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Pro Bono Program Student Newsletter: Monday, February 15, 2016

About the Pro Bono Newsletter

The mission of the UNC School of Law Pro Bono Program is to increase the provision of high quality, low-cost legal services to North Carolina residents in need by empowering lawyers to accept more pro bono cases and creating a life-long commitment to pro bono work among UNC Law students. This newsletter supports our mission by providing current students with a comprehensive list of ways to get involved in Pro Bono work while still a student at UNC Law, as well as offering context for the good work our students do through news and information.

News and Special Events

Pop-up Pro Bono!

Looking for a quick and easy way to get involved in Pro Bono? If so, you won’t want to miss Pop-up Pro Bono! Join us on February 18th from 11am-1pm. No training, no take home work – have lunch with us and get a taste of what Pro Bono can do for you. Projects will vary in length, but will not go beyond the 11am-1pm window! See you in the lower rotunda. 

Spring Break Opportunities Meetings

Students selected for the Spring Break Wills Trip, or Election Protection, are required to attend a participant meeting on Monday, February 22nd at 12pm. All selected participants will be notified by email on February 17th.

Spring Break Projects

Mark your calendars! Spring Break Project Sign-Ups will go live at 8am on Thursday, March 3. It will be an online sign-up this time, but will still be first come first serve. For more information, contact Hillary Li (

Keep Logging those Hours!

  • Class of 2016: 16,584.5 hours logged and 90.9% class participation. 
  • Class of 2017: 7,592.5 hours logged and 77.7% class participation. 
  • Class of 2018: 2,867 hours logged and 52% class participation. 

Attorney-Sponsored Projects

To secure a spot on an Attorney-Sponsored Project, you must sign up at the Pro Bono Bulletin Board near the student mailboxes. For other questions please contact Molly Gross, Attorney Projects Coordinator, at

Pesticide Use on Bald Head Island & Impacts on Wildlife

This project was submitted by the Bald Head Island Conservancy & Smith Island Land Trust. A student is needed to research certain pesticides used to control rodents, understand regulatory restrictions, and potentially reach out to manufacturers as needed. Student can work from UNC campus with frequent contact with the project director.

Sign up at the Attorney Submitted Projects Bulletin Board near the lockers!

Prosecuting Elder Abuse

AEquitas is looking for a student to work on compiling and analyzing criminal statutes utilized in the prosecution of elder abuse. AEquitas has begun to compile these laws and would like the student to complete that portion and then analyze the laws. For the analysis, the student will review and evaluate the statutes and identify relevant trends. A sample analysis will be provided so the student has a template. The student will work with AEquitas staff throughout the project.

Sign up at the Attorney Submitted Projects Bulletin Board near the lockers!

4ALL Day of Service- Spanish Speakers Needed!

Project Submitted by the North Carolina Bar Association

On March 4th, 2016, the North Carolina Bar Association will hold its 9th Annual 4ALL Day of Service. On this day, attorney volunteers staff phone banks at sites across the state and take calls from members of the public who wish to speak with an attorney. This is a free service. Last year 4ALL fielded close to 10,000 calls during the 1-day event. In particular, the 4ALL call center sites are in need of Spanish-speaking law students who can help translate caller questions as needed.

Sites include: Asheville, Charlotte, Winston-Salem, Greensboro, Raleigh, Greenville and Wilmington. All of the sites could use support and assistance taking calls from Spanish-speaking callers at each of these locations. If you are able to help fill this need, please select a registration link from the list on this webpage ( and process your registration as a Law Student Volunteer. On the confirmation page, please indicate that you speak Spanish (there is a check box).

To add items or provide feedback, please contact Sylvia Novinsky, Assistant Dean for Public Service Programs, or Jamie Rudd, 3L Class Coordinator.

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