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20th Anniversary Endowment Campaign

To celebrate 20 years of meeting unmet legal needs and building skills for practice, the Pro Bono Program launched a fundraising campaign in 2017 to create an endowment for pro bono projects and trips. One-time donations to the Pro Bono Endowment Fund can be made online and pledge forms may be submitted by mail or email. For questions, please contact Allison Standard, Director of Pro Bono Initiatives. 

special thanks to our donors:

David S. Ahlansberg

John Thomas Albers '08

Louis Carr Allen III '80

Marisol Almeida and Carlos Alberto Almeida

Deanna Andreacchio and James Andreacchio

Mary Arnett

Neil Sukanto Bagchi '04 and Catherine Blythe Bagchi

Marsha E. Barnette and Michael N. Barnette

Merlin Bass III '93

Mary Cameron Best and James Marcellus Best

Claudia H. Bishop and Richard H. Bishop

Kimberly Christin Bishop '04 and Brian Buzby

Donna Kaye Blumberg '85 and Jonathan A. Blumberg '86

Rachel Marie Blunk '11

Jenna Carroll Borders '11

Tammy Alice Bouchelle '01 and Holly Rebecca Martin

Elizabeth Jean Bower '01 and Jerome Chrishawn Washington

S. Gregory Boyd '04 and Stephanie Gregory Boyd

Martin H. Brinkley '92 and Carol Scovil Brinkley

Christopher Anderson Brook '05

Elizabeth P. Bullington

Allison Burger

Edward Dorsey Burger

Erich W. Burger

Kristen A. Burger

Megan Elizabeth Bussey '08

Caroline Truelove Camp

Alexis Cannon Chappell '10

Erica C. Chanin '17 and Andrew Clark

Mary W. Clarke

Sarah Hill Colwell '14

Margaret D. Connelly

Kevin P. Cook and Phyllis Byers Cook

Richard Preston Cook '07 and Kathryn Williford Cook

William Rhodes Corbett '03

David L. Cox '02

Lauren C. Cranford '12

Sharon Curtis

Madeleine Plott Dammann and Philip T. Dammann

Alexandra Victoria Darrow '89

Hillary Dawe '16

William Roger Deerhake

Gloria A. Delaney and William V. Delaney Jr.

Edwin B. Denny

John Christopher Derrick '09

Janet Dixon

Dana M. Dubis

Annette Kaye Ebright '07

Elisabeth C. Ervin

Mary Temple Ervin

Robert C. Ervin

Sherry Honeycutt Everett '08 and Lewis Moore Everett '08

Jami Jackson Farris '99

Christina L.E. Fisher

Walter D. Fisher Jr. '86 and Michele Simmons Fisher

Linda S. Floyd

Brian Russell Gamsey

Gail Gibbs and Richard H. Gibbs

Joanne G. Goot

Leona T. Haas

Michael Allan Haas

Jennifer Mouchet Hall '09 and Kevin Daniel Hall

Emory Hodge Hare

Reba Harrington and Dale Harrington

Mary Helen Wilson Hayman

Wilson H. Hayman '79 and Jennie Jarrell Hayman

Marie Hennigan

Eugene W. Henry

Joel Hiatt

Stephen J. Hill

Kay Miller Hobart '89 and J. Donald Hobart Jr. '89

Marie Hylan Hopper '04

Frank Hyman

Sandra S. Irvine and Norman Ross Irvine

Mary Lynn Irvine '12 and Nicholas Kehoe Byrne '15

Melissa Beth Jacoby

Mary Long Jarrell

Kathy Chase Johnson

James Robert Jolley '14 and Emily Bagley Jolley

Erika Nicole Jones '12

Amol Jain '08 and Seema Y. Kakad Jain '10

Ricarhd Andrew Karlson

John B. Kasprzak '05 and Ardith Turner Burkes

David Kennedy

Katha Kissman

Nadra D. Kissman

Tamara Kluckman

Eric Edward Knapp

Rita Catherine LaBruyere

Kari Leonard

Sally J. Leonard

James M. Lewis

Jim Licking

Lillie A. Lodge

Andrea Lodge and David Lodge

Norman C. Lyda and Gloria G. Lyda

Patricia N. Manning

Gail Z. Martin and Larry N. Martin

Louis Felix Massard '11

Carolyn Anne Mayer '12

Ashley Morgan McAlarney '14 and Kenneth Brian Dantinne '14

Amily Katherine McCool '08

Sarah Bycott McCormack '01 and Kevin A. McCormack

Joshua Carmichael McIntyre '10

R. Brian McLaughlin

Tiffany Amber McMillan-McWaters '11

Mark McPhail

Helen Katherine Michael '86

Jeremy Miller

Arthur Mills IV

Ruby Delette Mills

Margaret C. Morris

Pam Morris and Joe Morris

Linda G. Morrison and Donald Wayne Morrison

Judith G. Mortimore

Kara Nelson

Alita K. Nichols

Kristi A. Nickodem '16

John D. Noor '11 and Caroline Krisel Noor

Geoffrey O'Brien

Dave A. Obringer '89 and Lee Ann Minzenmayer Obringer

Betty Page Ogren

Leslie Calkins Packer '86

Melissa Ann Pilkington

Billie C. Plank

Mark Andre Plott and Renee Scanlon Plott

Joseph Thomas Polonsky '14 and Kimberly Hansen Polonsky

LaToya Blackmon Powell '05

Karen Ann Popp '85 and Mary Coleman Ragsdale

Kenneth A. Razza

Paige Reeder

Donna Reid-Tappin

Patti Rodriguez

Deborah D. Rogers and Paul Rogers

Thomas Warren Ross Sr. '75 and Susan Donaldson Ross

Richard P. Rutgers

Amelia Larrick Serrat '15

Rebecca Henry Schwarzwalder and Monte Loy Schwarzwalder

Betty Brooks Simpson and H. Mitchell Simpson

Jennifer Claire Simmons '02

Amie Carol Sivon '05

Jared Shane Smith '16

Nicholas Southern

Carolyn Cook Spalding and Sam C. Spalding III

Shirley A. Spangler

John R. Spiker

Rita Spiker

Allison C. Standard '09

Amy Staton and Keith Staton

Charlotte Rebecca Stewart '14

J. B. Stroud

Paul Augustine Suhr and Angeline M. Suhr

Kelly Susan Thomas '83

Barbara H. Towle

George V. Tyler

Kathryn Hagler Van Wie '13 and Douglas Van Wie

Stacey Ames Vandiford '08

Lindsay Carol Verity '03

Joseph Andrew Vossen '11

Ann Bennett Wall '78

Madison Brooks Waller '16

Elizabeth Patton Walsh '01

Sara Kroll Weed '08 and Brett David Weed

Mark Weidemaier

Jennifer Lynn Williston '04

William Dewey Yarborough '74 and Emily C. Yarborough

Jared David Zajac '08 and Elizabeth Daniel Zajac

William Huntley Zimmern '03 and Angela Hardister Zimmern '03

*The above list includes donors from July 1, 2017- April 17, 2018. If you see an error or omission, please contact Allison Standard.

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