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Pro Bono Program Student Newsletter: Monday, November 26, 2012

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The Office of Public Service Programs is here to serve students who are pursuing a career in public interest law and provide opportunities for all students to engage in the School of Law's tradition of public service. Look out for the Public Service Newsletter each Monday for information about public service career opportunities, events, resources, news, and more. View past newsletters.

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Events at UNC Law

Grant Recipient Letter Writing Lunch

Thursday, November 29, 12:00-12:50 p.m., Room 4085

Student recipients of privately funded scholarships and summer grant are invited to come by Classroom 4085 anytime between noon and 1 p.m. to complete your scholarship/grant thank you letters, ask questions or turn in your letters.

Pizza, salad and dessert will be provided as well as all materials needed to help you complete this task.

Questions? Please contact Dana Dubis in the Office of Advancement.

Women in Legal Leadership: Leaders in Public Interest

Thursday, November 29, 12:00-12:50 p.m., Boardroom

What does it take to be a leader? Is the game changing for women? Women in Law presents a series of discussions around women in legal leadership and what it takes to get there. Join us for an intimate discussion with female attorneys that call the shots for various businesses and organizations. We'll discuss their path to leadership and what obstacles they faced on the way. We will also discuss what you can do now to prepare you to be a leader in the professional community. Please RSVP online as space is limited.

The Endangered Red Wolf in North Carolina

Thursday, November 29, 12:00-12:50 p.m., Room 4004

Jeffrey Mittelstadt, the founder of Wildsides and one of the leading experts on the reintroduction of the Red Wolf as an Endangered Species Recovery Experimental Population, will make a presentation on the Endangered Species Act and how it has and has not worked for the red wolf.

Career Corner

3L Public Interest Job Search Group

Wednesday, November 28, 12:00-12:50 p.m., Room 5054

This is the second meeting of 3L Public Interest Job Search Group. The group will be closed as of January 9, 2013. Contact Adrienne Allison or Samara Reynolds for further information.

Summer and Post-Graduate Employment Opportunities

Reminder: North Carolina State Government Internship Program Deadline

Monday, December 10

The prestigious and competitive North Carolina State Government Internship Program is offering up to 75 paid summer internship opportunities in state government agencies, for undergraduate and graduate students of many disciplines. Summer interns work full-time (40 hours per week) for a 10-week period at a wage of $8.25/hour.

A variety of professional internship opportunities are located in offices across NC, as well as a few in Washington, DC. The 2013 NC State Government Internship Program booklet and application form (Word or PDF) can be downloaded from the NCYAIO website. Applications for Summer 2013 must be postmarked by Monday, December 10.

Upcoming Government Deadlines

Details on the opportunities listed below, as well as postings for other summer and post-graduate positions with state and/or federal government employers can be found in the Government Honors & Internship Handbook (U: ranger, P: cookies). We encourage you to check the Handbook regularly for new opportunities and updated information.

Summer Internships

  • Dept. of Defense (1L) -- Dec 2
  • EPA Office of Administrative Law Judges (2L) -- Dec 7
  • DHHS Medicare & Medicaid Internship (2L) -- Dec. 7
  • NC State Government Internship Program (1L & 2L) -- Dec 10
  • Dept. of Treasury (2L) -- Dec 15
  • NNSA Internship (2L) -- Dec 15 (1L deadline is Jan 15)
  • DHS Internship (1L) -- Dec 16
  • Dept. of Commerce Internship: International Commerce (1L & 2L) -- Dec 28
  • DHHS Departmental Appeals Board Internship (1L & 2L) -- Dec 31
  • Executive Office of the President: Office of Science & Technology Policy (1L) -- Dec 3

Post-Graduate Opportunities (3Ls)

  • Presidential Management Fellowship Program (3L) -- Nov 26

Other Public Interest Opportunities

Reminder: Early Decision Public Interest Summer Grant Deadline (2Ls)

Friday, December 7

The Early Decision Process for 2Ls seeking summer funding for 2013 summer jobs closes on Friday, December 7 at 5:00 p.m. Applicants must submit an application, resume (without GPA information), essay and an offer letter from their employer. All information about the process and application can be found on My Carolina Law.

Other Public Interest Events

"In This Timeless Time: Living and Dying on Death Row in America"

Thursday, November 29, 4:30 p.m., 39 Graham Memorial Hall (main campus)

This Center for the Study of the American South Hutchins Lecture is by Bruce Jackson and Diane Christian in conjunction with their photography exhibit on display at the Center this fall. Jackson, SUNY Distinguished Professor and James Agee Professor of American Culture, and Christian, SUNY Distinguished Teacher Professor of English, SUNY Buffalo, have worked together for more than thirty years, documenting and writing about the complex issues of the American prison system. Their new book,In This Timeless Time: Living and Dying on Death Row in America, published by UNC Press in association with the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke, explores the life of death row inmates in Texas and in other states. Jackson and Christian capture, through words and pictures, the daily experiences of inmates, while also highlighting arbitrary judicial processes related to capital punishment. Lecture attendees are encouraged to visit the exhibition by November 29, as the lecture will focus on the photographs on display (also collected in a new book of the same title) and their work together.

To add items or provide feedback, please contact Sylvia Novinsky, Assistant Dean for Public Service Programs, or Ashley McAlarney, Public Service Fellow.

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