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Class of 2018

Carolina Law is pleased to recognize the following students from the Class of 2018 for their gift to the 3L Class Gift Endowment Fund or their law fund of choice. Add your name to the list of supporters by making your gift before June 30. Your gift will help continue to make possible the incredible opportunities for students and faculty in the year to come.

Kelcey L. Baker

Chelsea Kay Barnes

Dewey Franklin Bennett

Megan Elizabeth Allore Bishop

Ethan Carl Blumenthal

Christine Alexandra Budasoff

Natalio Daniel Budasoff

Christopher S. Burks

Sarah Margaret Burnick

Emma M. Chase

Patrick Conlon

Demi Davis

Graham Dean

Tyler J. Demasky

Roy Glenn Dixon III

Kenan Lee Drum

Kerry E. Dutra

Christian J. Ferlan

Anthony Patrick Ferrara

Brian Russell Gamsey

Matthew R. Gauthier

Allison Colleen Hawkins

Elaine M. Hillgrove

Joseph Erik Hjelt

Emily Sullivan Bateman Jessup

Christine John

Abraham Frank Johns

Eugene Sylvester Kisluk

Tasmaya Anand Lagoo

Timothy Worth Longest Jr.

Emily Elizabeth Mann

Lauren Nicole Margolies

Maryjeanne Marrero

La-Deidre Dianne Matthews

Edward Patrick McCartney

Matthew J. Meinel

Rebecca Mitchell

Tyler J. Mitchell

Seth Alexander Morris

Brittany T. Morrison

John Parker Murphy

Alexander J. Murphy

Rebecca Neubauer

Frederick Matthew Norchi

Emily M. Notini

Mara B. Peterson

Rachel C. Procaccini

Joseph S. Provenzano

Rachel Marie Rice

Garrett Jeffrey Rider

Stephen C. Robin

Lee Kimball Royster

Ebonei B. Simpkins

Andrew Mitchell Simpson

Susan Alexandra Snow

Jessica L. Stone-Erdman

Keaton C. Stoneking

Matthew K. Taylor

Madison Lea Thompson

Kirstin S. Vinal

Sarah-Frances Nemeroff Warner

Jeffrey Steven Warren

Katherine Boutwell Wheeler

Patrick D. Wilson

Kelly J. Winstead

Joseph Miles Wobbleton

Elaina A. Womble

James G. Wudel

Jin Xin

Farhayal Zubair

Updated:  5.22.18

Although every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this listing, omissions or errors are possible. If changes are necessary or for assistance with your philanthropy at Carolina Law, please contact Dana Dubis, director of annual giving, at or 919.445.0166.

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