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Ben Affleck's Ancestor Did Not Own Slaves, Tax Documents Show; Brophy Quoted (The Daily Beast) April 28, 2015
Experts Discuss 'Solitary Confinement as Torture' at UNC School of Law (News and Observer) April 7, 2015
Fedders Op-Ed: Dressing up Bigotry in NC as Religious Freedom (News and Observer) March 10, 2015
Gaston District Attorney Takes Heat for Approach on Visas for Victims (Gaston Gazette) May 8, 2015
No Easy Solutions Seen for Easing Overcrowding in Harnett County Schools, Center for Civil Rights Cited (Fayetteville Observer) March 30, 2015
Should UNC Rechristen a Building Named after KKK Leader? Brophy Comments (Christian Science Monitor) March 27, 2015
UNC Law School Names Raleigh Attorney Brinkley Its New Dean (News and Observer) June 5, 2015
UNC to Grant Students' Requests for Admissions Files Under FERPA, Klinefelter Quoted (Daily Tar Heel) March 22, 2015
Who's Pushing the 'Religious Freedom' Legislation in States? M. Gerhardt Quoted (Christian Science Monitor) March 30, 2015
‘Gray Alpha Male’ Boards Damaging U.K. Companies, Sequoia Says March 16, 2015
451 Indian companies have two weeks to find women directors—or face the music March 18, 2015
50 Years After US Voting Rights Act, A New Fight for Democracy Demanded; Shaw Quoted (Global Research) August 7, 2015
A Dream Undone: Henry Frye '59 Speaks about Barriers to Voting in the South 50 Years Ago (New York Times Magazine) July 30, 2015
A Landmark, Legacy and Loving in Gay Marriage Decision, M. Gerhardt Quoted (Asheville Citizen-Times) June 27, 2015
Aboriginal representation on corporate boards ‘woefully inadequate’ April 30, 2015
Advocates Laud Florida Supreme Court Decisions, Birckhead Quoted (Juvenile Justice Information Exchange) March 20, 2015
Agencies Issue Final Standards for Assessing Diversity Policies and Practices of Regulated Entities June 9, 2015
Anonymous App Criticized Amid Murder Case, Ardia Quoted (Mashable) May 8, 2015
Anonymous Online Poster Case Sparks Free Speech Debate, Ardia Quoted (Fox News) June 5, 2015
Ardia Explains Key Question for UVA Fraternity Suing Rolling Stone (Business Insider) April 14, 2015
Are Judges Displacing Elected Officials Fixing Troubled Cities' Finances? Jacoby Paper Cited (The Bond Buyer) August 3, 2015
Argentina's Last Vestige of Market Access Fades on Court Ruling, Weidemaier Quoted (Bloomberg) March 12, 2015
Ayn Rand Comes to UNC; Birckhead Comments on Political Crackdown (New Yorker) March 19, 2015
Baltimore Shows Poverty's Costs, Shaw Quoted (Charlotte Observer) April 30, 2015
Bauer Encourages Communication Within Energy Industry, Flatt Quoted (MetroMBA) April 1, 2015
Birckhead Op-Ed: Juvenile Defense Practice -- Small Steps Can Have Ripple Effects, One Case at a Time (Juvenile Justice Information Exchange) April 3, 2015
Birckhead and Pryal '03 on Vulnerable Defendants (CrimProfBlog) July 16, 2015
Birckhead Cited in "The Step-Ahead Scholar" (PrawfsBlawg) March 16, 2015
Birckhead Comments on BOG Chair's Motives (News and Observer) May 16, 2015
Birckhead on the School-to-Prison Pipeline (Everyday Sociology) August 3, 2015
Birckhead Op Ed: Prisoners in Isolation (Casetext) June 19, 2015
Birckhead Op-Ed: We Must Stop Criminalizing Adolescence (Child and Youth Care Network) June 1, 2015
Birckhead Op-Ed: We Must Stop Criminalizing Adolescence (Youth Today) June 4, 2015
Birckhead: The New Peonage (Human Rights at Home blog) July 27, 2015
BlackRock Toughens Stance on Boards March 3, 2015
Boger Quoted in Moeser Op-Ed: On the UNC-CH Campus, a Climate Change (News and Observer) March 7, 2015
Brinkley '92 Named Dean of UNC School of Law (Chapelboro) June 6, 2015
Brophy Op Ed: Is the Confederate Flag Unconstitutional? (The Conversation) June 24, 2015
Brophy Op-Ed: Legislating Confederate Monuments (Winston-Salem Journal) July 23, 2015
Brophy Op-Ed: Why We Shouldn't Pull Down All Those Confederate Memorials (Newsweek) July 10, 2015
Brophy: Go Set a Watchman Reveals America’s Constitutional Conundrum (Time) July 22, 2015
Burk Quoted: An Elite Education's Going to Cost You (National Law Journal) March 2, 2015
CalSTRS board updates Corporate Governance Principles on Corporate Board Diversity to include sexual orientation and gender identity April 5, 2015
Can Gender Quotas Get More Women Into Boardrooms? July 1, 2015
Carl M. Short ’68 Reappointed to the Rowan-Cabarrus Board of Trustees (Salisbury Post) July 23, 2015
Chinese companies have more women directors than Indian firms: Study June 14, 2015
Citigroup to Stop Argentina Bond Payments Amid Turmoil, Weidemaier Quoted (Reuters) March 17, 2015
Civil Rights Attorney Ted Shaw to Speak at McGlohon (Charlotte Observer) April 4, 2015
Civil Rights Attorneys Bryan Stevenson and Ted Shaw Discuss Justice, Hope in Charlotte (Charlotte Observer) April 30, 2015
Civil Rights Groups Seek Federal Probe of NC Solitary Confinement August 11, 2015
Darrell Allison '99 Joins NCCU Board of Trustees (Herald-Sun) June 11, 2015
Death Penalty Case Brings Twelve Weeks of Jury Selection, Muller Quoted (The Dispatch) June 16, 2015
Diversity 50: Talent database helps corporate boards diversify May 8, 2015
Does the US need quotas to boost parity in the boardroom? April 5, 2015
DOJ's 'Ferguson Report' Illustrates Campaign of Terror Against African Americans, Shaw Quoted (San Francisco Bay View) August 10, 2015
Dorosin Comments on Environmental Racism Complaints Case Against EPA (Center for Public Integrity) August 3, 2015
Durham Sheriff Acknowledges Inmate Confinement, Weissman Quoted (News and Observer) April 17, 2015
Eichner Op-Ed: The New Child Abuse Panic (New York Times) July 11, 2015
Electrolux Lashes out over Opposition to GE Deal, Chin Quoted (Charlotte Observer) July 1, 2015
Equal Justice Remains Elusive for the Poor, UNC Human Rights Policy Seminar Study Says (Al Jazeera America) June 29, 2015
Extraordinary People: LeeAnne Quattrucci '06 (WWAY TV) April 29, 2015
Fedders Op-Ed: Progress on NC School Suspensions, Violence, But More to Do (News and Observer) March 20, 2015
Fedders Quoted in "End the School-to-Prison Pipeline" Column (Washington Post) August 22, 2015
Firms Adopting Diversity Policies but Few Commit to Targets for Women on Boards June 16, 2015
Firms Find Ways to Extend Lobbying Clout, Burk Quoted April 1, 2015
Fitbit Counts on Women as Device Buyers, Just Not Board Members June 18, 2015
Flatt Comments on Clean Power Plan and Carbon Emission Reduction (Ecosystem Marketplace) March 16, 2015
Flatt Quoted Regarding Carbon Rule Delay (WFAE) July 2, 2015
For the first time, a woman is NC’s highest paid CEO June 20, 2015
For the Love of the Law and Community Service: Tony Hornthal '63 Q&A (Daily Advance) August 22, 2015
Former BAE Systems CEO Linda Hudson on the Real Meaning of Board May 7, 2015
Former Dancing Deer CEO Trish Karter Pushing for More Women on Corporate Boards July 20, 2015
Former UNC-Chapel Hill Head William B. Aycock '48 Dies At 99 (Washington Post) June 22, 2015
Fund managers need to flex voting muscles to force boards to appoint more women May 3, 2015
Gaston Prosecutor Denies Aid to Latino Victims, Weissman Quoted (Charlotte Observer) May 8, 2015
Gaston Prosecutor Rebuffs Latino Crime Victims, Weissman Comments (Fox News Latino) May 8, 2015
Gender Balance on Boards: Five Steps to Achieve Success April 2, 2015
Georgia Residents Decry Land-Buying Tactics, Brophy Comments (Charlotte Observer) June 7, 2015
German Parliament Approves Quota for Female Directors March 6, 2015
Germany’s female executive quota aims to shift corporate culture March 15, 2015
GPS Monitoring of Sex Offenders for Life? Supreme Court Reverses N.C. Case, Lewis Everett '08 Quoted (Christian Science Monitor) March 30, 2015
Group Concerned About Smithfield-Selma High Threatens Legal Action (News and Observer) April 19, 2015
Haddix and Dorosin: Why North Carolina's Letter Grade Law Gets an F (News and Observer) April 13, 2015
Hirsch Weighs In: How Far Must NC Go to Deal with Gay Marriage Concerns? (Asheville Citizen-Times) February 28, 2015
How A Right-Wing Political Machine Is Dismantling Higher Education in N.C.; Birckhead, Boger, Dorosin and Nichol Quoted (The Nation) June 8, 2015
How Diversity Makes Us Smarter March 18, 2015
Illinois passed Board Diversity Resolution May 30, 2015
Increased Board Turnover Likely to Drive Board Diversity - See more at: August 11, 2015
Jackson Hires Heather Baker '93 for New Attorney Position (Smoky Mountain News) August 12, 2015
Jacoby Comments on Family Christian Books Bankruptcy (Detroit Free Press) April 18, 2015
Jacoby Comments on Next Step for Atlantic City after Lavin's Report (Atlantic City Press) March 26, 2015
Jacoby Quoted: The $12,473 Corporate Reorganization (Wall Street Journal) April 16, 2015
John Willardson '72 Honored By NC Bar Association (Wilkes Journal-Patriot) June 22, 2015
Joining a company’s board could come down to skills June 21, 2015
Judicial Profile Judge Allen Baddour '97 (Attorney at Law Magazine) June 9, 2015
Justice Department's Ferguson Report with Introduction by Ted Shaw to be Published by New Press (Los Angeles Times) March 20, 2015
Kennedy Comments on Chapel Hill Shooting (New Yorker) June 22, 2015
Kennedy Op-Ed: At UNC, Tough Questions Not Yet Asked About Williams (News and Observer) June 5, 2015
Kennedy Op-Ed: How to Save a Life (News and Observer) July 13, 2015
Krause Comments on Supreme Court Ruling on Affordable Care Act (Fayetteville Observer) March 14, 2015
Krause: Some Thoughts from a Health Lawyer on King v. Burwell (Hamilton Griffin blog) June 25, 2015
Lack of Diverse Boardroom Thinking Is Cramping Companies, Study Shows August 4, 2015
Lawyer Sues over Anonymous Online Review in Case with First Amendment Overtones, Ardia Comments (Tampa Bay Times) May 29, 2015
'Leaky pipeline' just excuse for major diversity problem, Pinterest engineer says June 17, 2015
Legal Experts Question State of Texas' Immunity Claim, M. Gerhardt Quoted (Texas Tribune) July 29, 2015
Legal Experts Say Court Ruling Has Mixed Messages, M. Gerhardt Quoted (Winston-Salem Journal) June 27, 2015
Longtime Chief District Court Judge James Lanning '67 Had Civil Rights Background (Charlotte Observer) July 10, 2015
Low representation of women on boards in Singapore: Survey June 24, 2015
M. Gerhardt Comments on License Plate Case (WFAE) June 22, 2015
M. Gerhardt Comments on N.C. Specialty License Plates Case (WFAE) March 25, 2015
'Mad Men’ days over: Women, minorities belong on corporate boards April 27, 2015
Man Who Spent 29 Years in Solitary Speaks at UNC (WNCN) April 10, 2015
Marrow Donor Drive Draws Young, Old, UNC Legend Judge Carl Fox '78 (WRAL) July 17, 2015
Mary Irvine '11: Young Lawyers Start Career Paths by Embracing Pro Bono (NC State Bar Journal) June 1, 2015
Memphis City Council Tries to Dig Up the Past, Brophy Comments (The Weekly Standard) July 29, 2015
Menendez’ Survey Highlights Corporate America’s Diversity Problem June 2, 2015
More than Half of NC's Counties Have Confederate Monuments, Brophy Interviewed (WUNC) June 26, 2015
NC Officials Differ on Marriage Ruling, But Agree It's the Law; Hirsch Quoted (Asheville Citizen-Times) June 26, 2015
NC Science Panel Revisits Sea Level Rise, Flatt Quoted (WFAE) April 1, 2015
NC Trial Lawyers Fighting for Eugenics Victims Pro Bono (PR Web) May 15, 2015
Nearly 30 Percent of New Board Members Appointed This Past Year Were Women, Study Finds July 28, 2015
New Publication Covers Tools, Risks Related To Coastal Hazards and Social Vulnerability June 16, 2015
Nichol Op-Ed: As Charlotte Grows, So Does Low-Wage Work Problem (Charlotte Observer) March 19, 2015
Nichol Op-Ed: Being Repulsed by the Charleston Shootings Is the Easy Part (News and Observer) July 11, 2015
Nichol Op-Ed: Staring Poverty in the Face (News and Observer) May 1, 2015
Non-white women missing from Toronto’s power corridors March 8, 2015
Obituary: Lloyd Stanley Elkins Jr. '51 Honored with New Hanover Co. Bar Association Lifetime Membership (Port City Daily) May 7, 2015
One Is Enough: Why There Aren’t More Women Executives April 7, 2015
Op-Ed: A Different Kind of Discrimination (Charlotte Observer) May 13, 2015
Orth Op-Ed: Our Hobson's Choice on Retention Elections in North Carolina (News and Observer) June 25, 2015
Penelope Hefner '07 to Lead Monroe Branch of Sodoma Law (Charlotte Business Journal) July 28, 2015
Petty Tyrants: An Art Pope Putsch at the University of North Carolina, Birckhead Quoted (Washington Spectator) May 1, 2015
Philanthropic Attorney Lauren Lewis '07 Wins Young Lawyer of the Year (Charlotte Observer) July 23, 2015
Pistorius Judge Speaks in Chapel Hill (News and Observer) April 3, 2015
Police Drop Charges Against Man Who Recorded Arrest, Ardia Comments (News and Observer) May 29, 2015
Political Notebook: Nichol Delivers Fiery Speech to Rowan Democrats (Salisbury Post) June 27, 2015
Pryal '03 Discusses Her Novel "Entanglement" (Flyleaf Books) May 19, 2015
Public Pension Funds Petition SEC For More Disclosure on Board Diversity April 3, 2015
Push for More Women on Business Boards August 13, 2015
PwC Study Finds Key Differences May 31, 2015
Quotas and the Transatlantic Divergence of Corporate Governance March 9, 2015
Quotas Not the Best Way to Add and Retain Women for Corporate Boards, Study Finds April 8, 2015
Reggie Fountain '65 Remembers UNC's First Black Basketball Player Willie Cooper (Wilson Times) February 27, 2015
Reversing a Trend, Instacart Checks Out Part-Timers; Hirsch Comments (Marketplace) June 22, 2015
Roper investors shake up the 'old boys club' in the boardroom June 15, 2015
Ruling Says Uber Driver Must Be Treated as Employee; Hirsch Comments (San Jose Mercury News) June 17, 2015
School Board Meets Thursday on Superintendent, Ardia Comments on Closed Session Meetings (The Robesonian) August 6, 2015
Scott Maitland '95 of TOPO Brews 'A Beer Divided' for Duke-UNC Rematch (Fox Business) March 6, 2015
SEC should increase board diversity disclosure — public pension funds March 31, 2015
Senate Budget Calls For Repeal of CON, COPA Laws; Saver Quoted (Blue Ridge Times-News) June 28, 2015
Senate to biz: Increase gender diversity on boards of directors July 30, 2015
Service Jobs, Uber Drivers Blur Lines Between Job Categories, Hirsch Quoted (National Public Radio) June 26, 2015
Shaw Comments on Race, Politics, Changing Demographics (Atlanta Black Star) March 11, 2015
Shaw Comments on Redistricting Battles in North Carolina (WFAE) May 6, 2015
Shaw Comments on Voting Rights Act of 1965 (Democracy Now) March 9, 2015
Shaw Op-Ed: Voting Against Discrimination: The Crucial Step America Took 50 Years Ago to Affirm Its Democratic Values Is Under Unprecedented Assault August 2, 2015
Shaw Reads Frederick Douglass' July 4th Speech (Chapelboro) July 2, 2015
Shaw Speaks at Voting Rights Teach-In (The Chronicle) July 16, 2015
Shaw to Present on Racial Justice at Rockford University (Rockford Register Star) June 7, 2015
Sheryl Sandberg and Marc Andreessen Are Sending Women to Boot Camp March 20, 2015
Smith Comments on 'Personality-Driven Death Penalty' in Louisiana (New York Times) July 8, 2015
Social Services Board Elects First Female African-American Chair Arnita Dula '01 (Hickory Record) July 23, 2015
Special Visa for Immigrant Victims of Crime Proves Controversial, Weissman Comments (National Public Radio) July 10, 2015
Startups Offer Unusual Reward for Investing; Coyle Comments (Wall Street Journal) April 2, 2015
Super funds take on ASX 200 boards with no women July 10, 2015
Superintendent Touts Spending in Smithfield, Selma Schools (News and Observer) May 4, 2015
Supreme Court 'Litmus Test' Emerges in White House Race, M. Gerhardt Quoted (National Law Journal) May 22, 2015
Supreme Court's Fair Housing Ruling Could Boost Revitalization, Shaw Quoted (Next City) June 26, 2015
Survey: Many women execs don't want to be large-company CEO July 12, 2015
Tar Heel of the Week: M. Gerhardt Tackles Constitutional Questions (News and Observer) July 12, 2015
Texas Bill Outlawing Filming Police Worsens Accountability, Shaw Quoted (Sputnik International) March 21, 2015
The Crimes of Children; Birckhead Scholarship Cited (The Atlantic) August 10, 2015
The Ferguson Report One Year After Michael Brown and the Urban Rebellion (Modern Ghana) August 4, 2015
The Ferguson Report. Part 1: Breathing While Black, and Other Offenses, Shaw Quoted (Who What Why Blog) July 29, 2015
The Inside Story of Dentons' Combination with Dacheng, Burk Quoted (American Lawyer) March 2, 2015
The One Place It's OK to Be Old Is in the Boardroom August 21, 2015
The top 10 highest-paid female CEOs May 29, 2015
The Top Six Reasons Women Don’t Make It to the Executive Suite June 15, 2015
The Trend Towards Board Term Limits Is Based on Faulty Logic May 31, 2015
These are the 12 major companies that still don’t have women on their boards August 12, 2015
Tom Earnhardt '71 Speaks on Education and Environment at Catawba College Mar. 24 (Stanly News & Press) March 7, 2015
Total Recall: Diversity enters the fourth dimension in the boardroom and beyond June 3, 2015
Transactions Attorney Brinkley '92 Tapped as North Carolina Law Dean (National Law Journal) June 16, 2015
Triad Lawyer Kearns Davis '95 to Serve as President of North Carolina Bar Association (Triad Business Journal) June 22, 2015
U.S. companies take grassroots approach when it comes to ensuring gender equity on corporate boards June 28, 2015
Ukraine's Debt Haircut Showdown Looms, Weidemaier Quoted (Financial Times) April 1, 2015
UK's Top Boardrooms Look Set To Hit 25% Women Target March 24, 2015
UNC Faculty OKs Conduct Code Change, Myers Quoted (Herald-Sun) April 28, 2015
UNC Law, Prison Reformers: Stop Solitary Confinement (Indy Week) April 13, 2015
UNC System President Tom Ross '75 to Address NCSSM Grads May 12, 2015
UNC's Professor Ted Shaw to Join the Charlotte Forum (Charlotte Observer) April 25, 2015
Very Few Women in Africa's Corporate Boardrooms June 30, 2015
Visiting UNC Law Professor and Cherokee Supreme Court's First Chief Justice Harry C. Martin Dies at 95 May 5, 2015
Wade Smith '63 Receives NCBA Judge John J. Parker Award (NC Bar Association) June 22, 2015
WCU Hosts Women NC Supreme Court Justices Including Robin Hudson '76 and Barbara Jackson '90 (Asheville Citizen-Times) March 6, 2015
We Can’t Avoid America’s Confederate History by Removing It from View, Brophy Quoted (Dallas Morning News) July 22, 2015
Weddings: Margaret Pishko and Michael Sandwith (The Tennessean) June 7, 2015
Wegner Comments in Case of Postal Worker Killed by Tree (Charlotte Observer) June 22, 2015
What Are the Effects of Durham County Jail's 'Lock Back'? Weissman Study Cited (WUNC) July 10, 2015
What Does the SCOTUS Fair Housing Decision Mean for North Carolina? Civil Rights Staff Attorney Elizabeth Haddix '98 Interviewed (WUNC) June 30, 2015
White males still dominate corporate boardrooms, Menendez survey finds June 3, 2015
Why boards need people with different skills April 20, 2015
Why Companies Need To Build More Diverse Boards August 11, 2015
Woman Says She Was Fired for Pregnancy, Hirsch Quoted (WRAL) May 23, 2015
Women Filling More Board Seats As Companies Cast a Wider Net August 10, 2015
Women Joining but Not Leading Boardrooms Globally, Study Shows June 10, 2015
Women Make Few Inroads on Corporate Boards March 5, 2015
Women on Boards: Where the U.S. Ranks March 10, 2015
Women on US Boards: What are We Seeing? April 6, 2015
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