jr. Professor of Law Emeritus, and Daniel H. Pollitt, Graham Kenan Professor of Law Emeritus, who both passed away in 2010.

Gressman Pollitt Award Winners 2014

The RRWA professors and their award recipients are:

Kaci Bishop

  • Section 9 Overall: Eric Ray Nelson
  • Section 9 Appellant: Patrick Redmon
  • Section 9 Appellee: Racheal V. Hammond
  • Section 14 Overall: Laura M. Wright
  • Section 14 Appellant: Lauren Fusz Tonon
  • Section 14 Appellee: Clinton D. Hannah

Alexa Chew

  • Section 4 Overall: Caitlin A. Counts
  • Section 4 Appellant: Andrew T. Barnhill
  • Section 4 Appellee: Amanda Hawkins
  • Section 6 Overall: Nicole M. McCluney
  • Section 6 Appellant: B. J. Patrick Cross
  • Section 6 Appellee: Sarah Yousaf Walker

Luke Everett

  • Section 7 Overall: Corey Frost
  • Section 7 Appellant: Henry Stapp
  • Section 7 Appellee: Crystal Suyon Chung
  • Section 13 Overall: D. Jared Nobles
  • Section 13 Appellant: Mary Marshall Meredith
  • Section 13 Appellee: Alexandria Weller

Aaron R. Harmon

  • Section 2 Overall: Preston Dole
  • Section 2 Appellant: Troy Michael Heisman
  • Section 2 Appellee: Carly Couch
  • Section 5 Overall: Matthew J. Farr
  • Section 5 Appellant: Andrew Johnstone
  • Section 5 Appellee: Claire O’Brien

Mandy Hitchcock

  • Section 3 Overall: William Piontek
  • Section 3 Appellant: Lindsey M. Brown
  • Section 3 Appellee: Kristi A. Nickodem
  • Section 8 Overall: Caroline O. Outten
  • Section 8 Appellant: Brian Gwyn
  • Section 8 Appellee: Kevin Cleys

Katie Rose Guest Pryal

  • Section 1 Overall: Allen E. Rowe
  • Section 1 Appellant: Amiee A. Nwabuike
  • Section 1 Appellee: Delsie-Anne Bailey
  • Section 12 Overall: Breanne Hataway
  • Section 12 Appellant: Bianca A. Kegler
  • Section 12 Appellee: Matthew E. Gerber

Oscar J. Salinas

  • Section 10 Overall: Anthony B. Ponikvar
  • Section 10 Appellant: Michael B. Cohen
  • Section 10 Appellee: Travis Hinman
  • Section 15 Overall: Phillip R. Waters
  • Section 15 Appellant: Amy O’Neal
  • Section 15 Appellee: Samantha E. Yarborough

Craig T. Smith

  • Section 11 Overall: Prium Singh
  • Section 11 Appellant: Rebecca Plett
  • Section 11 Appellee: Tyson Charles Leonhardt 

-April 16, 2014

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