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Student Reflections


"Pro bono work encapsulates the reasons I came to law school. I wanted to do something that mattered in the world, and through the pro bono program I have been able to do that from day one. As crazy as it sounds, I actually enjoy law school classes, but there is no reason to wait 3 years to help people when they are out there, now, and they need your help. When you look around at other law students here and elsewhere, you all will come out with 3 years of classes and a J.D. to your name. But beyond that, I can say I have written wills and interviewed clients and filed divorce proceedings and prepared court reports, things that simply are not taught in the classroom. Both personally and professionally, pro bono work has been invaluable to my law school experience."

- Nathan Schaal-Wilson, 3L

"Pro Bono allows me to give back to the community and hone my practical skills at the same time. It is both rewarding and empowering. Pro Bono has provided me the rare opportunity to interact with and counsel clients while still a law student. Pro Bono trips also create a sense of community among the Carolina Family and create a great way for students of all classes to get to know each other."

- Carrie McMillan, 3L

"Pro bono should a part of everyone's Carolina Law experience because this place is about more than enhancing our academic understanding of the law, it's also professional training for practice later in life."

- Belal Elrahal, 2L

"Pro bono projects do not have to take a lot of time. For some, you can dedicate one or two hours a day and have the project done in a week. Plus, my pro bono service has been invaluable topic during internship interviews. There is NO downside!"

- Katie Reynolds, 2L

"I am only half a semester in, and I already have some experience with client counseling, drafting medical and durable powers of attorney and living wills, doing legal research and writing memos, and writing a trial transcript summary. Additionally, I have been able to explore different areas of law including juvenile justice, animal law, immigration law, and criminal law."

- Gabrielle Johnson, 1L

"As a 1L, the question ought to be why shouldn't Pro Bono be a part of my experience? Pro Bono work puts a face on all of the cases that I read, and connects me to the world beyond our textbooks, where I can assist real people with immediate legal needs. When I'm stuck trying to figure out all of the glorious intricacies of proximate cause, pro bono work helps put that material in context."

- Dan Hemme, 1L

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