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Pro Bono Program Student Newsletter: Monday, January 12, 2015

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The mission of the UNC School of Law Pro Bono Program is to increase the provision of high quality, low-cost legal services to North Carolina residents in need by empowering lawyers to accept more pro bono cases and creating a life-long commitment to pro bono work among UNC Law students. This newsletter supports our mission by providing current students with a comprehensive list of ways to get involved in Pro Bono work while still a student at UNC Law, as well as offering context for the good work our students do through news and information. Look for the Pro Bono Newsletter in your inbox every Monday at noon!

Attorney-Sponsored Projects

To secure a spot on an Attorney-Sponsored Project, you must sign up at the Pro Bono Bulletin Board near the student mailboxes. For other questions please contact Samuel Williams, Attorney Projects Coordinator, at

Attend NC General Assembly Appropriations Committee Meetings

NC Coalition Against Domestic Violence

NCCADV is a statewide non-profit agency which supports the approximately 90 domestic violence agencies across the 100 counties of North Carolina through technical assistance, training, and policy/legislative advocacy. Domestic Violence agencies are funded in large part through North Carolina government funds. During the North Carolina legislative session, NCCADV monitors appropriations discussions closely in order to ensure that this vital funding to DV programs is maintained without cuts that could greatly impact the ability to help survivors and their children escape abusive partners. NCCADV seeks law student Pro Bono volunteers interested in policy and the legislative process to attend one or more Appropriations Committee Meetings each week to monitor discussions for issues that would impact funding to domestic violence agencies and immediately notify NCCADV's lobbyist when issues of funding impacting DV.

Hours: 3 per week (Tuesday, Wednesday, and/or Thursday morning)

Criminal Record Screening for Expungement/Cert of Relief Eligibility

Disability Rights NC

Disability Rights NC is starting a project where we are receiving direct referrals from Managed Care Organizations of clients who are seeking housing and employment, but having difficulty as a result of their criminal records. We will be screening individuals who will eventually be referred to Legal Aid of NC for direct representation. We are looking for a group 5 students who can assist us with the review of an applicants' criminal records and assist with determining eligibility for relief. Students must have attended Expunction training given by LANC prior to signing up for project.

Hours: 2-4 per week

Misdemeanor Appeals Unit

Wake County DA's Office

Provide general support to the Misdemeanor Appeal Unit which includes preparing subpoenas, contacting witnesses and assisting in trial preparation. Some research related to specific cases. Pro Bono Students may not appear in court under the Third-Year Practice Rule. If a student has an interest in observing court, the Unit will make arrangements to provide that opportunity. Interested students should send a resume and a short paragraph explaining your interest in volunteering in a District Attorney's Office to

Hours: Any

Student Group-Sponsored Projects

If you would like your project to appear below, please contact Nicole Daniels, Group Projects Coordinator, at

DVAP's Subpoena Defense Project

Date: Thursday, February 5 (Training)
Time: 6-8 p.m.
Location: Room 5048

The Subpoena Defense Project will provide legal information to non-profit domestic violence agencies that receive subpoenas for client records. Students who participate in the Subpoena Defense Project will provide information to agencies regarding what types of records must be disclosed and what information can remain confidential. Participation is open to all students. All students may assist in drafting documents for agencies who seek assistance responding to subpoenas. Certified second semester second-year students and third-year students may assist in representing the agencies in court, should the agencies need representation.

Contact: Lindsey Brown (; Caline Hou (

News and Special Events

National Law Journal Releases 2015 Pro Bono Hot List

The National Law Journal has released its 2015 list of the top ten law firms that are making exemplary contributions in providing access to justice.

To add items or provide feedback, please contact Sylvia Novinsky, Assistant Dean for Public Service Programs, or Jared Smith, Research Assistant for Public Service Programs.

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