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Pro Bono Program Newsletter: Monday, June 13, 2016

May Pro Bono Update

The summer has officially come to UNC Law, bringing with it the host of end of year activities and celebrations!

If you are a new alum reading this newsletter--congratulations and welcome! Commencement was held on May 7 and included recognition of graduating students who completed more than 100 hours of Pro Bono work during their academic careers. We're also very proud of the three members of the Pro Bono Board who were inducted into the Davis Society.

We would also like to apologize for a mistake in last month's newsletter. The Pro Bono Program's Alumna of the year is Erika Jones, not Erika Lewis.

If you would like to know more about the program or the photographs you see here, please feel free to visit our website. Thank you for your continued interest in the Pro Bono Program!


James Wudel
Pro Bono Alumni Outreach Coordinator

Featuring Our Alumni

LeeAnne Quattrucci

Name and year of graduation from UNC Law:

LeeAnne Quattrucci, 2006

Place of employment:

The Law Office of LeeAnne Quattrucci, PA

Area of practice:

Family and juvenile law

Favorite class/professor in law school:

Constitutional Law with Dean Boger

Pro Bono experience in law school:

My pro bono experiences in law school were vast and varied.

One of the most valuable and rewarding experiences was handling Domestic Violence Protective Order hearings during my 3L year. It was scary but very eye opening and extremely helpful in honing my litigation skills.

What inspired or prompted you to start doing Pro Bono work?

Simply stated: People, who cannot afford it, need legal help with real life, big time, serious issues.

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Highlights from the Month!

Davis Society Members 2016
Three members of the 2015-2016 Pro Bono Board were inducted into the Davis Society this year!

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